Lives and Opinions Changed After People Learned the TRUTH about Michael Jackson 

Just a few (of many) of the stories that I've received throughout the years from people whose lives and opinions were changed forever (who have given me their permission to publish their stories/names)

If you have a story of how your life was changed by learning the truth from this site, please send it to me @ (Email to be added shortly) and I will include it here in the future.

I have shared often how the creation of this website was a calling from God and I understood how many saw this as an odd statement. Many people I shared this with wondered what God had to do with Michael Jackson or why I spent my time doing what I am doing. Some felt I was trying to lift myself up falsely due to stating that God was the ultimate creator of the website. It has never had anything to do with has always been about God ♥

I will be honest...I understand the skepticism, the uncertainty. If someone were to have told me something like that a few years back, I would have thought..."that's just nuts!"

Throughout the last 5 years, I have continued to receive confirmations about what I was called to do. I will share some of those with you below.  The first is an email from someone who was deeply affected by the website and who wishes to remain anonymous. I don't share this to pat myself on the back, because it really has nothing to do with me. It honestly is all about God, and how God works and that's important! 

Throughout these last couple of years, I have received many emails and heard from many people, from across the globe, who had similar experiences.

I heard from women who shared the site with skeptical friends, husbands, boyfriends...all who had believed that Michael was guilty...believed the lies they heard. 

I heard from women who had husbands who were die-hard, hard rock fans who thought the worst of Michael Jackson. These women showed the Reflections on the Dance ( ROTD ) website to their husbands and these strong, skeptical and tough guy husbands, cried when they saw the site and spent time in the content. They are now some of the biggest supporters of the site and of Michael, and every chance they get, they share the truth about Michael to those they come in contact with.

I've heard from people who themselves once believed the lies, and now, know the truth. 

I've heard from many people who told me that when Michael Jackson passed, they prayed to God for answers, wanting to know the truth, wanting to be able to find the truth about him, or, wanting someone to tell the truth. God HEARD your prayers.

I've heard from so many people throughout the years, and it never fails to excite and touch me deeply on an emotional level whenever I hear these stories, because it confirms to me what I felt nearly 5 years ago...that this was God's project and that He has a reason for it. That God used Michael's passing to draw others to Him, the ultimate Creator, the inventor of creativity, itself ♥

There are some of you who include the ROTD calling cards available to print on the Links page of the website, in with your bills when you mail them (thank you Pat) or hand them out, there have been some (thank you Rita Bosico) who have held up posters at the Murray trial to let others know the truth about Michael and lead them to the website, there are those of you who carry around the website link everywhere you go, ready to share the site with others who question and need to know the truth (Wendy Dalgetty, God Bless You). There have been so many of you who have shared links to the site, who have shared with others about Michael and the truth. Thank You!  Stories like these are happening because of your willingness to help!

If you ever think for one minute, that your actions and dedication, your advocacy, doesn't matter. Think again! Below are just a few of MANY people I have heard from throughout the last couple of years, from every corner of the globe, who have been touched by the truth and whose minds have been CHANGED by what you are all doing! For those who have doesn't matter, haters will NEVER change their're wrong! They absolutely can and many have ♥ Keep the faith.

Many times MJ fans have thanked me for the website, but in all honesty, the website was never created for fans, though I am happy that the fans embraced it and helped let others know about it. In truth, the website was created for people just like the person who sent me this message below...who believed the worst and cried out to God wanting to know the truth.

"Let me back track to after Michael died. Like I had said, I had believed in his guilt for 16 years, since Jordan Chandler accusation back in 1993. At one time I was I huge fan of his, but because I was a tabloid junkie....I read them for a good 15 years or so....I started to believe every crazy sensational story printed about himWhen the 93 accusation came out, I believed Tom Sneddon was doing the right thing because I thought MJ was a pervert. I stopped listening to his music, and for 16 years I didn't want to hear anything Michael Jackson. 

After his death, God put an instant love for him in my heart. I couldn't understand why I couldn't stop thinking about him, and one day I had cried out to God.."Please show me who the real Michael Jackson was!" You see although I had this love in my heart for him, I still thought he had a dark side to him. I believed that he had gone to hell because of how he lived his life. I was so sad that I actually thought he wasted his life. 

Anyway, I promise you, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart, "Go and seek everything you can about Michael, and I'll show you the truth about Michael." 

The first website I ran across was yours (Reflections on the Dance). I was blown away. Everything I thought to be true about Michael turned out to be a lie because I was reading the tabloids.

That day I realized that Michael was and always had been innocent, I realized that I had judged and ridiculed an innocent man and so has most of America. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that Michael received his heavenly reward. I have never had a doubt about him since then. 

I spent the first year after his death reading everything I could about him. God had put in my heart to write about his message of love. He was the real deal. He walked in love everywhere he went,and desired to not only please God but to imitate Jesus. I thank God that he took the blinders off my eyes, and showed me the real man, not the man the media said he was. There has been so much damage to his reputation and character, that it is an on going spiritual battle to get the truth out." ~

Let it also be known that this person now is doing everything they can to spread the TRUTH about Michael Jackson!!! ♥ This is just but one of MANY who have contacted me throughout the years...imagine how many more who have never made contact! This person just contacted me a few days ago, even though their experience of learning the truth happened over 3 1/2 years ago!

As you might imagine, hearing from people like this is very emotional for me...because it continues to confirm that God did indeed want the truth out about one of His children. We are all His children and he cares so much about us, whether we live in the streets, or are the biggest celebrity in the world.♥

"I used to think Michael Jackson was a freak, gay, child molester, you get the idea, before his death. But when I hear of the news he pass away during summer break of 2009, for some reasons, I actually feel sad for his passing and even cried for his family included his children watching the memorial. 

So thank God for YouTube becoming popular at the time, watch a lot of the videos listening to mj music, his interviews, included those who were close to him, his speeches, ect. 

I was shock of the things I thought I knew about him through mainstream media was a far cry of his true self. It made me wonder how could the media do that to someone who only goals and dreams is trying to help heal the world treating them like circus freak? 

Which lead me to your site ROTD going through random google search for mj sites. I read the poems, interviews, quotes, and it lead me to tears of loving mj for his real self even more. 

My prayers goes out for his family and children to keep his memories alive for generation to come and his kids follow their dreams with an pure heart. Namaste _/|\_ ~ Leal Catherine

Here is another story to share with you about a husband who changed his mind after his wife showed him ROTD. I have heard many stories just like this one. To brings hope because truth can truly set people free. The person who shared this story with me I will keep anonymous for privacy. The person is from Western Europe.

"I'm 41. Love Michael since I'm a teen. I Hate blogs. 3 years ago I was lost. I'm like you in the way I investigate every side I can and make my opinion after. It's hard as you say. Tiring, periods of doubt, anger and everything in between. When I was losing focus I found your site. It made me a better person.

I only feel sad for friends I have here that don't read English well. I tell and share everything I can but it's not the same. Sorry don't want to take your time and struggling with words and sleep but really words fail me to thank you. You bring me calmness, ROTD, you were an island of pure white light in the crazy that came after 2009.

Because of it (ROTD), the beauty, the clear language, the professional way it's presented and much more my husband from 20 years and a hard rock lover read it, and was amazed with what they did to Michael. he changed his mind and shares with friends facts of what mean things were done to Michael.

Because of YOU!! He now respects him and admire what you accomplished. He's shocked why nobody did that before like you did!  Like him I know it happened to many more. More valuable because he was not a fan and had misconceptions. You validated with information what I told him all the time and he didn't believe me.

He was really stubborn and pop is not his kind of music. Now I arrive home and he's listening (to) "they don't care about us" and concerts, appreciating the dance and sometimes he sees movies or videos on mtv and recognizes Michael influence in new artists. Most importantly he now believes and knows true Michael and defends him backing up with facts he learned on ROTD" ~

Another story of a life changed....
Jenny shared this below....

Jenny Lovern Debbie, here is my MJ story, in three phases: I first heard his music when I was little, the song Rockin' Robin, loved it, but didn't find out who sang that song until I was older. My second memory is from when I was a teen, when I saw a depressed, hurting man in pajamas walk into a court room. After seeing this, I asked someone what it was about, and was simply told that MJ was 'weird, creepy, and messed up'--because of these people, and the media, I dismissed MJ from my mind. My third memory is from just six months ago--a student asked me to choreograph Thriller for Halloween (I'm a dance teacher), and at first I thought, "Why would I do that, MJ is a weirdo, isn't he? I shouldn't listen to or watch his stuff." My student begged me, so I finally obliged and watched Thriller. I was floored, completely captivated, and upset that such a talented person could be a "weirdo." 

Thus started the research, and I discovered that he is not a weirdo, but a genius, and one of the most loving, inspiring, talented people that ever lived. I also learned that he was innocent of all the crap that the media and greedy people lied about--and I have now found him as a role model and inspiration to pursue my dreams. 

MJ's story has made my life so much richer, and has taught me to not judge people before truly knowing them and doing solid research. Thank you so much for this page/site; it helps us all connect and continue to share MJ's message, one that I believe is meant to be shared by all humanity. God bless!

Another story...this one from Pat Peterson, who, after God leading her to the ROTD website, decided to take action to do something to help the starving kids of the world and who now, along with Eliza Lo and her donation of all proceeds of her artwork, together they have fed over 6,000 hungry kids! This is all God's work... ♥

This is from Pat Peterson, from the USA

"I was like so many others who liked Michael's music and thought of him as a fantastic entertainer. I was mesmerized every time one of his short films were shown and I watched him dance like no one else I had seen before. I never gave any thought to who he was as a person, only as a talent. 

Well, then he was gone. My daughter called me at work and told me that Michael Jackson had died. I was in complete shock. I am ashamed to say that it took his death for me to look into who he really was. 

I read everything I could get my hands on and then I found the ROTD website. I have no idea how many hours I spent initially on the site, but could not stop reading and watching the videos. I was stunned...this is who Michael really was? 

I was angry that the media did not use their power to show us the real Michael, only the Michael they manufactured. 

Why had I never heard of all his humanitarian work? Why had I never heard of the difference he had made in so many lives? 

What I read on the ROTD site made me take a look at myself. 

Michael's life was so much more then an entertainer. I was just ashamed at what little I have done myself to change others lives. I started searching for some way to honor this beautiful person and to continue making his dream of taking care of the underprivileged and sick children a reality. 

I did find something and have been helping feed starving children throughout the world. I honestly do not know if I would ever have been driven to take a look at myself and as Michael said 'make that change' if it had not been for God leading me to ROTD and seeing how the biggest entertainer in the world did not look at himself as someone special, but looked to God and tried his hardest to heal what is so wrong in this world. 

Sometimes it's really hard convey exactly how much ROTD changed my life. But yes, your site made me want to do something which helped me find Feed My Starving Children and now between Eliza (Lo, who donates all proceeds of the sale of her artwork to Feed My Starving Children, in Michael's name) and what I have given on my own, we have fed, well probably 6,000 plus children! Debbie that is all because of are a part of those 6,000 children being fed.

I am so ashamed that it took Michael's death for me to see what he was trying to tell us through is music. 

Thank you Debbie for giving so much of yourself to bring us the truth about such a beautiful soul. It's been over three years and to this day I go back to ROTD when I just need to feel peace, love and truth. ♥

Maria Gloria Perez Recio Yes, when i was 14 my brother bought me thriller and since then i became Mj fan. Sadly on 2003 i saw a program on tv and i was fooled. Then when he died the Lord put a special love in my heart for him. I was worried thinking he wasnt in heaven but the Lord led me to several pages including ROTD (Reflections on the Dance) , and not only showed me he was with Him, but also that he was a very good christian , he walked the walk. Of course i repented and cried a lot. Since then i've been enjoying again his music and his lovely voice, he's such a blessing and such a P.W.T.

Judy Hyde's Story (MN, USA): My husband, Ralph, always doubted Michael's innocence. After I found ROTD and spent hours on it that first day, I told Ralph he just had to look over this website. He did and what a transformation. The transformation was amazing. He spent hours on it, shaking his head and shedding tears. "How could I have been so wrong?" he kept saying over and over. I am sure he looked at and read the entire site and has gone back to it now and then. He is now a firm believer in Michael's innocence and thinks no one can compare to Michael in music, humanitarian deeds, writing, kindness and spirituality etc He is now a Michael advocate and isn't afraid to speak up to the disbelievers he meets. I remember the day the OPUS arrived - he took the book from me and read it first - I had to look over his shoulder. He was also very patient with me when I talked about Michael constantly for the next 2-3 years. ROTD is a Godsend and you were doing God's work in creating the site. ~ 

God Bless you Judy and thank you for sharing ♥ It is my hope that sharing these stories will bless others and show that change IS possible ♥

I heard from someone today who shared this with me...

"I used to believe, for 16 years, that Michael Jackson was guilty of molesting children. Then after his death, God put an instant love in my heart for him and revealed the truth about Michael. One of the first websites I went to after his death was your website (Reflections on the Dance) . It has been a God sent for me, thank you."~

For years people conjectured what event could take down the World Wide Web. The death of a princess? The election of the first African-American president in the United States? Events came and passes. The World Wide Web stayed in place.... That is until one June day... until one man from Gary Indiana died. As the news of Michael Jackson's death spread across the globe, massive internet servers winked out because of the incredible over load from people doing searches. As June 25, 2009 drew to a close, no one ever had to wonder again what it would take to crash the World Wide Web. We knew: the death of Michael Jackson.
Like many of us, it is a day I will never forget. It was the third birthday of my two dogs that are sisters- it was a day to rejoice. Then early -morning news brought some sadness that the courageous fight Farrah Fawcett had waged against cancer had been lost.

I had to leave for business for a few hours. As I went about my morning, a great sense of oppression smothered my heart. I couldn't figure out why. It was still extremely hot when I returned home midday. I couldn't escape an incredible crashing feeling of sorrow. I didn't understand why this was ...I ask myself how I could feel so sad. I thought of my many blessings but the sorrow was so deep in my heart I couldn't shake it. I sat down at my computer to hit CNN's page. Across the top flashed the horrible news that Michael Jackson had been rushed to the hospital. As I stared at the screen lightening struck followed by deafening thunder that rattled my coffee cup. Then came the beginning of pounding rains that lasted for days. The storm was so extreme that I questioned the wisdom of allowing my computer to remain on- I didn't want lightning to strike the power line to my house and perhaps injure my equipment. The wisdom of turning it off was ignored. I couldn't shut my computer off because I had to know the next thing that they would tell me about Michael Jackson. As the news of his death appeared and then was confirmed by many other news sources, the storm continued with unprecedented severity. I sobbed uncontrollably as if I'd lost my next of kin. As I cried there was a part of me almost watching the scene in my kitchen and questioning why the depths of sorrow was so much larger than I ever would've expected. Over the days that followed the world writhed in grief. News media remained locked on the story of Michael's death for days. It was the only news you could find. It was the only news anyone cared about. Coverage went on longer than when Pres. Kennedy was shot, longer than when the first man walked on the moon, longer than Princess Diana's death. The enormity of the global grief dictated news sources remain riveted to the story of Michael Jackson's passing.

I began a period of intense writing and counseling ( grief counseling) for people all over the world. It was then that I become aware that God has been powerfully involved in Michael Jackson's life and that Michael Jackson was one of his special messengers. It became clear by the depth of grief from person after person who had never even been a fan. This phenomenon struck people globally. I corresponded with people whose English challenged me to hone my German, Italian, Spanish, French. Not once not twice more times than I can guess, I lost count at 300- I ran up against people who were knocked to the ground with grief for months into years . These people had not been fans but the event of his death grabbed them and tossed them into a passionate desire to learn everything they could about him. I have talked to many former atheists who as they delved into Michael's life came face-to-face with the reality of Almighty God.

Years have passed. There has been turbulence in the Fanbase. There have been people who attempted to cast aspersions on his character but through it all -Michael's star keeps rising!!! Michael has more fans than ever before. Many of these fans are not just fans of music and dance they are people who have been galvanized into a community with a desire to heal the world. Michael's life has changed more hearts than this time last year. The momentum of change keeps building. It's snowballing; no negative attempts seem to be able to even slow the momentum. These events demonstrate God's part in this. When Almighty God uses one of us for a mission, Almighty God's mission never fails.

I am humbly awestruck and excited to be a part of the ride. I truly believe just as God used Michael's life , God it is using his death even more. It is like the mustard seed. Michael's deepest desire was to bring the healing light of God to everyone.

What's a prophet? Is it a perfect person? No. Jesus was God's perfect son. God's prophets were/are human beginnings. They were imperfect -they made mistakes but their hearts greatest desire was to be used by God.... And use them God did. I see the signature of the Creator in the way Michael's life and death has been used and continues to be used to awaken the world.

By their fruits shall we know them.

Brandy Burgan

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For Further Information:
The person who contacted me and shared this story to the right with me, wishes to remain anonymous, but I am sharing with her permission. It is but one of many people I have heard from throughout the last 5 years who believed all that they heard in the media and tabloids, and upon finding ROTD and other resources, began to research a bit and find out that what they were believing and hearing, was absolutely false. 

This is why I do this...because truth always matters and God will lead us to truth if we are open and willing to let go of the ways of the world (which include gossip, hearsay and lies told about others as a means to an this case, profits and increased advertisers for thee publications due to sensationalized stories receiving more "hits", purchases and viewership)

Exodus 20:16 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 

To bear false witness, is essentially, to lie. God has forbidden us to lie about one another. This includes spreading gossip, falsehoods and hearsay about others without fact and without knowledge. 

Matthew 7:1-5

"Stop judging, that you may not be judged. For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you. Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me remove that splinter from your eye,' while the wooden beam is in your eye? You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother's eye

Kiwi from True Michael Jackson shares her experience, which in some ways was similar to mine, knowing she had to do something.  This feeling of wanting to know more and of mourning a man that so few of us knew personally, was pretty much a global phenomenon when Michael passed:
Radio host and multimedia expert Chris Cantore shares a story of how Michael Jackson saved his grandmother
"I wasnt saved at the time "Shout" came out but I knew exaclty what he was saying,.  One of the main reasons I was a fan was because Michael would point to God. 

The song that impressed me most was more of a prayer than a song.  It's called "Will You Be There?"

I recognize many of Michael's songs to be actually songs of praise.

People perceive them as love songs but some are quite the praise songs - quite spiritual and God-oriented.

~Liss Silverwing