"I hate that Wade made me do this, this way," Taj Jackson tweeted. "But since my uncle Michael is no longer here to defend himself. I will."
Van Halen on Michael Jackson: Sweet guy
Jackson wrongful death trial under way

"I am writing these words knowing that the minute I press send, my life will never be the same afterwards," he tweeted, before claiming in another tweet that he was sexually abused as a child by a relative.

Michael Jackson "was a support system for me and my mom," he tweeted. "He wrote a letter to her that many have seen already, u just didn't know what it was about."
Dee Dee, Please read this article about child molestation and read it to Taj, T.J. and Taryll. It brings out how even your own relatives can be molesters of children, or even uncles or aunts molesting nephew or nieces. Please read.
 Love MJ."
Michael's nephew Taj Jackson (son of Michael's brother Tito) speaks of a family dinner they all shared just weeks before Michael's passing and he talks about Michael's innocent heart 

"He really had an innocent heart," he said, "and that was something people took advantage of."

Source: 2009 Associated Press article
   Reflections On The Dance  
      The Truth About Michael Joseph Jackson...
A Journalist Investigates

Remembering the man.  A celebration of his life, his legacy, his humanitarianism and the truth...finally
Michael Jackson's nephew Taj defends his uncle against the molestation charges and reveals that he himself is a molestation survivor
"I am writing these words knowing that the minute I press send, my life will never be the same afterwards,"  tweeted Taj Jackson, his hands trembling....
"One of the most important lessons I learned from my uncle Michael... "True" Charity

He taught us (my brothers & I) at a young age that it's not"True" charity if you announce it to everyone saying "hey look what I did"."  True" charity is when ...you do something for someone or give money or time to something and nobody else knows you did it.  That was one of the 1st things our uncle reminded us about when we started having success with 3T. Be charitable and give back.  Use your success and fame for good. Visit children in hospitals. Give yourself to the less
fortunate. Make your music count for something.

My uncle was truly amazing. Not only did he do all of these things and more. We learned best by his example.

There will NEVER be a purer soul than my uncle Michael. People put him through hell here on earth, but now he is finally free in heaven.

I miss him so much.