About Deborah...
INTERVIEWS with Deborah, creator of the Reflections on the Dance website
Deborah has been a published writer for over 30 years, with a focus on entertainment journalism, historical and human interest pieces.
Dubbed by many as "the voice of reason" due to her ongoing work for truth and her desire to encourage and inspire others through her writing, Deborah has been writing for over 25 years. She has specialized in entertainment journalism, web site and advertising copy, and inspirational writing, and has written everything from historical pieces to personal bios to celebrity interviews.

In the last few years, Deborah is perhaps most known for the labor of love she undertook as creator of the highly acclaimed Reflections on the Dance website. This tribute website to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has helped to make sure that the world would have the resources to find out the truth about this much lied-about and oft-misunderstood creative genius. 

Deborah has received high acclaims for the interviews she has done, with the interview subjects thoroughly enjoying the interview while listeners come away with a fresh and more in-depth understanding of the subject matter and the subject.

Of utmost importance to Deborah, is truth, and accuracy of the information presented.

Deborah continues to offer her unique approach to life and her penchant for truth and helping others, via her writing and the writing services that she offers.