The Truth About Michael
If all you know about Michael Jackson comes from what you've heard in the media, what you read and saw in the tabloids, and what your friends told you, then get ready to have your socks blown off!

The media has been particularly unfair to Michael in their presentation of him as someone who was crazy, a freak, "different" and worse, their twisting the truth about the child molestation allegations which now have many believing he was a pedophile.  It seems they've also left out almost all of the amazing things he's accomplished in his life, including his many charitable works.

I have found out by spending lots of time online, reading comments, talking with others and watching the news, that many people see Michael Jackson as a person much different from the person that he actually was.
That is why this project has been so important to me.

Many see him as a pedophile.  Someone with lots of money that was able to do and get away with whatever he wanted.  Some kind of oddity due to his changing appearance.  Weird.  Strange.  Even criminal.

One thing I want to encourage you to do right now, is to set aside all that you think you know about Michael Jackson and spend some time on this website learning the truth about who Michael really was.

Spend time hearing from his family, friends and from Michael himself.  Stop listening to the garbage and start searching for the truth.

I Thessalonians 5:21: "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.''

Did You Know?

*That Michael frequently visited orphanages and children's hospitals, making sure improvements were made in the facilities and in the care of the children and he spent time visiting with the children?  He would frequently do this while on tour and would refuse to take the stage unless conditions improved for the children.

*That Michael helped children who were ill by sometimes paying for their operations?

*That Michael helped find a liver for a small child who would have died without one otherwise, and through his organization, he paid for the operation?

*That Michael was a very spiritual person, often referring to God and Jesus and his faith in God and speaking about how much he loved God?

*That Michael invited under-priveledged and terminally ill children to visit Neverland every couple of weeks so that they could enjoy their childhood for a bit and just have a good time?

*That Michael took his $1.5 million settlement from Pepsi and donated it all to create the Michael Jackson Burn Center for Children?

*That Michael was an inventor?

*That Michael was a gifted painter and sketch artist?

*That not only did Michael write insightful and beautiful lyrics, but he also wrote beautiful poetry and essays as well?  His book "Dancing the Dream" contains many beautiful poems, essays and writing of Michael's and in those, you can see his beautiful soul and innocent, honest heart bared out on paper.

*That Michael has sold over 750 million albums?

*That throughout his lifetime, he was awarded with 197 Major awards (music, humanitarianism, etc.) which included 19 Grammy's?

*That in 2000, MIchael was awarded the Angel of Hope Award (presented by N-Sync) for Michael's work fighting cancer?

*That he established his own organization which helped many charities around the world, called "Heal The World"?  More Info HERE

*That Michael's videos were the first for any black artist to be shown on MTV?

*That Michael is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records 2000 Millennium Edition as the pop star who supported the most charities?

"Most Charities Supported By a Pop Star: Michael Jackson has supported 39 charitable organizations either with monetary donations, through sponsorships of their projects or the participation in their activities. The charities involved include AIDS Project L.A., American Cancer Society, BMI Foundation, Inc., Childhelp USA, United Negro College Fund, YMCA - 28th Street/Crenshaw, The Sickle Cell Research Fund and Volunteers of America."

The following is a list of the many charities (39) who are given support by Michael Jackson:
AIDS Project L.A., American Cancer Society, Angel Food, Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles, BMI Foundation, Inc., Brotherhood Crusade, Brotman Burn Center, Camp Ronald McDonald, Childhelp U.S.A., Children's Institute International, Cities and Schools ScholarshipFund, Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation, Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Dakar Foundation, Dreamstreet Kids, Dreams Come True Charity, Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Love Match, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Minority Aids Project, Motown Museum, NAACP, National Rainbow Coalition, Nelson Mandela's Children's Fund, Red Cross, Rotary Club of Australia, Society of Singers, Starlight Foundation, The Carter Center's Atlanta Project, The Sickle Cell Research Foundation, Transafrica, Unesco,United Negro College Fund (UNCF), United Negro College Fund Ladder's of Hope, Volunteers of America, Watts Summer Festival, Wish Granting, YMCA - 28th Street/Crenshaw.

Want a glimpse into who Michael Jackson really was?  Watch this short video of just one of the many children Michael helped throughout his life:

*That in 1984 Michael was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the best-selling album of all time (Thriller)?

*That on March 14th, 2007, Michael gave complimentary tickets to orphans and handicapped and physically-challenged people so that they could attend a ‘Fan Appreciation’ event in Tokyo?  At the event, Michael went onto the balcony to greet them all.

*Michael's generosity:  "No one talks about when he did the Victory tour.  I remember as a kid Michael being on tour with the Victory tour right? And every night on the news they would announce that Michael Jackson donated his money from every city that he did, he donated it to a new charity. He donated his money from the Victory tour to charities. I thought that was amazing. I’m like, wow! This guys donating millions of dollars every night to a new charity. Then he would stop in every city and every city he would stop at a hospital and visit kids that were burned, ill or whatever. He took the time to do all that.”  Cory Rooney, who worked with Michael at Sony/Epic

*That Michael suffered from 2 auto immune diseases, Vitiligo and Lupus, and, according to a recent interview done with one of his closest friends, Miko Brando, he also suffered from an Alpha1 lung condition Article Source  Note:  It has not been confirmed that Michael suffered from the Alpha 1 condition, other than from this article with one of his closest friends Miko Brando.  According to the autopsy report on October 1, 2009, which was leaked and has not yet been cited as official, Michael "suffered from a condition that made his lungs “chronically inflamed and had reduced capacity that might have left him short of breath," with no definitive mention of what caused that inflammation and whether or not it was Alpha 1.

*That Michael suffered from a condition called "Dancer's Feet?", (according to Cory Rooney, who worked with Michael at Sony/Epic).  Dancer's Feet is a painful condition that occurs due to dancer's taping their feet to dance.  Their feet become very dry and crack, similar to having paper cuts all over and it can be very painful.

*That those closest to him have said over and over how generous, loving, caring and honest he was and how he was just a regular guy who was so much fun to be around?  Would you rather believe those who knew him best, or the media?

*The choreographer who was working with Michael on the "This is It" tour (Travis Payne) stated that Michael was always saying "I love you, I appreciate you" and he stated that that was what Michael was all about.  Everyone else who has worked with him or knew him closely echoed those statements.

*That Michael was a very humble, respectful person who, according to Cory Rooney, who worked with Michael at Sony/Epic, was not demanding as many artists are.  Cory shared a story in a recent interview about Michael....

"...There’s other times where I sit there in the studio and say I cannot believe that I’m working with this person and this is what it is. And they all have the nerve to have attitudes.

Then you work with a guy like Michael Jackson who when he was late, he was supposed to be in the studio at twelve and he showed up about quarter to one. He felt so terrible for being late he apologized the whole session. The next day he sent a big giant basket because we’re talking about movies and how much I love movies. So he sent me this giant basket....Oh my goodness, it probably had 100 DVDs. It had popcorn, candy, all kinds of books and movie trivia, all kinds of stuff. Again the card said, ‘I’m very sorry for not respecting your time."....I would say Mike, what time do you want to start tomorrow? He said, ‘Cory, you’re the boss. You tell me what time. If you want me here seven in the morning, I will be here at seven in the morning.’ He said, ‘You are the boss. Whatever you tell me.’

Chris Yandek (Interviewer):  What I find interesting about those comments is the way the mainstream media projects it is that he wanted to always do things his way.

Cory: “Not at all, not at all. That’s what I said. It’s like if the world would just stop and just really pay attention.”

*That on February 1, 1988: The Song "Man In the Mirror" enters the charts. The proceeds from the sales of this record goes to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a camp for children who suffer from cancer.

Something to keep in mind:  Many see Michael as eccentric or strange, which is an image the media, for the most part, created.  You have to look at someone as a "whole" and not just at the times that they may come across as odd.  We all come across as odd or strange sometimes and Michael was human just like the rest of us.  Michael made mistakes, as we all do.  We have to give him the same benefit of the doubt as we would give anybody else or as we would want given to us.

What you have read above, and will read below, is just the tip of the iceberg. I invite you to spend some time here, read, listen and watch and get to know who Michael Jackson really was.

On the accusations....

*Did you happen to know that Janet Arvizo, mother of Gavin, the boy who accused Michael in 2003, also tried to get money from other celebrities and that her son denied up until the last minute, that Michael had ever done anything inappropriate with him? The list of other celebrities that Arvizo tried to get money from includes Jay Leno, Chris Tucker and George Lopez, as well as her  having made prior allegations of sexual assault, physical assault, being held hostage and being kidnapped by 3 people or corporations before Michael Jackson, including her ex-husband and JCPenney's/Tower Records guards.    She also made similar allegations against her father.  While she was accusing Michael of kidnapping her and her family and holding them hostage, she was out charging expensive beauty treatments for herself to Michael's account.

Did you realize that Jordan Chandler, the boy behind the 1993 allegations, denied that Michael ever did anything improper to him UNTIL Michael refused to fund Evan Chandler's (the boy's father) new movie project for, $20 million? Only after that did he claim there was wrongdoing on Michael's part. His father was taped saying that he was going to ruin Michael Jackson because was apparently upset that Michael would not financially fund his new project.  Coincidence?

Did you happen to know that both boys' parents, in both cases, used the same lawyer and same psychologist?

Did you know that pedophiles have hundreds of victims, not just two?

*Did you realize that DA Tom Sneddon searched several COUNTRIES for victims of Michael Jackson, and found NO ONE!

One of the things that has bothered me the most is the public's perception of Michael.  It is so inaccurate. 

Here are a couple of the common mis-truths I see and hear:

*He was a pedophile
*He was strange, a freak
*He brought all of this on himself
*He was demanding and people gave him whatever he wanted

Folks....none of this is true!  By our continuing to spread these untruths and say them, we are showing how much, as a society, we have had our minds and thoughts molded by what we see and hear, and not on truth!

If you want to see words that describe what Michael was really like, visit The Man link

People see him as strange, odd or criminal, when he was none of these.  I read his essays and poetry and cry at the intense open honestness of his words and what he's sharing, and it amazes and surprises me that people see him so opposite of who he truly was. Unfortunately, the media has been extremely successful in creating a very unsavory image of Michael in the minds of the public.  Michael's poetry and words are beautiful.  They spell out his honest, pure, innocent heart in poetry and prose.  You can relate to so much of what he was feeling.  If you'll spend the time to read and listen, you will most likely be very surprised at what you find, especially if you are a critic or on the fence.

Please check out this website so that you can arm yourself with truth, not speculation and rumors.  Get to know who Michael really was.  There is a wealth of information here and much time and effort went into this project.  I invite you to explore and get to know the real Michael.  He deserves that.
Two very important, heart-felt interviews to check out that show you who Michael really was:

Click on each link below and then scroll down the page to find the interview

*Michael's interview with Jesse Jackson during his 2005 trial

*Michael's speech at Oxford University

Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith. Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanity
"One Day In Your Life"
Michael Jackson "Gold"
Every now and then God sends someone special down to us to try and teach the world how to love and be united.  Michael was such a person.

You Tube
Michael Jackson, Jesus and Me

My Story of Christian Fellowship with the King of Pop

David Pack, Grammy Award winning recording artist, producer and music director and member of Saddleback Church (he works with Rick Warren on special projects, including the PEACE Plan and AIDS & Worship Conferences), speaks about his time sharing faith with the King of Pop and Michael's meeting with famous composer Leonard Bernstein
Two Former Sony Execs Tell the Truth about Michael:

Chris Yandek from speaks with two former Sony/Epic executives that have known Michael for a long time and have worked with him. Chris Apostle was Vice-President of Special Recording Projects at Sony Music since 1993. Cory Rooney is a a producer/songwriter and was appointed Epic's Vice President of A&R in 1998. Both Chris and Corey knew Michael through Sony/Epic, as well as, the insides workings of the Sony music label and how the label treated Michael in the last 15 years. These executives have worked with the best of the music business and are resolved to set the record straight about Michael Jackson.

Click Here for the interview
...."Like I said, he took his bumps, he took his bruises. He was one of the toughest men I ever met, and that’s the truth. He was a rugged tough guy. There was nothing timid about Michael Jackson.”

Cory Rooney speaking about Michael in a recent interview (see above)
Lou Ferrigno and Miko Brando, both long-time friends of Michael's, speak out about Michael to Larry King:

Lou:  When he was with me, the mask came off, the glove came off.  It was just me and Michael.  We were alone together.  He was just a real genuine guy.  There was no bs, no eccentric, he was brilliant.  We just had fun.  He was just a regular guy like you and I talking.....The thing about Michael.  He was a personal guy and all he cared about was being a close friend.  Just enjoying life.  I mean, I don't care what the media said because everybody wants to focus on sometimes the negativity.  I like people for who they are.  If there's some people I don't like, I disassociate myself from them, but Michael was just very genuine.  He loved all people.

Miko:  I'm angry (about the negative publicity) especially now because he's not here to defend himself.  He is such a good person, a loving person.  Every time....anyone who knew him or had any kind of relationship, you knew he always ended every conversation with "I love you, see you."  It was always love.

Lou:  He was just a regular guy.  It was Michael.  You and I (to Mike) see a side of him that most people don't see.

Miko:  And never will.....and never will.

Lou:  He never forgot friendship

Miko:  It was very important

Lou:  (on their sharing in common having grown up with a tough father)...Michael's escape was music, my escape was bodybuilding, to become a world champion, and it's funny how we both became extremists.
"Michael Jackson was one of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever met.  He really wanted to do more than just be a musical genius.  He wanted to heal and change the world through love, through kindness, through art and through music and I do believe the world’s a better place because he was with us."

Attorney Tom Mesereau
Here is Michael's mission, and message, in abbreviated form.  Listen to this short speech and you will understand why Michael Jackson was here