Author and Researcher Damien Shields has taken this documentary head on, with research and articles that clearly call out the inaccuracies in this documentary

"Furthermore, construction of the train station was not completed, and the building was not opened, until the middle of 1994 – half a decade after Safechuck claims he and Jackson had sex “every day” in it, and at least two years after Safechuck swears, under the penalty of perjury, that his abuse at the hands of Jackson had completely ended. 

It must be accepted that Safechuck is lying when he says Jackson abused him in the train station. It simply cannot be true. And having confirmed that this key element of Safechuck’s story is an outright lie, how can we trust anything else he says in the film, or as part of his multi-million dollar lawsuit? " Damien Shields
Wade Robson Facts.... 
his 2005 testimony, his Michael Jackson Opus tribute after Michael's death, inconsistencies and more...  HERE
Regarding the 1993 allegations and payout

He admitted earlier this month that "years ago" he had paid "certain people" who "wanted to exploit my concern for children". 

In a 1993 case, Mr Jackson agreed to pay a boy he was accused of molesting a reported $20m (£11m). Police also learned of a separate case in 1990. 

Mr Mesereau said on Friday Mr Jackson had been pressured to make payments by his advisers and by a music industry that "did not want negative publicity from these lawsuits interfering with their profits", when confronted with past allegations. 

He said: "Many years ago, he did pay money rather than litigate two false allegations that he had harmed children. 

"Mr Jackson now regrets making these payments. ... Mr Jackson always denied doing anything wrong. 

"Mr Jackson had hoped to buy peace in the process. ... he should have fought these actions to the bitter end and vindicated himself." 

BBC News
Sept. 18th, 2004
   Reflections On The Dance  
Michael Jackson
The Legend.The Man.The Truth.

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The Truth Behind the Current Accusations

The TRUTH always, the things you need to know...
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LA Dept. of Children & Family Services agree that no molestation took place 
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The Interview That Changes the Conversation
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