Author: Stephen

Source: The Daily Beast blogs

A more honest reappraisal would be that the crime of false accusation was committed against Michael Jackson. The man was virtually hounded to his death. And from what I can see from the largely rebutting responses on this post, it seems clear the true 'fanatics' as regards Michael Jackson - are his detractors.

As a child pyschologist with over 20 years experience working in more crisis /abuse scenarios than I care to recall, I can assure you that simply participating in what amounted to 'sleepovers' is no evidence of pedophiliac behaviour. Contrary to what most people assume about pedophiles, the overriding personality trait they demonstrate is not their interest in children - but their spectacular disinterest. 

They are unable to perceive a child as being anything more than something to be used and dispensed with. This disinterest cannot be masked, it is part of the intrinsic make-up of child predators. There are no 'ifs' and 'buts' with this. Mr Jackson, far from using children, clearly felt great affection and concern for them. He may have over-identified with them, but he did not present as a molester to any social worker or child specialist I have come across.

There isn't a pedophile in the world with a track record of public works that Jackson had. He also clearly lavished healthy love and affection on his own children. The lack of corroborating evidence in 1993 and again in 2005, the lack of incriminating evidence over a 10 year period from the FBI investigation casts serious - if not fatal doubts, on the authenticity of both the accusations and the accusers themselves. ... 

It was a clear case of - "well he's odd so he must be guilty."

Diane Dimond, who I only know of from her inflammatory and clearly self-interested profile as a Jackson 'expert' has been successfully discredited over the years, and one can assume blogging nonsense such as this is the type of 'bread and butter' work her career has been reduced to - as a result of her persistent and regrettable misleading of the American public.

This woman represents the results of the insidious 'dumbing down' of American life that led millions of people to allow their views and erroneous belief in a innocent man's guilt to be masticated and served up for them.

4:35 pm, Feb 26, 2010