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A trained micro expressions reader with an extensive background in anatomy and physiology, Craig-James Baxter has been sharing his knowledge and passion for body language for over 8 years. Craig has interviewed 25 of the world's leading body language experts (Paul Ekman, Joe Navarro, David Matsumoto, Carol Kinsey Goman, J.J. Newberry) for his All About Body Language website; which is one of a portfolio of educational websites which together receive over 120,000 monthly unique visitors and generate over 4 million yearly page views. www.all-about-body-language.com www.all-psychology.com www.all-about-forensic-psychology.com www.all-about-forensic-science.com Since 2011, Craig's Understanding Body Language: Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/cjbaxx) has reached 40+ countries, and he has had his work translated into 11 languages. Craig has written for numerous magazines and newspapers, composing articles on flirting, dating, interview techniques and lying and deception; and is also one of the most viewed body language decoders in YouTube's history, having amassed over 1,150,000 views and compiled over 120 body language analysis videos featuring celebrities, politicians, musicians and high profile criminal investigations
   Reflections On The Dance  
      The Truth About Michael Joseph Jackson...
A Journalist Investigates

Remembering the man.  A celebration of his life, his legacy, his humanitarianism and the truth...finally
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Who's Telling The Truth?
Body Language Experts Craig James Baxter and Susan Constantine, Analyze the Body Language of Michael Jackson, Wade Robeson and others. 
The body language expert, Susan Constantine, does the body language analysis of Wade Robson, in the interview below on the King Jordan Radio Show
Wade Robson Body Language Analysis
About Susan Constantine


Susan Constantine is a leading body language expert / Jury Consultant / Florida Supreme Court County Mediator and President of Silent Messages. Susan Constantine established herself as a leading body language expert, renowned speaker and trainer specializing in “deception detection” through verbal and non-verbal communication. She conducts seminars and workshops for corporate clients, lawyers, investigators, government agencies, and individuals sharing her body language expertise in easy to grasp formats. Her expertise focuses on understanding and predicting human behavior thru the hidden “Secrets of Reading Body Language.”

Susan’s refined body language skills have allowed her to serve as a Jury Consultant and trainer for Jury Quest LLC, and a core trainer for the south east region of the U.S. for Analytic Interviewing. As a Florida jury consultant, she provides scientific jury selection (objective) and reading people (subjective) during Vior Dire including witness preparation in high profile cases in Florida. Additionally, she conducts CLE, CME, CJE and CEU training programs for lawyers, mediators and diverse business sectors in Florida and is an approved trainer by the Ekman Group and Humintell teaching The (7) Universal Facial Expressions as seen on hit series “ Lie to Me.”

Susan is a regular contributor on CNN “In Session” Court TV. She has been featured numerous times in trade journals, newspapers, and television. Quoted expert in Orlando Sentinel, Miami Herald and the New York Times Journal and appears frequently on Fox 35, Fox News, and Wesh channel 2, as well as channel 6, 9 and 13 and several local/ national news. Susan analyzes the body language, word content, and voice tone of witnesses, suspects, presidential debates and various subjects related to reading people’s body language.

In 2008, she became a Supreme Court County Mediator in the State of Florida in dispute resolution and volunteers her time for the Orange County Courts in the Ninth District. Sharing her conflict resolution experience and professional/personal life experiences, her communication skills have gained the interest of Fortune 500 companies and small business owners. Thereby, teaching sales executives, mangers, sales professionals and CEO’s how to overcome adversity by developing excellent communication skills in the workplace through the “The Four Secret Languages of Communication”. Additionally, as leading body language expert, Susan provides training seminars on how to read and interpret body language, deception detection, voice and content analysis during negotiations, sales prospecting and investigations.

Though the development of these customized body language training programs, participants will be equipped to make better judgments. These body language skills aid in assessing credibly, truth and deceptive behavior in the field. Research has proven that verbal and nonverbal cues can reveal ones true intentions. This research is scientifically validated and has been implemented by the FBI, CIA, homeland security and other governmental agencies to heighten the subjective skills of its investigators, judges, attorneys, social workers in reading the true intention of others’ hidden agendas.

Susan is currently completing her Master of Science Degree in Psychology in Leadership Coaching - Capella University.

Contrast Sandusky's body language, with Michael Jackson's below, when speaking about the 1993 allegations of child molestation that came against him