Wade Robson:  The Facts
Most people by now are familiar with the fact that several years after the passing of Michael Jackson, Mr. Robson has come out suddenly stating that he was abused by Michael Jackson, after adamantly stating over and over, in sworn testimony that Michael had never touched him and after sharing, via many interviews, letters and more, how much he loved Michael as a friend, what a great person and father he was, how much he missed him and how he was not only a mentor to him, but also someone who showed him the kind of man he wanted to be.

Here, below, is some of that proof, and the facts, by Wade himself.  Watch, read, listen, and then decide for yourself if this man is telling the truth...
"I just learned so much from him...as an artist and as a kind human being. I'm going to try to continue as much as I can in my own little world, that legacy."
~ Wade Robson speaking highly of Michael Jackson in 2009
Wade Robson speaking
 in "Thrillercast" on the Official Michael Jackson website.  Go to Episode 18 to hear Wade speak about Michael.

Wade Robson speaks above with a very happy and relaxed voice, not the hallmarks of someone who had been abused by the person he is speaking so lovinigly and admirably, about.

According to the official court transcripts, Joy Robson, Wade's mother, was calling Michael's offices daily trying to get work for Wade. Wade's testimony also stated that they barely saw Michael as he was so busy.
Wade Robson Adamant testimony from 2005 Michael Jackson Trial
Official Full 2005 Court Trial Transcripts 
May 5th is Wade's testimony
Wade here, in 2009, speaking positively about Michael Jackson.  Some have stated that this change came about, these accusations, right after Wade was passed over for the MJ Cirque Du Soleil show that he wanted to choreograph.  Up until that point, he had been speaking positively about Michael.
Now it is important to remember that in 1993 and in 2003 to 2005, and the years in between, Michael was under intense investigation by the LAPD, the FBI, Interpol, the DCFS, and etc. due to the other allegations (and after all that investigating, none of them found a single shred of evidence that Michael was a child abuser). ~Anonymous, Twitlonger
Wade Robson's "My Mentor" letter of endearment to Michael Jackson in the official Opus

This interview below, was done in July 2012...three years after Michael had passed.  Pay close attention to Wade's body language, to how he speaks about Michael, to how he shares the memories...less than a year later, he would state that Michael Jackson had abused him for 7 years, performed disgusting acts on him and that all along, he knew what had happened to him and that even on the witness stand in 2005, that he never forgot what Michael Jackson did to him.  I ask you this...is what he is claiming now, CONSISTENT with all else you have seen here, with his behavior for many years up until this point?
Is Wade Robson telling the truth or is he being dishonest?
Body Language Experts Susan Constantine and Craig James Baxter analyze Wade's body language from the past as well as in regards to these allegations
Excerpt from Jermaine Jackson's book speaking about Joy Robson being approached by tabloid writer Victor Guitierrez about his "investigating Michael"
Michael Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson, speaks out against Wade Robson and shares that he knows Wade is lying because he is a survivor of sexual abuse and that Michael HELPED his mother try to help him after this happened.
Read more from Taj
Wade, his mother Joy and his sister Chantal speak out in Michael's defense during the 1993 investigation, adamantly denying that Michael would ever do such a thing
Is he being truthful, or dishonest?  You decide ...
"I knew Wade, his sister Chantal and his mother Joy. They were at the ranch sometimes at the same time I was. Joy, his mother, was ALWAYS there with him, she was always around. I never saw Michael act in any way that would suggest anything untoward towards Wade or anyone else. Michael was always the kind, caring person he was to everybody."
~ David Nordahl, close friend of Michael Jackson's for 20 years and world-renowned artist
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