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What Those Closest to Michael Had to Say About Him
Producer Teddy Riley talks about Michael Jackson as a father on MTV
It's terribly sad to see Michael's world as it was. Certain people trampled all over his dreams and tried to break him. They can't touch him now. Every now and then God sends someone special down to us to try and teach the world how to love and be united.  Michael was such a person.

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It was my very first Michael Jackson Concert that I went backstage.  It was cold out and I didn't have a jacket. As i walked in to the back part of the stage Michael looked at me in an odd way and said "its kinda cold out buddy" and said "here take my jacket" and i cherish it everyday. R.I.P MJ -

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"If you enter this world knowing you are loved, and leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with."

Michael Jackson
Michael's Family & Friends talk about Michael

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Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith.  Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanity
From Michael's nephew

Michael's nephew Taj Jackson (son of Michael's brother Tito) speaks of a family dinner they all shared just weeks before Michael's passing and he talks about Michael's innocent heart  Read More

"He really had an innocent heart," he said, "and that was something people took advantage of."

Source:  2009 Associated Press article
Michael's nephew Taj (a boy at the time) and his uncle Michael on a rollercoaster. 
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Rodney Jerkins speaks about working with Michael and about talking with Michael about Jesus