No doubt, we will all be inundated with media spinning their stories about the upcoming murder trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, in the upcoming months and beyond. We are going to hear how Michael was a "junkie", a drug addict, who caused his own death.

What if I told you that that’s a lie? How do I know? I’ve read the full autopsy report. It was grueling. It’s all there….the truth. I don’t agree with it being published as it should be something private. I didn’t realize how much so until I read it. My goal was seeking and proving truth for Michael, which the autopsy report definitely does, though I think that in hindsight, it is a gross invasion of Michael’s privacy and I feel guilt now at having even looked at it. But I cannot turn back the clock and change that, so I will try to bring good and bring out truth, from what I saw.

Would it surprise you to learn that Michael was telling us the truth all along? I’ve known that all along, as have others, but there are still many who never really listened to him when he was trying to give us the truth as media and tabloids were on a witch hunt to destroy him and his image.

Truth matters. 

Would you believe me if I told you that Michael Jackson… 

Did indeed have vitiligo (confirmed in the autopsy) and did not “bleach” his skin to become white, and that despite your hearing how he was a "junkie", that the only meds they found in him were regular prescription medications he was on, the drugs used to try to resuscitate him and the propofol? It’s all in the official autopsy report. I also share some of that with you in this article, so please keep reading.

The truth is, blaming Michael Jackson for his own death is just another lie being spread by the media. Why? Because sensational stories that have drama, intrigue, lies and negative news, SELL! News and stories about do-gooders don’t attract major attention (which is why most of you never heard about Michael’s non-stop charity and helping people and the lives of so many children that he saved). The ugly, sensationalist stories make the newspapers and television media outlets money. The more people watching or buying, the more advertisers they get. The more advertisers, the more money they make. It’s a business, pure and simple.

I felt a need to write this because, with all of the garbage you are going to hear in the coming months, I thought you might want to hear some real, honest truth, straight from the hip. I’ve talked with people, I’ve researched, and I read the autopsy report from top to bottom.

The truth of the matter is that, indeed, Michael Joseph Jackson was telling us the truth, about himself, and his life. We just weren’t listening! The FBI files prove it, the autopsy report proves it (though I don’t agree with the FBI files and the final autopsy report being made public as again, it’s is a gross invasion of his privacy.) 

The media has been out to try to show that Michael was reckless in his behavior, purposely taking hundreds of pills daily and injecting himself with, or being injected with, all kinds of drugs.

Getting truth out there was always the catalyst for this website. But you have to spend a little time on here, to really read and view. If you haven’t already and have believed the lies, you will be blown away by the truth and how different it is from what you have heard.

So few of us seek truth. We don’t have time, we say. But, we have time to watch 24 hour news channels, read the paper, surf the internet, spend all day on Facebook and watch our reality shows every night. We have time to believe all of the garbage that is thrown at us daily and regurgitated as truth, and we then have time to tell everybody we know this convoluted version of “truth”, essentially, continuing to spread the disease.

A man’s life was taken (long before this murder). His life was stolen from him because of all of the lies that were spread about him…by the tabloids, the media, and by everyone who spread those rumors and lies they heard and read as a way to entertain themselves and their friends. After all, it can’t hurt to make fun of someone else, to defame someone’s character, to call someone a freak, to tear another human being apart. That’s what we tell ourselves. What have we become as a society! This could easily have been you or me. It could happen to anyone. So if you don’t care because it doesn’t relate to you, it DOES! You are not immune.

Michael was a man of dignity. He was humble. He was kind. He loved and gave of his heart and soul in his talent and in how he lived out his life helping others. The world gave back to him by trying to steal away his dignity, his privacy, his very life.

Here is a perfect example of just one of the millions of lies Michael had to endure, day in and day out, courtesy of those who proclaim to be reporting “truth”: 

"…there was a news program talking about him being in Europe with some little boy. I was sitting next to the guy while the news is making this crap up. He just looked at me and said “this is what I have to deal with.”

Rob Hoffman
A sound engineer that worked with Michael

Some things that the autopsy report revealed:

*Confirmation that Michael Joseph Jackson did INDEED suffer from the devastating skin disease, Vitiligo

A disease, many times hereditary (it is in the Jackson family) which causes your skin to lose pigment and become ghostly white, in patches. 

So for all of those who kept spreading the rumors with absolutely no proof, saying that Michael wanted to be white, that he bleached his skin…shame on you! Too many bought the lie, hook, line and sinker, or, simply didn’t care about the truth. This lie was then spread, regardless of its inaccuracy and regardless of how much it hurt another human being….and was done so without any proof and with nothing more than hearsay to back up the claims. Again, it is so important to seek truth. You can be a voice that stops the craziness and the lies. Anyone can lie on anyone else and if you get someone to believe it, it spreads, and before long, people start believing it because they are hearing it so often. It’s no different than bullying.

If you want more proof, go to 

*Michael Was Not Riddled with needle marks, nor were  hundreds of medications found in his system... 

But you are going to be, and have heard, the opposite. The media wants you to believe that Michael's body was wasted away from the effects of drug addiction, that he had needle marks everywhere.  This is NOT true.  

Why should you believe me? I’ve read the reports. I’ve spoken to people who knew Michael well and for many, many years. Michael, at one time, did have a prescription drug addiction to painkillers. This was after his scalp was burned during the filming of a Pepsi commercial, causing excruciating pain. He was put on painkillers to help him deal with the pain. He admitted his addiction at the time and sought help. Everyday people become hooked on prescription pain killers all of the time. I personally know some of them. Michael got treatment for that. Michael was ALWAYS against drugs. 

Michael is being labeled as a "junkie" and "just another drug addict" by the media as well as by several unsavory journalists...and they are using these words in a manner with which to convey that Michael was demanding and irresponsible, previously reporting that he was taking hundreds of pills daily, and that his body was riddled with needle marks.  According to the findings on the autopsy, this information is false.  This is the kind of false reporting and outright lies and spinning a story to sensationalize it, that needs to stop!

Michael suffered from severe insomnia, not to mention the incredible stress of being someone who dealt with incredible pressure in his life,  Life as the most well-known performer of all time, as well as being lied on constantly, the aftermath of the false accusations against him, and several auto-immune diseases. 

The truth is, Michael was on prescription medications. Everyday prescriptions that millions of others are on. 

Just put yourself in his shoes for a second. People (the tabloids, media, public) were constantly lying on him, calling him a freak, making him out to be something that he wasn’t. Many people betrayed him and to this day, still try to pass themselves off as experts on him or friends of his. There are many who watch these people on television, and believe their lies. This is just another example of something that wasn’t true, being sensationalized.  He was falsely accused of vicious, vile and disgusting things.  Everything he said and did was misquoted and a spin put on it to try to make it seem something other than what it was.

Just to look at things from the opposite point of view for a second: Even if he were to have had a prescription drug addiction (which I can neither prove nor disprove), a treating physician (or physicians) would/should not ethically prescribe more of these drugs to someone with a problem. No matter the amount of money. Prescription drug addiction many times comes from the nature of the drug and not the person taking it. Many drugs are addicting, even in people who won’t so much as normally take an aspirin.  

So even if he had become addicted to these prescriptions (and this is a subject up for debate), knowing that Michael had suffered from prescription drug addication in the past, he should not have been given these drugs and if needed, should have been monitored very closely.  Being addicted to prescription drugs can happen to anyone. It does not make someone a bad person or, as the media so disrespectfully titles it, a "junkie".  It's the nature of  the drug itself.  Many of these drugs are highly addictive.  I cannot answer if Michael was indeed addicted to these prescriptions or not, but I can say that the way that the media is portraying him, as someone who caused his own death and was reckless, is wrong and inaccurate.

The meds they found in their toxicology reports are standard prescription drugs. What wasn’t found in his system? No alcohol, marijuana, barbiturates, cocaine, no morphine or other opiates, only the prescription meds he was on, the drugs used to try to resuscitate him, and the propofol. Should he have been given propofol? No, absolutely not. But he was for whatever reason.  What about the other medications?  These were prescribed by doctors that should have been monitoring them due to the inherent addictive qualities of the medications themselves.

Michael was also ruled to be a 50 year old man in fairly good health, other than the auto-immune diseases he suffered, so none of his vital organs showed any kind of damage.

Michael suffered from severe insomnia. Michael was not a "junkie" who had a body riddled with needle marks.  This is a gross exaggeration of truth and the exploitation of "hearsay", spread as truth to the public.  This is important because truth is important.  If this were you or a member of your family, you would want the facts set straight.

The official cause of death? Acute propofol intoxication that was ruled as a homicide. 

Dr. Murray was a cardiologist and should have known these side effects and also, the effect of both drugs together. It is also very obvious that this was a severe overdose of propofol and that the level of the Lorazepam was significant (according to Murray’s testimony, he continued to give more and more of certain drugs). He said himself that he administered them to Michael.

The autopsy also reports that it would have been nearly impossible and highly unlikely that Michael could have administered propofol to himself, which some have claimed.

The issue with propofol will come up. Some will say that Michael asked for it and knew the risks. I don’t know the answer to that as I can’t ask him, but I will say that any competent physician would NEVER administer a drug like propofol outside of an operating room and certainly not to treat insomnia and as you see above, the level given to Michael would have ALWAYS required intubation and being on a ventilator. The doctor determines the dose and this dose was obviously a serious overdose, not to mention that this drug was not to be used outside of an operating room with an anesthesiologist present. Something is definitely not right there. The autopsy shows a very healthy, though somewhat thin for his height, 50 year old man who did not die of natural causes.

What killed him? Besides a lethal dose of anesthesia and a benzodiazepine combo…The tabloid rumors, the media’s lies, the public buying into what we’re being sold (we are being sold a bill of goods after all), and instead of showing love, acceptance and appreciation for a man who wanted nothing more than to share the talent that God had given him and to heal the world, we lied on him and laughed at him and blindly believed the people who betrayed him and falsely accused him.

This case alone has been a travesty. When Michael was falsely accused of child molestation, 77 sherriff’s raided his home. 77!!! They don’t even do that for a mass murderer! He was brought in, handcuffed, manhandled and treated very poorly. Dr. Conrad Murray, on the other hand, accused of killing a man, walks in to the courtroom without handcuffs, gets a slap on the wrist, walks back out without cuffs and is only being charged with involuntary manslaughter, when the charge with evidence, should be Murder1 or Murder 2. 

The truth is…the world celebrates evil. Jesus Christ walked this earth and was ridiculed as well. When he came up against Pontius Pilate, the crowd shouted for Barabas, a known criminal, to be released and Jesus was crucified. Times haven’t changed much, have they?

We need to remember that Michael Joseph Jackson was a HUMAN BEING. Not some enigma. Michael was a celebrity because of his talent, he was the King of Pop because of his accomplishments, but he was a human being and a kind, gentle, humble caring soul first and foremost. He was human just like the rest of us. No matter what you’ve heard to the contrary, this is who he was. Michael was a son, a father, a dear friend to many and to some who I have had the priveledge and pleasure of getting to know. They saw a Michael that few ever got to see. He was there the whole time, but most could not see past the celebrity, the stardom, the wardrobe or the dance moves. If you looked deeper, beyond the celebrity, you would see a piece of yourself in Michael that you could easily relate to. Michael shared with the world, his soul. 

Don’t you think it’s high time that you got rid of the stereotypes and the jealousy, stopped believing the lies, and got to know who Michael Joseph Jackson really was and is? Because in that knowledge, lies real power. Why? If we were to allow each person to just be genuine, the world would be different. Michael Jackson was genuine. If we are genuine and are true to ourselves, we no longer have to impress others with rumors or gossip, we don’t have to make up for what we think we lack (when we are being our true selves, we lack nothing…just as each flower is beautiful in its own right), and we then give freedom to others to be genuine themselves and to be their best. Michael always strived to be his best. 

When we use our God-given talents and abilities, we CAN change things. We can make a difference in the world. That is what Michael did and what he stood for. He wanted to heal the world. To make it a better place. And yet, the public is intent on reading all of the untrue garbage they can on him (and others) so they can ridicule him only to feel better about themselves. The lies are absorbed like water into a sponge, yet, their impact is as deadly as an atomic bomb. The truth goes missing. 

The reality is, the truth is right in front of your eyes. But you won’t find it on your nightly news, your 24 hour news channels, your newspaper, celebrity magazines or the tabloids. As a society, we are having the wool pulled over our eyes and just eagerly believing all that we are being fed. Are you going to keep on believing the lies that you have heard and will continue to hear about Michael (as well as all of the other garbage you hear about everybody else), or are you going to grasp the truth and be enlightened? Are you going to keep reading and clicking on the garbage, or are you going to steer clear of it and as an additional benefit, have a clear mind? Are you finally ready for truth? The choice is yours.

By Deborah L. Kunesh
Copyright 2010 by Deborah L. Kunesh
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The Autopsy...The Truth
We need to remember that Michael Joseph Jackson was a HUMAN BEING. Not some enigma. Michael was a celebrity because of his talent, he was the King of Pop because of his accomplishments, but he was a human being and a kind, gentle, humble, caring soul first and foremost
The truth of the matter is that, indeed, Michael Joseph Jackson was telling us the truth, about himself, and his life. We just weren’t listening! 
Straight from the autopsy report: Sections of skin show no melanocytic pigment. Melanocytes, although present, are reduced in number. There is focal depigmentation of the skin, particularly over the anterior chest and abdomen, face and arms. Diagnosis: Vitiligo.
STRAIGHT FROM THE AUTOPSY:  Anesthesiologist’s viewpoint on the toxicology screen reports: 

"The levels of propofol found on toxicology exam are similar to those found during general anesthesia for major surgery (intra-abdominal)…during surgery, a patient with these blood levels of propofol would be intubated and ventilated by an anesthesiologist and any cardiovascular depression would be noted and treated. Lorazepam, a long-acting benzodiazepine, is present at a pharmalogically significant level and would have accentuated the respiratory and cardiovascular depression from propofol. "

Tired of injustice. Tired of the schemes. The lies are disgusting, directed at me. Kicking me down. I got to get up. As jacked as it sounds, the whole system sucks!
Lyrics from Michael Jackson's song "Scream"
Editor's note:  This article is an editorial on my findings after reading the autopsy report.  .  I am using the language the media is using to show you how the media is reporting Michael Jackson and his death and it is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone struggling with drug addiction.  This article is expressly written as an editorial commentary on my feelings and findings after reading and studying the autopsy report and comparing that to what the media has been telling us.  I have nothing but compassion for those suffering with drug addiction and have mentioned that fact many times throughout this website.
Accusations that Michael Administered the final push of Propofol himself are highly unlikely and nearly impossible:


"Could the decedent have given propofol to himself? It would have been difficult for the patient to administrate the drugs to himself, given the configuration of the IV set-up. The IV catheter was in the left leg. The injection post of the IV tubing was 13.5 cm from the tip of the catheter. He would have had to bend his knee sharply or sit up to reach the injection port and push the syringe barrel, an awkward situation, especially if sleep was the goal. If only bolus injections via a syringe was used, sleep would not have been maintained, due to the short action of propofol. Someone with medical knowledge or experience would have started the IV. Anyone could have drawn up and administrated the medications after the IV was started."
Let Us Not Forget....That A Man...A Human Being...Died.
To read the official autopsy report, click HERE

Unfortunately the autopsy report was obtained by a tabloid, but according to all sources I checked with, this is a copy of the official autopsy report