The time and research that went into this project was from the heart.  It was joyful to be able to do something that will hopefully make a difference.  At the same time, it was also emotionally exhausting to see what greed can do and also draining to see all that Michael went through.

This project also gave me a real glimpse into just a taste of what Michael must have felt.  There were people that reacted poorly to my desire to seek the truth and my defense of Michael and there were some friendships damaged or lost in the process.  Such is the cost of standing up for what you believe and seeking truth.

I came to the conclusion, with all of the research that I did, that Michael was a genuinenly sweet, caring, kind and generous person and a man whose humanitarian efforts went above and beyond and were more important to him than his musical talent or accomplishments.  You can see that kindness ooze from every pore in each interview you read or watch, in the words he wrote in his books, in the way that he treated others and all of the generous things he did that not surprisingly, were not reported in the media.

For instance, do you know that he was pivotal in helping find a liver for a very sick little boy that would have died without a liver transplant?  See more info on this under "Accomplishments" and then "Humanitarian Accomplishments".

Did you realize that many times on his free time while touring, that he would visit children in the hospital and orphanages?  Did you know that he was in the Guinness Book of World Records not only for album sales, but also for most money given to charity by a pop star?

If you look deeper, you realize that there was nothing traditional and "normal" about the life Michael had lived since he was young, but he strived for normalcy.  Though the media tried to portray his lack of normalcy as something strange and negative, the truth is that the main thing that was out of the realm of normalcy in Michael's life was his continuously giving spirit and his perseverence to go through whatever he had to deal with, with incredible tact and a strong, unwavering faith.

If you will look at his heart and the very spirit that he puts forth...his childlike joy, his determination, his talent, the laugh he had that makes you laugh right along with him, the kindness that he showed so many, it will all start to make more sense.

If you will also listen to those who knew him talk about time and again the type of person he truly was, you will get a clearer picture and, the truth.

As I've said before.  You must get to know know their heart and soul, before you can even attempt to judge their character.  So many did not do that and instead, judged only from what they heard reported by tabloids and some media.  Read his words.  Read his poems and his book.  Listen to the interviews.  Get to know him.  I think you, like me, will find a very human, kind, caring, giving person beneath all of the tabloid headlines.  Michael himself, in one of the interviews, mentions that you should never believe something about someone unless you talk to the person yourself.  I agree.  The next best thing is to listen to the person's words (written and spoken) and the corresponding actions, and you will find truth.

We can't buy into the sensationalism.  Sure, it sells newspapers and magazines and boosts show's ratings, but it can also, in the process, damage reputations and lives and fill our minds with virtual garbage.

Michael, if you are able to look down from Heaven and read this, as a journalist, I want to apologize for the Martin Bashir's of the world and for all that many in my field, have done to you.  I will never understand some of what goes on in journalism today.  I apologize for the Arvizo's and Chandler's of the world who take advantage and for the media who exploited things that were untrue about you.

This is an official shout out to others in my field for a return to fair and responsible journalism.  It is our duty to report fairly and to treat those we interview as fellow human beings and, our audience, as intelligent and valuable not in monetary terms, but valuable in how each and every one of us impacts the world when we are informed of truth.  Real truth.  It is not our duty to slander, condemn, name-call, and report in a biased manner.

As a reader, this is an official shout out to always seek the truth and be careful what you listen to, read and take into yourself.  Don't believe everything you hear and read.  Be purveyors of the truth.

For all of us, it's time to take a look at the man in the mirror and make a change so that the world can truly be a better place.

Michael often made reference to those who made "magic" or were "so magic".  He loved the process of creating and innovating.  Michael, thank you for sharing your magic with us for so many years and in my book and the books of so many others who love you, thanks for being "so magic". 

I look forward to talking with you one day.  It's an appointment, okay?  Love you more.

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