…there was a news program talking about him being in Europe with some little boy. I was sitting next to the guy while the news is making this crap up. He just looked at me and said “this is what I have to deal with.”

Rob Hoffman
A sound engineer that worked with Michael

Click HERE to read the full article

"You can see it in their eyes. You're being judged. People are looking through you -- not even at you, but through you. They're thinking about all that crap. It's so far from the truth. That hurts." 

-Michael Jackson
To Paterson, Jackson was the catalyst of his success, not the Wacko Jacko, off-the-deep-end image concocted by the tabloids. 

“I lived with Michael through all of those years with the press,” Paterson said. “I would sit in the trailer and he would cry. He would say ‘I don’t understand why they want to tear me apart.’”

Vincent Paterson
Choreographer who worked on Smooth Criminal with Michael Jackson

Article Source
An Important Message To The Media, The Church, and The Public
An amazing video created by Lauren Schwartz, that shows so clearly Michael's character & faith
"I think my image gets distorted in the public's mind. They don't get a clear or full picture of what I'm like, despite the press coverage I mentioned early. Mistruths are printed as fact, in some cases, and frequently only half of a story will be told. The part that doesn't get printed is often the part that would make the printed part less sensational by shedding light on the facts."

Michael Jackson in "Moonwalk"

Spend time here to learn the truth, 
Stay for the deeper message
 "I am bewildered at the length to which people will go to portray me so negatively. I will say again that
I have never, and would never, harm a child. It sickens me that people have written things that portray me as a child abuser." 

~ Michael Jackson
Without a doubt...the single, most significant factor affecting people's opinions about Michael Jackson has nothing to do with his art, but is instead based on the allegations that came against him in 1993 and in 2003 and now again, recently, post mortem.  Allegations that, along with the negative media coverage that grew more rabid as his popularity skyrocketed, caused a pallor of doubt and stigma to overshadow the true character of this man.  Just as any of us deserve, Michael Jackson also deserves the truth to be told about him.
Drawing courtesy of self-trained artist Eliza Lo
Click HERE to learn more about Eliza's art and her giving
“Stand up for what you believe in even if it means you stand alone. Speak the truth even if your voice shakes. Never regret doing the right thing no matter what the cost may be..."
~Michael Jackson
Official 2005 Trial 
Court Transcripts

Because it's important to know what really went on in the courtroom.  Includes various videos, links, additional important information on the cases and the live verdict reading in addition to the official transcripts
What Kind of Person was Michael Jackson?  
What's The Truth?

Michael Jackson's amazing legacy of giving, helping and healing
 Welcome Message
Understanding The Media's Role In Your Thinking
The media's role in how you think, and what you saw and heard (and didn't see or hear) in regards to Michael Jackson

Is Michael Jackson the person you thought?  Was he the way the media portrayed?  OR...is he VERY different from all of that, and just like you and I?  Stay here to learn the TRUTH
About This Site
to read more site endorsements, as well as letters and stories of lives changed
Who's Telling the Truth?

Craig James Baxter and Susan Constantine, Body Language experts, analyze the body language of Michael Jackson, Wade Robson and others
"Wherever you go - in every country,or in every continent, people yearn and hunger for only one thing, to love and be loved. Love transcends international boundaries and heals the wounds of hatred, racial, prejudice, bigotry and ignorance. It is the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation."~Michael Jackson
On Having a Relationship With Jesus:

SB (Shmuley Boteach):. ...Do you have a relationship with Jesus?

MJ: Jesus, yes. Absolutely. But you believe in Jesus, don’t you?

The Michael Jackson Tapes
Michael Jackson was a HUMBLE man, not an egotistical superstar
It's wonderful to celebrate the King of Pop, but more importantly, we need to get to know Michael Jackson, the human being.
Debunking The 
Demonic Deception

A deeper dive into the spiritual implications of what came against Michal Jackson

“What happened to truth? Did it go out of style?”
~Michael Jackson, Moonwalk
Photo Credit Dilip Mehta
 I was taught to be Biblical "Forgive them for they know not what they do."  And you do it...You know, "They know not what they do."  Words of Jesus. ~ Michael Jackson 
Speaking On Forgiving Those Who Have Hurt You 

"Yes, because I was taught to be Biblical: "Forgive them for they know not what they do." And you do it.....You know, "They know not what they do." Words of Jesus. They (those who come against him) don't even know me. It has no foundation what they are doing. How can they say it....they don't even know me? Do you believe something you have read?"

The Michael Jackson Tapes
Our actions, individual and collective, private citizen or media, have consequences
NBC employee shares the truth about the video evidence reporter Diane Dimond claimed to have, a video she claimed that showed Michael Jackson molesting a child.  The video didn't exist.  Read here for more.
Jordan Chandler Timeline

Learn the timeline of events that transpired
"My real goal is to fulfill God's purpose. I didn't choose to sing or dance but it's my role and I want to do it better than anyone else." ~Michael Jackson 
"I will never stop helping and loving people, the way Jesus said to" ~ Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson tells you in his own words, who he is


"Words may not hurt you physically, but they can destroy you emotionally." -Michael Jackson.

“Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” ~Romans 13:10

“It wasn’t a fair trial. It was an inquisition. The whole point of this trial was to financially damage Michael, to bring him to great depression, to end his career and thereby, end his influence for peace in the world.”
~ William Wagener
Talk Show Host
All of this begs the question...was Michael Jackson strange, eccentric, messed up, damaged?  OR..was he so in touch on a spiritual plane, was he a genius, was he brilliantly advanced in how he viewed things, and although not perfect, was he the way that God asks us to strive to be, in the way he viewed things and the way that he lived his life, so much so, that some felt threatened by his purity, his authenticity?  
That's the real question.
We attack geniuses and game changers, yet embrace the morally-corrupt.  We spend endless hours taking in mindless and corrupting entertainment but attack someone who was preaching Biblical principles and asking us to act accordingly by helping others, showing love to our fellow man and taking responsibility for our world.  What is wrong with that picture?  When will we realize our need for positive change? 
~ Deborah

"I'm just very sensitive to their pain and I am very sensitive to the family, the human condition, you know? On that subject, it means a lot to me and I want to help. Whatever I can to help that..... Everything, in my heart, is for them."

2003 Living with Michael Jackson documentary with Michael talking about his sensitivity to children's pain and the break-up of family life and loss of childhood that so many kids experience nowadays.
"I wasn't aware that the world thought I was so weird and bizarre. But when you grow up, like I did, in front of 100 million people since the age of 5, you're automatically different."

Michael Jackson's Grammy Legend Award speech at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards in 1993
Know, in the end, I'll be vindicated, I pray, because I know the truth. I am an innocent person and I believe in God and love God."

Michael Jackson speaking to Rev. Jesse Jackson during his 2005 child molestation trial on what he wants his fans to know.
I get angry, yeah. But I know that is the way of the worldThat's the theme of my world show: Be kind, heal the world. Let's walk out of here a different human being. Let's love. It's like going to church, but I do it without preaching. I do it through music and dancing. Marilyn Manson says onstage, "Kill God....take your Bibles and tear them...." Yet the press doesn't attack HIM! And he has got breasts on just like a woman...."
 ~ Michael Jackson
READ HERE about lives changed by the information contained in this website
If there was one book we saw him reading most frequently, it would be the Bible.
~Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield, Michael Jackson's former bodyguards
The Aftermath of Deception: The IMPACT of the rumors
The Ultimate Betrayal
"I've never been betrayed or deceived by children.  Adults have let me down.  Adults have let the world down." ~Michael Jackson
"People don't stop to think what they're saying sometime, and the effect it can have on a person."
 ~ Michael Jackson, Living With Michael Jackson documentary, speaking of how his father used to tease him about his appearance.
I'm privileged to have met a lovely human being, it was all contrary to what the media (said)...and to me (Michael was a) lovely, warm family man that was so giving and caring.
~ Ray O'Hara, Michael's exclusive private driver for the 6 months Michael lived in Ireland
One thing I think that is oft overlooked is just HOW MANY sexual abuse survivors and former victims are in the Michael Jackson fan base. ...yet. all of these people who HAVE been hurt by sexual predators, rally after Michael Jackson because they KNOW he is NOT a sexual predator as they themselves have once been the victims of those who are/were. This says a LOT to me about Michael Jackson's innocence
 ~ Deborah
“Human knowledge consists not only of libraries of parchment and ink - it is also comprised of the volumes of knowledge that are written on the human heart, chiselled on the human soul, and engraved on the human psyche.” ~ Michael Jackson
“No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind and prayer, and belief in yourself and confidence and perseverance. No matter how many times you do it, you do it again until it’s right. And always believe in yourself. And it doesn't matter who’s around you that is being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become.” 
~ Michael Jackson
Taj Jackson, Michael Jackson's nephew, defends his uncle and reveals that he is a molestation survivor READ
" He had that inner light and he always considered himself to be extremely ugly...He never did really understand that he had that inner light." ~ 
Michael Jackson friend of 20 years, David Nordahl, speaking on Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson shared this Bible verse often and it was one he took to heart, a directive to help children and to care for them.
"But Jesus said, Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
~Matthew 19:14

BR: What qualities of yours helped you get where you are today?

MJ: Faith and determination. And practice.
Click BELOW to read one of the Tweets from Michael's nephew Taj, who speaks about how his uncle Michael taught he and his brothers to always give back and to use your fame for good.
There will NEVER be a purer soul than my uncle Michael. People put him through hell here on earth, but now he is finally free in heaven.

I miss him so much. 
~ Taj Jackson, Michael's nephew

Stay humble. The humbleness that a child, like a new born baby has. Even though you become powerful or have power with people, with your talent .. don't become puffed up with pride." 
~ Michael Jackson

"Even if you're sweeping floors or painting ceilings, do it better than anybody in the world, no matter what it is that you do. Be the best at it, and have a respect for others, and be proud of yourself…and to honor, be honorable.” 
~ Michael Jackson

As he did in many of his song lyrics, he sang about things close to his heart, even at times, letting out the anger of what happened to him, come to the surface, as it does in "Scream"  CLICK HERE to view video and lyrics
Radio host and multimedia expert Chris Cantore shares about how Michael Jackson saved his grandmother HERE
Michael Jackson was subject to 50-60 Extortion Attempts per year with many corresponding depositions, lies about his character, physical ailments.
What We Lost:  His Life MATTERED, 
His Message ENDURES
Michael Jackson and Christianity
Choreographer Vincent Patterson on the Smooth Criminal set with Michael Jackon 
This performance is a perfect example of what Michael speaks of above.
View rare video of MJ practicing in his home studio 
The Autopsy Reveals 
The Truth HERE
"I look to God to fulfill His prophecy, set me free!

​Lyrics, Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us"  VIEW HERE
Reporter Mary Fischer speaks to Greta van Sustren about Michael Jackson's innocence HERE 
Syd Mead (Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens & Disney's Tomorrowland), endorses Reflections on the Dance!
After finding this website & contacting this website's creator


Thank you for your brilliant, insightful piece on Michael. I worked with Michael on several projects as a prospective project concept designer.  READ MORE...

This Site is Approved 
by many who knew 
Michael Jackson, including: 
  • His lead defense counsel
  • Long-time friends
  • His Head of Security
  • Syd Mead ("Blade Runner, Disney's "Tomorrowland")

Michael Jackson: The Truth Unfurled, The Documentary

LISTEN to the entire interview HERE On YouTube
The REAL STORY from people that were really there!

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand

Ephesians 6:12-13

The Video That Never Existed!
Getting To Know the Accusors
Click to the right to read what Vincent Patterson shared about his time working with Michael and how he saw Michael as a "Jesus character"
"...Now, a source familiar with the investigations is telling Radar Online that authorities never had a shred of evidence to back up the claims made by his accusers throughout the years.

In other words, Michael Jackson has been vilified for no reason at all.

“The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services absolutely agrees with Katherine that her son never molested any child in cases the department investigated,” the source says.

The admission comes one day after Katherine Jackson’s interview with Matt Lauer for Today, in which she said the biggest misconception about her son had been that he was a molester.
The name for this website was chosen because the "dance" stands for so many things, especially when it comes to Michael Jackson.  First, he was an amazing dancer.  One of the most amazing we have seen in our lifetime.  Even Fred Astaire himself concurred.  Michael also explains in "Dancing the Dream" his feeling that "the world we live in is the dance of the creator and that dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye, but the dance lives on."  We see a reflection of ourselves in a mirror, which reminds us of Michael's "Man in the Mirror."   Michael was a reflection of all of us and we all need to look in the mirror to make this world a better place.
 "Reflectionsonthedance.com" stands for a looking back, an appreciation, a paying respect and tribute to, the life and dance, that was Michael Jackson.
"...In other words, Michael Jackson has been vilified for no reason at all.  “The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services absolutely agrees with Katherine that her son never molested any child in cases the department investigated."
Read More HERE
To Top
Media admits MJ has been vilified for no reason at all. LA Dept. of Children & Family Services 
agree that no molestation took place (2011 article)  
Exclusive Interview
with a former friend and classmate of Gavin Arvizo,
the boy who accused Michael Jackson in 2003, as well as others who have never before shared their stories publicly.  Learn about Gavin Arvizo's mindset, the Arvizo family and get eye-opening truths about the 1993 case against Michael Jackson as well.
Learn the TRUTH about what really happened in 2003!
Defending Michael Jackson

Talking with Attorney Tom Mesereau on His Defense of Michael Jackson in the 2005 Trial

The 2003 Allegations and the 2005 Trial

Removing the false pedophile label from Michael Jackson once and for all, looking behind the scenes at the media bias that was so prevelant in this trial, the details you need to know, and an exclusive interview with Fox News Correspondent, New York Times best-selling author and true-crime writer, Aphrodite Jones. How it all started with the 1993 allegation, as well as facts you need to know about both sets of accusors
The Truth Behind the 1993 Allegations 

Facts about the 1993 case, plus an exclusive interview with author Geraldine Hughes who worked for attorney Barry Rothman and witnessed the extortion in the 1993 case
The Truth About Michael Jackson

Think you know who Michael Jackson is and what he's about?  Think again!
Michael's Character

Learn more about who Michael Jackson really was through his actions, his far-reaching effects and the character of this man of immense talent
Michael's Faith

Learn more about Michael's faith and how that faith sustained him and guided his life as well as misconceptions out in the general public

Michael's Message and Mission

Michael brought a message of love, hope, peace and healing....learn more here
Filming Neverland:  

Emmy-nominated Filmmaker Larry Nimmer speaks about being hired by Michael's defense team to film Neverland for the jury

Fact Vs. Fiction....Dispelling The Rumors

The Truth Behind The Speculations and Media Rumors
Friendship and a Paintbrush

Michael's close friend for over 20 years, acclaimed painter David Nordahl, shares in this very important interview about the REAL Michael Jackson. If you want a crystal clear picture of who Michael was, then click above to listen in on this emotional, touching interview by someone who knew Michael long-term.
Driving Michael

Ray O'Hara was Michael's exclusive driver while Michael resided in Ireland after his 2005 trial. Ray shares some heart-warming stories about his time with Michael Jackson as an even clearer picture of Michael as "Dad" emerges LISTEN
The Michael I Knew

Irish Humanitarian and a friend of Michael's, Dr. Patrick Treacy, shares about the Michael he knew
   Reflections On The Dance  
Michael Jackson
The Legend.The Man.The Truth.

i.e. Truth
​the truth : the real facts about something : the things that are true
: the quality or state of being true

The Michael Jackson You Never Knew...
Today's Headlines...
Robson, Safechuck and Reed photographed Feb. 28, 2019 for Billboard Magazine
First, a documentary and accusations.  But before that...things that just don't add up and "facts" that have proven to be not only inaccurate, but clearly fabricated.

Is this "at first popular" documentary being proven false?  
What some would call a "mockumentary" as has been coined by some?
What about the upcoming trial?

Some would say that the documentary said to have tarnished Michael Jackson's legacy has finally exposed the truth about a vicious child molester who groomed his victims.  

Others would say that this effort to once again bring up charges already proven false, is a money grab.  Now with an upcoming trial (no date set as of yet), there are further questions being asked in the media and by the general public.

HERE, some facts to ponder...

Did you know that many of the "facts" and deadlines in the Leaving Neverland documentary, have been proven false? 


"Furthermore, construction of the train station was not completed, and the building was not opened, until the middle of 1994 – half a decade after Safechuck claims he and Jackson had sex “every day” in it, and at least two years after Safechuck swears, under the penalty of perjury, that his abuse at the hands of Jackson had completely ended. 

It must be accepted that Safechuck is lying when he says Jackson abused him in the train station. It simply cannot be true. And having confirmed that this key element of Safechuck’s story is an outright lie, how can we trust anything else he says in the film, or as part of his multi-million dollar lawsuit? " 
Damien Shields, author and researcher

The Interview That Changes 
The Conversation...
See what Lead Defense Attorney Thomas Mesereau, Jr., famed Illustrator Syd Mead, Michael's former Head of Security, famed painter David Nordahl and others have to say about this website...
A Matter of Character & Truth
Music That Inspired The World...
Heard all of the stories?  Confused?  Start Here...
Out of the mouth of babes.  Kids understood the message
Celebrated. Reviled. Questioned...What's The Truth?
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Accusations That Would Shake The World....
What really happened?
"Heal The World, Make It A Better Place...For You and For Me and the Entire Human Race"
The Information that changes everything you thought you knew about the man

A Message...
...That Would Change The World
Macaulay Culkin Exonerates Michael Jackson in Recent Interview
“Right now is a good time to speak up…he never did anything to me”
This website is 100% supported by donations
Dear Debbie:
Although I have said this to you on many occasions, I wish to thank you, again, for the wonderful website “Reflections on the Dance.” 
Tom Mesereau,
Lead Defense Counsel for Michael Jackson in the 2005 child molestation trial

" Utterly amazing. Very comprehensive. Now I see why it took so much time. You should be proud of your efforts. You are to be commended. I continue to view and learn things I never knew. I can't wait to get back to finish reading all the information. Awesome job Deb. Michael would have been proud of you and your work. It's too bad you were never able to meet him. I can tell from your work you are loyal, sincere as well as passionate about your views of Michael. If more genuine people would have been in his life such as you Deb, he would have had so many more happier days.
~ Kerry Anderson, 
Michael Jackson's former Head of Security
"We love your website. I think Lori emailed you that we were very impressed with your website. It's a tremendous thing you're doing. I'm in favor of anything that remembers Michael. I thank you and respect you for putting this website together. I think it's a wonderful thing you're doing." ~

~David Nordahl, World-renowned painter and close friend of Michael Jackson's for 20 years
The Artistry & Genius of Michael Jackson
About This Site's Creator & This Site...
A Child Psychologist with over 20 years of experience tells why Michael Jackson was NOT a pedophile HERE

Choroegrapher, dancer, producer and director LaVelle Smith Jr., knew both Michael Jackson and Wade Robson Here, he shares his thoughts about the Michael Jackson he knew for 25 years, and these latest allegations....
Everything you need to know about the accusations that came against Michael Jackson
Michael's vocal coach and friend for 21 years, Seth Riggs, speaks about one of Michael's spiritual moments and his communication with God:

"You know, there was one moment. I was playing a piano, and he was standing next to me. All of a sudden, he stretched his hands, looking upwards. It seemed to me that it was very important to him. That’s why I left the room and switched the light off. After half an hour I came back to the room. He was whispering: “Thank you for my talent. Thank you for everything I’ve got. Thank you for all the people who love me. Tell me what I should do, and I’ll do it.” It seemed to me that it was the moment of his communication with God."

Read the interview HERE
Chris Yandek (Interviewer):  What I find interesting about those comments is the way the mainstream media projects it is that he wanted to always do things his way. 

Cory: “Not at all, not at all. That’s what I said. It’s like if the world would just stop and just really pay attention.”

Michael was a very humble, respectful person who, according to Cory Rooney, who worked with Michael at Sony/Epic, was not demanding as many artists are. Cory shared a story in a recent interview about Michael....

"...There’s other times where I sit there in the studio and say I cannot believe that I’m working with this person and this is what it is. And they all have the nerve to have attitudes.

Then you work with a guy like Michael Jackson who when he was late, he was supposed to be in the studio at twelve and he showed up about quarter to one. He felt so terrible for being late he apologized the whole session. The next day he sent a big giant basket because we’re talking about movies and how much I love movies. So he sent me this giant basket....Oh my goodness, it probably had 100 DVDs. It had popcorn, candy, all kinds of books and movie trivia, all kinds of stuff. Again the card said, ‘I’m very sorry for not respecting your time."....I would say Mike, what time do you want to start tomorrow? He said, ‘Cory, you’re the boss. You tell me what time. If you want me here seven in the morning, I will be here at seven in the morning.’ He said, ‘You are the boss. Whatever you tell me.’

Chris Yandek (Interviewer): What I find interesting about those comments is the way the mainstream media projects it is that he wanted to always do things his way.

Cory: “Not at all, not at all. That’s what I said. It’s like if the world would just stop and just really pay attention.”
The Media Behaving Badly: 
How The Media Misled You about Michael Jackson
 That Michael Jackson was thoroughly investigated by Child & Family Services (DCFS) & LAPD TWICE?  Nothing Found!

"According to reports DCFS had investigated Michael Jackson beginning in 1993 with a sexual abuse allegation and again in 2003. Reports show the LAPD and DCFS did not find credible evidence of abuse or sexual misconduct."

That the FBI investigated Michael Jackson, MULTIPLE TIMES and found nothing?

That there was NO DNA or evidence, ever found, in any of the accusation cases?

That Mr. Jackson's computers and other personal belongings were seized and nothing incriminating was ever found?


Click above link and click on each file to view the entire file.  Each file has multiple pages which you can view.
"Each day I take time out to study the Bible, no matter where I am. The teachings of the Bible have added a new dimension to my life. It, somehow, makes me whole."
Michael Jackson
1976 "Black Stars" Magazine interview
A Journalist Investigates...
Chatting with those who Knew Michael Jackson
These are not physicians who chased fame for treating.  These are not the media networks who use celebrities for ratings.  These are honest-to-goodness real people who KNEW the man...Engaging documentaries and interviews that shed light on the truth.
Take a Deep Dive into the Acclaimed Interview Series with renowned painter David Nordahl as he shares never-before-shared insights and stories about his friend Michael Jackson

Square One|Michael Jackson Documentary by Danny Wu

Square One is a documentary that investigates the first-ever 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson. It strategically uncovers new evidence and information through interviews with people closest to the case. These interviews showcase never-before-heard public statements from witnesses, Michael Jackson’s nephew, and legal assistant to the prosecutor in ‘93. 
Welcome...First, a Little about this Site
This site is different from most you have visited.  Here you will find information about Michael Jackson, the human being, cultivated from research, honest sources and most importantly, people who knew the man.
If you want the TRUTH about Michael Jackson, you've come to the right place   Just as any of us deserve, Michael Jackson also deserves the truth to be told about him.  
This site attempts to do just that.

"I never saw Michael with the effects of doing any kinds of drug or alcohol or anything like that, and I saw him all different times of the day. Early in the morning, late at night, all during the day. He was always totally normal. Totally there."

David Nordahl
20 year plus friend of MJ's
Perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT documentary you will ever see on Michael Jackson!
…“Truly I tell you,” He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 
~ Matthew 18:3 The Bible
See more of Eliza Lo's artwork HERE
A Very Serious Subject
We realize that any form of abuse, including child sexual abuse/pedophelia, is a vile and very serious offense and should always be taken seriously.
In the case of the accusations that came against Michael Jackson, that very truth and the seriousness of the subject, was applied to the intense research that went into this website.
What we also must remember, is that when the facts prove innocence, over and over again with no evidence suggesting any type of abuse found, and NOT guilt, then that truth is just as important.  
The truth always matters.
Stay here, to learn the truth...

Who is behind this website?
Deborah has been a published writer for over 30 years, with a focus on entertainment journalism, historical and human interest pieces.
Guest Writers Share...
READ MORE at the links below:

Journalists and researchers weigh in on the accusations:
What you need to know about these current accusations

"Leaving Neverland Lies" Documentary

Wade Robson Opus Tribute To MJ: Words of praise and appreciation

Wade Robson 2005 Trial Official Testimony

Do the accusations contradict what Robson has always said about MJ?: 
Wade Robson Facts

ROBSON BEGGED TO BE PART OF MJ CIRQUE du SOLEIL SHOW. Then, after being turned down as choreographer for the show, filed sexual abuse allegations against Jackson just one month prior to the world premiere of "Michael Jackson One", which leaves many questioning the allegations, not to mention the inaccuracy of many of the "facts" portrayed in the "Leaving Neverland" documentary that have been proven false.

FULL ARTICLE: Wade Robson Begged to Be Part of Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Show

In a letter, obtained by The Blast, Robson penned a letter in 2011 to Cirque CCO, Jean-François Bouchard, asking for a job in the new “Michael Jackson: ONE” 
... He also stressed that he wanted to make the show “amazing” for the legacy of Jackson...

His feelings toward Jackson was in stark contrast to the allegations he later made when he filed his 2013 lawsuit alleging the late-singer molested him as a child. That lawsuit was filed in May 2013, one month before the world premiere of “Michael Jackson: ONE” at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.

The post Wade Robson Begged to Be Part of Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Show appeared first on The Blast.
Motives In Question...
WHY... did Robson's story (and his life-long very public admiration for Michael Jackson as a mentor, friend and father figure) change suddenly in 2013 just a month prior to the "Michael Jackson One" Cirque du Soleil worldwide premiere?  The same show he begged to choreograph in 2011 and that he was passed over for?

Robson's Allegations came in just one month before the premiere of "Michael Jackson One", the show that Robson was turned down for as a choreographer and, according to an email he penned to Cirque CCO, Jean-François Bouchard, it was a job he wanted to do "so badly" leaving many to question why someone would want to honor and choreograph a show for someone who had, according to his allegations, molested him.
Learn More HERE:
for further information on Dan Reed, James Safechuck, Wade Robson and the film
Click Photo Below to read the email
"I just learned so much from him...as an artist and as a kind human being. I'm going to try to continue as much as I can in my own little world, that legacy."
~ Wade Robson speaking highly of Michael Jackson in 2009
Now it is important to remember that in 1993 and in 2003 to 2005, and the years in between, Michael was under intense investigation by the LAPD, the FBI, Interpol, the DCFS, and etc. due to the other allegations (and after all that investigating, none of them found a single shred of evidence that Michael was a child abuser). ~Anonymous, Twitlonger
What's The TRUTH?
What You Need To Know...
...Michael Jackson changed the world and, more personally, my life forever. He is the reason I dance, the reason I make music, and one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of human kind. He was a close friend of mine for 20 years. His music, his movement, his personal words of inspiration and encouragement and his unconditional love will live inside of me forever. I will miss him immeasurably, but I know that he is now at peace and enchanting the heavens with a melody and a moonwalk.

  I love you Michael.

  – Wade Robson
Part of Robson's MJ tribute for the 2009 Opus

One must ask... 
WHY would Robson write such a loving, heart-felt tribute describing someone he deeply admired and who did nothing other than help and befriend him, IF what he claims happened, happened? 
Read Robson's full Opus tribute to MJ, HERE
Facts You Need To Know...

FBI Confirms:  NO Child Pornography Found at 
Michael Jackson's Estate
Neverland Firsthand: Investigating the Michael Jackson Documentary is a mini-documentary which further explores allegations made in HBO’s Leaving Neverland, that the King of Pop sexually abused two young boys. Through interviews with those closest to the situation, as well as members of Jackson’s family, the film sheds light on information that was excluded from HBO’s broadcast.  Includes interview with Michael's niece, Brandi Jackson (son of Jackie) who dated Wade Robson for 7 years. and knew him for years before that.
"He was so much fun to be around. It wasn't all darkness. We'd laugh so much. He had a great sense of humor, loved practical jokes....We'd be walking along and he'd break out into song. But not like Michael Jackson. He would sing like it was a man in the shower, just singing. I hated to see that joy go out of his life because he was a very joyful person. He was a happy person and just great fun to be around." ~ David Nordahl
Blog Talk Radio features Remembering Michael Jackson with Tom Mesereau & Deborah Kunesh with host Richard Rossi. 

Though this interview took place a few years back, this post is new to the site and  the subjects are still relevant.  Talk includes Mr. Mesereau discussing the "at the time" Safechuck/Robson case, that to this day, is still ongoing.

As we approach the 5 year anniversary of Michael's passing, Richard hosts guests Attorney Tom Mesereau & Deborah Kunesh. 


Michael Jackson's former Head of Security Kerry Anderson talks about Michael Jackson's faith and how Michael had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior

"Deb first and foremost, let it be known from me personally that Michael had accepted Jesus as his Lord & Saviour. I'm speaking from personal knowledge and not from what someone told me.

"Not only am I presumed to be innocent, I AM innocent, and I know that the truth will be my salvation. I have been strengthened to prove my innocence by my faith in God and the knowledge that I am not fighting this battle alone."  
Michael Jackson, 1994 NAACP Awards
Susan Yu:  The Unsung Hero of the 2005 Michael Jackson Trial READ HERE

"Susan Yu really was the unsung hero of the 2005 Michael Jackson Trial" ~Attorney Thomas Mesereau, Jr.

Many don't realize the incredibly important role that Tom Mesereau's law partner, Attorney Susan Yu, played in Michael Jackson's 2005 trial and acquittal. 

Together, Mesereau and Yu both worked as a well-oiled machine to bring truth and justice to a case that was riddled with deception, greed and a vendetta, not to mention a media hell-bent on twisting the facts of the case and making sure that Michael Jackson would be found guilty in the court of public opinion, if not in the courtroom.  
The website endorsed by Attorney Thomas Mesereau, Jr, legendary conceptual artist Syd Mead, Michael's former Head of Security and more...
their thoughts READ
This kind of deception and the attitude of cruelty and hate, affects us all!

Getting To Know the
 Accusors & The Facts Behind It All...
"Everybody here loves your website" ~ Attorney Thomas Mesereau, Jr.

Deborah, Thank you for your brilliant, insightful piece on Michael. I worked with Michael on several projects as a prospective project concept designer....Michael was quietly gracious and I am very proud to have met him and be treated as a confidante.".~Syd Mead, Conceptual Artist
(Tron, Aliens, Blade Runner, Disney's "Tomorrowland")

"This is tbe definitive website on Michael Jackson for me" ~ Richard Rossi

 " Deborah has single handedly commenced on a type of latter-day mission, which has provided to the world a passionate objective website on what she considers are the true facts surrounding the life and death of Michael Jackson. Her well researched articles often stand alone as a shining beacon amidst a total barrage of negative media publicity." 
Dr. Patrick Treacy, doctor, humanitarian, friend of Michael Jackson
Journalist and Talk Show Host John Ziegler interviews both Brandi Jackson and Taj Jackson HERE
The Life-Changing Impact Michael Jackson Had On Everyone He Met
the true testimony of who someone is, is how they 
affect and impact the lives of others

Like ripples in the ocean, the things we do, how we act, how we treat one another, go on to affect those around us and the world at large.

Some ideas to make an impact:

*Donate to your favorite charity
*Be Kind to everybody you meet
*Don't judge anyone unfairly and without proper information and facts
*Strive to understand the reasons behind why others may hold differing opinions
*Use your gifts to improve the lives of others

Quotable Quotes
Black or White

For years the press has stated that Michael was bleaching his skin and wanted to be a white man.  The truth is, Michael Jackson had an auto immune condition called vitiligo (also confirmed in his autopsy).  Vitiligo causes the body to attack it's own melanocytes, the cells which give our skin color, or melanin.  Treatment for vitiligo, if it becomes severe enough to cover a majority of the body, as Michael's did, involves a process that removes the discoloration/dark areas of the skin as when it is widespread it is nearly impossible to re-pigment.

Reality Check:  What it may surprise you to know...the media KNEW that Michael Jackson had vitiligo.  However, by spreading stories that he was bleaching his skin, it kept the public tuning in to their televisions and buying magazines, thus earning them money.
Model Winnie Harlow also has vitiligo, as did Michael Jackson (below)
For more information on Vitiligo as well as debunking so many of the lies and myths that surrounded Michael Jackson, visit the Facts vs. Fiction Page HERE
Be God's Glow ~ Michael Jackson
Read More HERE about the 1993 Case HERE
DID YOU KNOW...that both accuser's parents used the SAME attorney and the SAME psychologist and that in both instances, instead of going to the police, both families went to a lawyer to create a case?
Get all of the details re: both the 1993 and the 2003 cases HERE
Additional Information on the 2005 Trial HERE
One of the biggest mistakes we make, as members of the human race, is to assume, judge, belittle and feel superior to someone else, by pointing out their problems or supposed issues and weakness, (especially while ignoring our own,) be they our neighbor or a celebrity, without knowing their story.

HERE...is Michael Jackson's STORY
Sadly, for many, it took Michael Jackson's death and subsequent autopsy for them to believe what he was telling them all along.  That he had an autoimmune disease called Vitiligo that caused his skin to lose pigment, which took place on a global stage and spurred horrible rumors and lies that the media spread and the public at large, believed. (above)  

In Truth, Michael's Jakson's auto immune disease was WEAPONIZED against him for monetary and other gain.

TV News Anchor Lee Thomas (video below) shows and explains vitiligo and how it changes on a regular basis, and how it affected him and his life.  

There is a great lesson here.  Michael Jackson didn't get that same understanding.  ALWAYS get facts, strive to understand and come from a place of love.  The world would be much different if we all did that.
Man In The Mirror: 
Words of Wisdom, Spiritual Man, Healer, Humble
A window into who Michael Jackson REALLY was.  You MAY be SURPRISED!
This beautiful video was made by a 12-year- old child!  He sent it to me after seeing the website as he wanted to share his thoughts on the truths vs. the lies, about Michael Jackson
Talk In The Media...
"Sometime I pray and I say "where do you want me to go next God?  What do I do?" 
Michael Jackson

"I try to be kind and generous to people and to do what I think God wants me to do."  
Michael Jackson"

"I will never stop helping and loving people the way that Jesus said to.  He said continue to love, always love." 
Michael Jackson

"I try to imitate Jesus....in the fact that he said to be like children, to love children, to be as pure as children and to make yourself innocent and see the world through eyes of wonderment." 
Michael Jackson

"Jesus said to love the children and to be like, children.  Be youthful and be innocent and be pure and be honorable.  He was talking to his Apostles.  They were fighting over who was the greatest among themselves and He (Jesus) said, "Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest among me."~ Michael Jackson


WHAT THE MEDIA SAID: Freak, weirdo, bleached his skin, whacko jacko, drug addict, strange, pedophile

THE TRUTH:  Innocent, Musical genius, amazing dancer, inventor, man of deep spirituality and faith, father, son, brother, kind, giving, healer, empath, believer in Jesus and God, humanitarian, saved the lives of children and people around the world and so much MORE!

WHY:  Genius, kindness and deep faith are always attacked out of jealousy.  Money & greed. Evil hates good.  The spiritually hollow cannot grasp the spiritually strong. The shadows must hide from the light lest they be exposed.  Michael Jackson was light.

"He was such a thoughtul and selfless man, full of the unconditional love of God and good works that touched and changed lives. He was indeed, a shining light" 
 Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Larry King: What happened at the house?

MK:  Nothing happened.  We played video games. We played at the amusement park.

In Court:
"He never touched me inappropriately and I never saw him act improper with anybody."
Mr. Morita of Sony: This is the healing audiotape that Michael Jackson sent to Mr.  Morita, chairman of Sony, in the 1990s
Bela Farkas Becomes a Father!  

Just one of the many children and adults whose lives Michael Jackson saved

If it weren't for Michael Jackson, Bela Farkas wouldn't be alive today

For more on this story, READ the story BELOW:

Why Did You Choose Me (Michael) by Bela Farkas

Michael Jackson's humanitarianism, visiting sick children, and the story of Bella Farkas
How Michael affected his fans through his music, his kindness, meeting or performing with him, and MORE HERE                                                                                                                                                                               
Click above to enlarge photos
Michael's speeches

Michael's Poetry

In all fairness and honesty, we MUST take a look at Michael Jackson's life as well as the accusations that came against him, as a WHOLE.  Weighing what kind of person he clearly was from his own words and actions, seeing his humanity, and clearly looking at the facts.  The facts don't lie.  A life well lived and lives changed accordingly, is one testament to what kind of person we are.  When we look at Michael Jackson, the human being, as well as the performer, when we see the life he lived as a whole and what he tried to achieve, and most importantly, when we look at all of the facts that surrounded the accusations that have come against him throughout the years, there just are NOT any facts nor any evidence, to support the validity of what is being claimed.  We must do for Michael, what we would want done for our loved ones.  Be fair, be kind, don't assume and KNOW the facts.
The Pepsi Commercial Scalp Burn

READ the story HERE
How I See It: 
My Take on Everything MJ & some deeper things you need to think about
Michael Jackson and Children: 
Villian or Champion of Children?

Michael Jackson endured a bad injury due to a Bridge Collapse during a concert, Munich, Germany 1999  
Real physical pain led to prescribed medications
The Humanity of Michael Jackson
Returning back to the FACT that Michael Jackson was a human being.  Gifted, kind, giving, and flawed, just like the rest of us.  Real physical pain led to prescribed medications.  Emotional pain and pressure caused an agony that all of us feel in similar situations.  He was someone trying to do his best.  A man who proclaimed that he loved God and tried to live it.  A man that gave and cared and did everything he could to make this world a better place. A father, a son, a brother.  A child of God.  We must recognize and embrace his humanity and see the pressures he was under from our very human point of view, in order to understand him and his life.  READ MORE HERE
Body Language Analysis 
regarding drug abuse HERE
"I believe in God.....I gain strength from God. I believe in Jehovah, God, very much.....I believe in God and love God."

Michael Jackson
"God was his guide. He was a Christian and believed in Christ. His life went through so much that his faith was what restored him and kept him. Michael was very spiritual and had enormous faith. He studied all religions and was open to a lot of different practices, however, ultimately, he was a Christian and believed in Christ fully."

Taymoor Marmarchi
friend of and worked with Michael Jackson on humanitarian projects

We must be careful and re-consider.  We are becoming what we should loathe the most.  We are becoming....HATE ~
Hear from Lou Ferrigno, Miko Brando, burn victim Dave Dave,  and others, as they share their experiences of meeting and knowing, Michael Jackson HERE
A beautiful example of how far-reaching Michael's influence was and still is:

"I’ve just left a Chinese Michael Jackson forum, where some members are expressing interest in knowing Jesus because they want to see Michael Jackson again in afterlife. There are people who want to buy the Bible and who go to church for the first time because of Michael Jackson. Most Chinese forums I’ve been to are somewhat hostile towards Christians and Christianity. But now I see all over the MJ forum people are talking about God and Heaven. If you are familiar with Chinese culture you will know that ‘God’ (shang di) and ‘Heaven’ (tian tang) is not a common vocabulary among Chinese people. But it is all over the place now."

Proverbs 11:30: "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives."
“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.”
~ Michael Jackson
Barry Gibb and Michael Jackson recorded this song "All In Your Name" in 2002.  Gibb released it along with this footage in 2011 honoring the 2 year anniversary of the passing of his dear friend, Michael Jackson.  MJ was also the godfather of Barry's son, Michael.
“Michael was deeply Christian and believed that private acts of charity were considered virtuous only if not done for others to admire,” stated Treacy. “We should be reminded of Matthew 6:1 when Jesus says "Be careful not to do your acts of righteousness in front of others, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.”

Dr. Patrick Treacy, befriended Michael while he lived in Ireland
Did physical and mental abuse of Michael Jackson and pressure from concert promoters lead to severe anxiety, and ultimately, his death?  Click photos below to see very sobering admittance of abuse by some who worked for AEG
Pressure from the industry possibly contributed to his untimely death?

About Deborah: Accuracy and integrity of her work, interviews, more...
Memories 4 years Later

David Nordahl recalls his long 20 year friendship with Michael Jackson, 4 years after Michael's passing. Listen in as he shares beautiful stories showing the truth about the man, not the icon, and speaks on many of the current stories out there in regards to Michael. Part 2 of a 3 part interview featured here.
Simply Not True!
The media's history of spreading stories that had no truth to them.
Graphic courtesy of 
Michael Jackson Magic
Take a Deeper Dive into the impacts of the deception, how Michael used his creativity to deal with the pain, the ultimate betrayal by the media and the public, and what others have to say about it all
Injury during a concert:
"God gave Michael Jackson what he didn't give the little boy, a witness who can attest to his innocence."

Geraldine Hughes from her book "Redemption"
One doesn't have to look far to quickly realize just how much Michael Jackson cared for, and about, people, animals, and the earth.  One doesn't have to question his love for God through his own admittance as well as his actions.  He cared deeply for the sick, for the down-trodden, for those in need.  His faith, as well as being no stranger to suffering himself, caused him to have empathy for all.  He spent his life caring for others, helping wherever he could, saving lives and inspiring others.  Though he was most well-known for his musical artistry, it was what he did with his life when he wasn't on the stage, that is the most noteworthy!  Here, just a few examples...
Contrary to what most people assume about pedophilesthe overriding personality trait they demonstrate is not their interest in children - but their spectacular disinterest. ~ Stephen, Child Psychologist with over 20 years of experience.

Compare & Contrast
READ Michael Jackson's Children's Bill of Rights from his Oxford University Speech where Michael lays out  children's inherent rights
Beautiful short speech by Michael Jackson on what we need to do to heal our world
Meeting Michael STORIES
The implications of this culture of lies and misconceptions.  How it impacts each one of us.  
Were you a participant? 
The Lesson
Journalist admits some of the errors the ways of his profession in destroying people through the written word
Michael Jackson's life-long humanitarian spirit
A cry of the heart "Innocent Man" lyrics
Michael Jackson
Inventor & Artist

A Deeper Dive
Dive Deeper into all things MJ.  For those wanting even more...Videos clearly showing who he was, the spiritual and societal implications of all that took place and so much more!
Remember to check out the exhaustive navigation at the top of the page and the subpages therein.
Changing Lives Just Like His Dad
Michael "Prince" Jackson, Jr. is following in his father Michael's footsteps in "making that change" with his and co-founder John Muto's Heal Los Angeles Foundation
 In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.

-Michael Jackson 
Wade Robson praises Michael Jackson on Entertainment Tonight, in 2009!

One would have to question how you can go from this kind of praise and admiration to accusing someone of something SO vile?
The Process: 
How This Site Came To Be