Michael Jackson is more than a great entertainer.   Michael was a dear friend to all his fans.  It''s such a tragedy.  My heart is broken and I just cant stop crying. I feel like a part of me died with him though i never met him before in my life.

i love you so much R.I.P dear Michael 


The man died but the Legend will always live! He's the one who brought the revolution in music ,dance and entertainment.  He's not only "The King of Pop", but also an Ambassador of charity, love, compasion, respect and dignity! 

Michael jackson never hurt anyone (he only hurt himself), but only tried to make the world a better place and shared his talent and love with the rest of the world.... but how did we respond? By molesting him, stealing all his privacy and acusing him of all kinds of crap... it looks like this ignorant and superficial society didn't really deserve such a great person and personality!

No matter how he died, one thing is for sure... we all killed him! By buying all this miserable material called "tabloids"; by ignoring his message; by doubting his innocence and by acusing and labeling him, without knowing all the story!   We all caused him all the pain and stress that made him so vulnerable... I hope we will open our eyes and hearts and we will learn from all this... and, finally understand that "there's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice as one"... 

I also hope he found his peace and happiness that he was dreaming of! Rest in peace, Michael and we will meet soon! 
Keep the King of Pop's memory alive! 


Well, one of the memorable memories I have about Michael is that I've met him personally. You see what happened was that my mom used to live in Indiana, Laport, when she was really young. So, she moved to Colorado, where I was born.  Well, to get to the memory:
We visited my Grandma in Indiana during the summer. It was a warm, breezy, and peaceful day on my grandma's farm.  It was quiet, I loved it. The phone suddenly broke the silence.  My grandma answered.  I was surprised when she yelled for my mom. I just laid back on the patio day dreaming.  My mom came out and told me that we had to go somewhere. Of course I didn't want to go, so she dragged me into her car. I sat in the car annoyed until she drove into Gary and stopped in front of a house, I recognized it at once.  It was the Jackson's house! I remebered my mother saying, "I want you to meet someone, you might know him very well."

I crawled out of the car and caught up with her.  She knocked on the door and Kathryn awnsered and invited us in.  We followed her to the living room. When I turned I couldn't belive my eyes on who I was seeing sitting on the couch. My mouth dropped open, I was speechless.  I couldn't even say hello. The only thing you could hear come out of my mouth was me saying, "M-M-Micha-el J-Ja-ckson." I stuttered out.

He stood up and he laughed softly.  His gentle voice just made me want to faint.  "You must be Patty's daghter Bonnie?" I could only nod. "She's a very good friend of mine.  She was always there when my brothers and I were back from tours." 

I turned my head quickly towards my mom surprised. Then Michael and I started talking and became freinds.

Only a few more years passed by.  I got an unexpected call from him.  He wanted me to be in his concert(09).   I told him I couldn't, but then he told me that he could pick me up, it was alright with me.

Just a few days before he was going to pick me up, I heard the news. Everything went dark, everything just completely stopped, my breath, my heart, the world, everything.   All I could see around me was Michael, the one true friend I ever had. Though I wasn't able to go to his funeral, I would if I could've gone, but I didn't have the money.  But I watched just staring at his casket on the T.V. and cry was all that I could do. 

The only thing now is just know that when he smiled everything was going to be alright.  Now, it's almost the same thing, just gotta remember those memories is all you have to do.

Baggs, Wyoming

I am devastated over Michael's leaving us. I have listened to his wonderful music what seems like all my adult life, and never gave much thought to his personal life. Since his passing, I have read so much ridicule, phony, negative things that I began comparing stories and really taking an interest in his life. I guess I just took him for granted. Now I regret that I was so busy with my life that it didn't occur to me that over the years people were ripping and tearing at him. I'm sickened by it. Now I am able to speak up on the internet,responding to negative statements, email ET, Inside Edtion, really tell them how unprofessional all these "journalists" are. 

I have also come to believe that Michael was beyond gifted, I can't explain, but he had all the qualities of an Angel, and the talent allowed him to send that message to millions of people. I am crying inside at the thought of the people surrounding him were so greedy and lacked compassion to the point that they enabled him to deteriorate the way he did. He is in my heart, and he knows it. I wrote him a love letter and put it under my pillow for him to read. 

I am a Christian and I know he's in a wonderful place.  The loss is ours, and it's pretty hard to swallow. I'm especially grieving for his children, so young and vulnerable. Kathryn seems great, but she is not their father. 

Each evening I go on the Web to watch his videos and listen to his music. I don't know how long I will do this, at some point I may let it go, but for now I feel the need to see him smiling and happy. He was so darn cute! 

The news media is so destructive of the personal lives of those they choose to focus on, such a shame. But, millions of people love him including me, and love outshines hate. 

Bless Michael Jackson and his family, may our Lord guide us from now on, not to form judgements about people based on newspapers, tabloids and gossip. All my love goes out to Michael, his children, his family and the people who truly know who he is.

Nikki J

I have heard Michael's laugh before in his movie, Moonwalker.

The sound of a of someone with a pure heart being able to just let go of the troubles or worries in life, and to laugh without hesitation, is truely a heart warming and uplifting sound to hear.

MIchael was a giver and all he ever wanted was to make people happy and to bring out the best in people through his music.

MIchael's true legacy is the love and joy he gave to billions of people through his music, dancing and kindness. 

From YouTube

Michael, God loved you from birth. I was not previledged in meeting you,but I met you in your music. Your humbleness and approach to life made you so vulnerable to the evils of this earth. You did not fit to live on this evil planet full of some hateful and demonized people.  Some people misunderstood you, anything good you tried to do, it was viewed negatively. Some people who thought they knew God more than you, felt challenged, and the only way they could feel above you was to always attack you and smear mud in your life. 

No human being can endure the ridicule you had to go through.  Being a human, you were bound to break out. Your parents brought you up with good values, such as respect of women. You could have womanised thousands of women but you maintained self-respect. Some people ridiculed you of being not man enough because they are used to bitch life styles. 

Michael, I know that you are with the Lord and there is no way He could have released you back to be tortured  by the evils of this society.Michael, you challenged me by maintaining a Godly spirit in you.You never took any of your achievements for granted. You knew who to give credit, and that was God.  You knew that God blessed you with special gifts in music, and love and care of people. Michael I have no doubt that you are a child of God because I saw you living it. God gave you to America as a gift, and He has taken you back because He figured out it was time He gets you back in His arms of comfort. We will miss you and will always love you Michael.

Your music speaks for itself. You are the greatest and King of Pop. Your music will live forever. 

I hope to live according to God's standards and be able to meet you in Heaven. Michael rest in peace. In the mean time, myself, together with many people who loved you, will continue to pray for your children, parents, siblings/and their children and the whole extended family system. Special prayers also go to the mothers of your adorable children. I know that they are hurting a lot. They gave you those children out of deep love. God will protect them against society's negative attacks.

Dallas, TX

Love To Michael
From His Fans
It was my very first Michael Jackson Concert that I went backstage.  It was cold out and I didn't have a jacket. As i walked in to the back part of the stage Michael looked at me in an odd way and said "its kinda cold out buddy" and said "here take my jacket" and i cherish it everyday. R.I.P MJ -

You Tube
It's terribly sad to see Michael's world as it was. Certain people trampled all over his dreams and tried to break him. They can't touch him now. Every now and then God sends someone special down to us to try and teach the world how to love and be united.  Michael was such a person.

You Tube
Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith.  Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanity
Visit HERE to add your love for Michael

Video posted by Dania on YouTube in 2006


God saw what you had been through
Wanted to set you free
So he put his arms around you
And He whispered, "Come to Me"

Now nobody can hurt you
No-one can do you harm
 I have something for you  God said
 It is my open arms 

So now you have a Daddy
That won t cause you any pain
This loving Father adores you
You ll never hurt again

You walked the path of Jesus
And you probably knew the cost
But you were willing to suffer
To bring hope to the lost

We should be happy for you
But instead we feel such pain
We long for just one moment
To see your smile again

Oh! The guilt, regret and anger
The hopelessness, despair
The endless questions why and who
And what, and how, and where

We ve lost you but we had you
In our hearts you re not gone
We re vessels for the memories
Which through us, go on and on

I thank God for those precious times
The memories that we ve shared
You got me through my childhood
When no-one else had cared

This world needs you dear Angel
The needy, sick and poor, but
God broke our hearts to prove to us
That Heaven needs you more

By Dee "Wendy" Pfeiffer 
 Sept 3rd, 2009

In loving memory of Michael Jackson

Forever alive in my heart

Michael was the king of pop.   Michael still is the King Of Pop in heaven.


Micheal Jackson was many things.  The main thing he was was the best 
singer of all time.  People all over the world loved him!  Do you know how hard Michael Jackson worked for the crown?  Michael Jackson (no matter what) will always be the true King Of Pop.

The time I was onstage with Michael Jackson 


I wanted to share my story of the time I was onstage with Michael Jackson, during the HIStory World Tour in 1996. Sorry if it rambles a bit, I was trying to remember all the details, to portray as accurate an account as I could. Enjoy! =)

In 1996 I lived in Bangkok, Thailand and when the dates for the HIStory World Tour were announced, I was first in line for tickets. I had seen Michael previously on the Dangerous tour and had been waiting every day since to see the magic once again.

Through a friend in Hong Kong, I hooked up with a guy that worked for Tero Promotions, who were promoting the show in Thailand. At each stop on the tour, Michael wanted 30 native kids to be a part of the Heal The World and Earth Song performance, and I was chosen as one of them (I was 15 at the time). It was the most amazing day of my life to say the least. Being backstage for that show was mind-blowing and awe-inspiring. I got to see the tank that rolls up onstage during Earth Song up-close. It was a real tank (looked very real to me at least) and it sat directly behind the stage in the center, and I believe there was a ramp that it climbed.

I was actually a little older than they usually cast for, but thankfully I was able to convince the promoter guy to give me the spot. I told him I'm a little short for my age anyway, and that this would mean everything to me to have this chance. It paid off, and I was confirmed on the roster. We met up a day or two before the show at the Central Plaza hotel, where Michael was staying, and I received the information on where to check in at, and what time. 

Leading up to the show, I joined the hundreds of other fans in the hysteria that is Michael Jackson wherever he goes, and followed him everywhere he went. Tower Records was one of the places, and at one point he went to visit a school for the blind, and we were able to convince a cabby to jump behind the motorcade and pretend like we were part of it, which got us out of traffic (MJ had a police escort everywhere he went) and helped us keep up, since we did not know exactly where he would be going next. I really miss those days, that feeling of getting caught up in the craziness with other fans. I always thought I'd get another chance to be part of that again.

Come show day, I arrived at the posted time (which I think was sometime in the early afternoon), and met all the other kids who were chosen, along with their parents. I was with my Dad, and god bless him, I think he was enjoying the whole experience almost as much as me. =) It was definitely a privileged sort of feeling to be there.

We were introduced to a choreographer, I don't recall his name, but I believe he had a German accent. He lead us all to a large practice room in one of the buildings behind the stage, and he showed us video footage of Heal The World and Earth Song from previous shows, and explained what our parts would be. At some point, we were split into 2 groups. The smaller one would be part of Earth Song and the larger group would be part of Heal The World. I was part of the bigger group.

After that we practiced the performance a few times. We had our left and right person who we would be holding hands with during the show, and we all knew the words. After that was done, it was still hours before the show. We were given our backstage passes, which was actually a fabric-like sticker, that we wore on our chests (you can sort of see it in the pics). And we were allowed to leave for a bit, to eat or whatever. 

Once we were all back, it was just about show time. We were lead out from the backstage area, around the stage to the press pit area right infront , so we could watch the first half of the show.


Then at one point, we were all lead backstage again. I believe it was right after Thriller, because as we were walking towards the rear ramp to get on the stage, we saw the shadow puppeteers and their skeleton puppets coming down.

We were lead to one of the wings (I believe it was stage right), and told to stay there until our choreographer (who was actually one of the backup dancers) came and got us. I remember we were right next to a big wall of big foam blocks that looked like speakers, and I remember seeing MJ literally feet away from me onstage singing Beat It, and going through the dance routine. 


Eventually, it was time for Earth Song and we watched the tank come onstage, and the watched the whole scene play out, and then the song. BEAUTIFUL!

At this point my Dad was still backstage, kind of watching us from behind the stage, staying out everyones way while we did our thing. And when he realized we were about to go on, he ran out from the backstage area so he could see. By this time, the crowd had packed in so tight towards the stage, that he could not get through to get to the front of the stage. So he had to wade back a little bit, before he could cross over to the front of the stage. Unfortunately, all he had with him was a disposable camera, with no zoom. You can tell from the pictures, but I'm just glad we got SOME PICTURES, so I have some proof this really happened. Most people seem skeptical when I tell them about all this, understandably. Maybe one day the video footage from this show will be released. *crosses fingers*

And then it was our turn. I recall being so excited at this point, I could've probably burst. Our choreographer came over, and to my surprise, he took my hand as the lead, with everyone holding hands in a line behind me. I knew right away, this meant I was going to be the one closest to Michael. Because when we walked in the circle, the order was MJ -> Dancers -> Kids. And sure enough, there he was, my idol, my hero, reaching out his hand to join us in a circle, as we sang our hearts out, smiles so big across our faces, this was a feeling of happiness I've never experienced before, and really haven't since. It was magic, theres no better word for it, magic was real that night, and I was experiencing the magic of Michael Jackson first hand.

So we walked and sang the chorus to Heal The World, in a perfect circle around the giant globe on the jumbotron center-stage.

At the end of the song, the part where its over, but then the band and the HTW chorus kick back in as a sort of encore, we were led backstage (stage left this time) while Michael continued singing. Once backstage we were told to run freely back onstage and join Michael in the HTW finale. We all stood there, a big clump of kids around the King of Pop, singing our hearts out. Seeing him this close, this openly, he actually looked more normal than he does in pictures and on tv. He has this awesome smile, his laughs sound so sincere and he's alot taller than I thought he would be, and he just looked so healthy, vibrant and happy. Most of us (myself included) found it hard not to just stare at him at this point. I was definitely awe-struck or star struck, or whatever you wanna call it. It was unbelievable.

As the song closed, we all walked back towards stage left, still completely surrounding Michael. Once back there, I'll never forget this, he turned around and looked at us all and he clapped, laughed and smiled and he said "Great job! Great job!". I didn't want any of this to end, but almost as soon as he started clapping for us, someone with a headset and a gray beard came and took Michael by the arm (as there was a show still going on), and ushered him away. He did wave bye to us tho as he disappeared in the depths of the mammoth stage.

After that, we were free to go, as the concert was either finished or just finishing. Apparently, my dad was in such a rush to get out to see us on stage, he forgot he didn't have his own backstage pass, and would have a real hard time coming back. But luckily he was able to convince whoever was guarding the gate (he's American, but speaks really good Thai) that he was already back there earlier, and that I was back there all alone and probably looking for him. Which I was. But we found each other, and headed home, talking about what had just happened the whole way!

Anyway, I actually miss MJ alot, and it feels like a family member has died. I dunno why, but the world feels a little lonelier to me, knowing Michael’s not in it anymore. 


See rest of photos here:  http://picasaweb.google.com/thaiguy333/OnstageWithMichaelJackson#

Angel Tears

The darker the night, the brighter the dawn
The music fades on the winter morn
The days were bright when you were here
There never was the darkness to fear
But endings have to come and go
Endings are fast, while the past is slow
Memories remain, but the reality is gone
We looked to the sky, where the stars shone
And called out to god to ease us our pain
He said, "sometimes you need to feel the rain"
"Why is that so?" We asked with despair
The rain will soak our hearts, our minds and hair
God then replied with a subtle ray of light
And told us what he meant alone in the night
"I know you cannot bare to see him gone from here"
"But every raindrop that falls on you, is indeed a tear"
"Tears of joy from my angels in heaven"
"That a child of mine has returned here forever"
As we thanked god for telling us so
We bowed the knee and prepared to go
When all of a sudden it started to rain
and we raised out our arms and felt angel tears cleanse our pain
The end

Poem by Juliette Plimmer

A tres meses de su partida muchos no hemos encontrado el consuelo,se te extraqa,un inmenso dolor nos hiela el alma..gracias por darnos tanto...gracias,que en paz descances,y estamos en deuda contigo.te quiero

Matilde Beatriz
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Michael te quiero muchisimo. Espero que estes donde estes seas feliz porqe te lo mereces. Eres una persona humilde, buena, humanitaria, responsable, luchadora, profesional, encantadora, perfecta, increiblemente sensacional, con un corazon de oro que no te cabe en el pecho, dulce, simpatica... y asi me podria llevar toda la vida alagandote, pero te has ido demasiado pronto y me hubiera encantado decirte que aqui tenias (y tienes para siempre) una amiga en la que apoyarte y te ayudara siempre. Eres mi gran idolo y te querre siempre, simpre te defendere y estare a tu lado, porque gracias a ti me has alegrado la vida con tu musica, tus bailes, tus conciertos, tus videoclips... Y te admiro muchisimo porque nunca habra otro cantante o bailarin como tu pero te admiro sobre todo como persona, como ser humano que eres me fascinas y me llena de alegria y orgullo ser fan tuyo.
I will always miss you.
You are not alone. 
I will always love you.
Michael Jackson ETERNAL KING OF POP 

Huelva, Espaqa

Just remembering how Michael's music lifted my spirits and brought joy to my heart-both when I was young...and still today.
Love you Michael

Ottawa, Ontario

When Michael Jackson died, this was when my mind and heart were stirred to want to know him.  I did my research . . . read and watched interviews, read the lyrics of his songs, watched some of his concerts and humanitarian efforts, etc.  Somehow, deep inside me, I have a sense that MJ is with the Lord Jesus in heaven.  I did not have any proof and I prayed that the Lord would give me some discernment about it.  I began praying for his children Paris, Prince Michael Jr. and Prince Michael II, for their salvation.  I found an internet site where other believers searched the same thing - Did Michael accept the Lord before he died?  There were lots of testimonies.  There was a testimony from an individual who knew MJ personally and has said that he accepted the Lord.  I continued to research further.  Lots of believers from all walks of life believed that he was a believer. As for me, only God truly knows if he was saved by accepting the Lord Jesus in his life.  However, I've see  n the fruits of MJ's life  . . . in some of his interviews, he had attributed his talents and abilities to God of the Bible; he said he believed the Bible and  when asked about how he handled stress, he referred to how the Lord Jesus handled His ministry with the people - the Lord never turned anybody away even when He was very tired; MJ loved everybody especially the children; there was humility in him as he faced difficulties in this world.  I also have seen the fruits of his death . . . believers have come together praying for Michael's children; people began their loving concern for MJ's spiritual condition.  And now, we just received the autopsy report that Michael was in good health before he died.  This is wonderful!  The truth about Michael has been coming into the light bit by bit.  He was a good man.  I perceive that MJ sought God.  Since I know that God is good; I personally believe that God revealed Himself to Michael and gave him all the opportunities to be save  d before he died.  I really believe this.  God bless you all.  Thank you Debbie for working on this project.  The Truth shall set us free.  Love in Christ, Lolita, Luke 1:37

Oakley, CA

What captivated me the first time i saw Michael on T.V (i.e in the 80's ) was his very kind and gentle tone of Voice. I saw a very sweet, gentle and vulnerable person. Somehow i'm conviced he is resting in the arms of his Heavenly Father now.


I was not a fan of MJ but once he passed away I had a true conviction to learn about him through the eyes of God. It's amazing to see how God was with MJ during his journey on earth. He had a true passion for children of all ages and races. MJ was a very humble, respectful, and loving human being. He brought forth the message of peace and love and God is love. With all the suffering and persecution, he triumph through all the hardships that's what God means when he says he will never leave us nor forsake us. I give God the glory and thank him every day for giving us his only begotten son Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for all of our past, present and future sins. I watched many of MJ's interview and he spoke about reading the bible to learn about God and Jesus and how his Faith in God sustain him. He used his God given talent to be blessing to others, to share with others, to be kind, and caring. He bored the fruit of the spirit. MJ was a doer of the word of God not just  hearing it and I truly applaud him for standing for what God created him to do even though the world can be very judgmental but what really matter is we are pleasing to God and not man. Romans8:28-30 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And having chosen them, he called them to come to him. And having called them, he gave them right standing with himself. And having given them right standing, he gave them his glory. I rejoice knowing that MJ has returned to our Father(God). A quote from Michael Jackson "I'll Never Let You Part For You're Always In My Heart." I ask that we continue to pray for his children and family.
God Bless you all!

Dear  Michael,

You were more than just a superstar to me.  You were a human being.  A human being that inspired me to be creative and to love others.

When I was in the 2nd grade, my music teacher, had us rehearse  We are the World  for weeks .  We then sang it in front of the school.  This song has always been and will always be one of my favorite.  I always had a love for people of many different cultures just as you did.  Actually, a lot of our desires are very similar.  I have always had a creative bent like you.  I love to write and put things together, like you do.  

As a child I often imagined meeting you in person, and not just meeting you, but becoming good friends with you.  I know we would have been great friends.  
You do not know this because you never met me, but you were with me through several transitions in my life.  I first became inspired by you when I was about 5 or 6 years old when my parents were going through a divorce.  Later, when  Man in the Mirror  came out, my mother had just remarried, I was in a new school, new house, and my life had changed completely.   This song helped me get through the tough times.

I thought about you a lot during the second trial you went through, and right around the year 2005 I was prompted to pray for you, even after the trial.  I was praying that you would meet Jesus the same way I had.

On June 25th 2009- I got into my car and turned on my radio, as I drove to my weekly writer s group meeting, a radio station announced that you were gone.  I could not believe it, I started flipping through as many channels as I could to make sure it was the truth, and it was.  A myriad of emotions went through me.
For the past months since your death, I have been deeply grieved, again as if you were a close friend of mine.  I started to reflect back on my childhood and how you had impacted it so much.  After so much prayer and seeking answers from the Lord, I believe you are with him.  I believe mine and several others prayers have been answered in regards to your soul. I have discovered even more about you that I never knew before.  You were a beautiful person.

You are Michael to me not just Michael Jackson or MJ.  You are Michael.  I love you so much.


Karen Godfrey
Jacksonville, Florida

His Music Makes Her Dance
A poem in honor of Michael Jackson

His music makes her dance, and she smiles at the sound of his voice.  She dreams of the day she can meet him.

He is so wonderful, I wonder who created him. 

A superstar he is, but she desires more to be his friend.  She wishes it could be more than a dream, but a true reality.  It feels as though he is right there with her and that they have this indescribable connection.  She feels the connection she had with him was given to her by God. 
He has a heart of gold; she knows it and sees the kindness in his eyes, every time she stares at his picture on her wall.  She shares her dreams with him, and knows that he inspires her to go beyond her dreams.

They have a lot of the same desires, to help others in need, to love the world and all of its cultures, and to create for others enjoyment. They both shared the same simple childlike faith.  He inspires her to go further to do more, and to use the gifts God gave her.

Years later he faced many trials and he became so fragile, but God reminded her to pray for him.  Others tried to destroy him, to make him into a monster, but somehow she knew that he was not what others portrayed him to be. He got through his trials and moved forward, planned and created more.

He left the earth and she was saddened tremendously.  She cried out to God asking for peace.  She did not know if this man had faith in God the way she did.  She studies his life and realizes he had God in his heart all along.  She loves him from a distance knowing that she will not see him for a long time.

Don’t worry my child he is with Me.  God began to show her what kind of person this man was, and he was far beyond what she had ever imagined.  She began to become more and more inspired by his life.  

She studies his craft, and gets inspired again, he was so smart.  The love she feels for him goes beyond his fame, she sees him as a human, with a big heart. 

She sees some of the emotion he went through on this earth, and knows that he is in the arms of Jesus.

©Karen Godfrey 2009

Michael is my best friend, no te voy a olvidar en la vida Michael, eres lo mejor!


Video by Denise Pfeiffer on You Tube
Video by Cherry St. Natis
Image by Juliette Plimmer
A beautiful song, image and video of hope
A Beautiful Video by ncardigan on YouTube

To Michael Joseph Jackson

You have a Pure Soul full of innocence and love for all. You are very real and very caring. You captured my heart like no other person in this world could ever do. Your laugh is so sweet and attractive, you have the most BEAUTIFUL smile the world will ever know....

I am so sorry that the world has hurt you..... and you are now gone without being able to see how much more you are truly loved. 

I look for all the reasons as to why you are no longer here with me, but nothing can bring any comfort knowing that I will never see that handsome man with the beautiful eyes and brilliant smile. I hate the anger that is holding me since your life was taken away, I hate that you didn't walk away from all those that mistreated you, I hate that life for you was not an easy one, I hate that you suffered by the hands of others, I hate that my life is now empty without you. I'm sorry your pain exceeded your ability to cope with it.

My life without you in this world will never be the same, this pain will never leave me. Oh Baby, give me one more chance, I WANT YOU BACK...

Why did you have to share so much of yourself with the world? You have loved the world unconditionally without deserving it, you showed us that one kind heart is all it takes to make the world a better place. You were loved all along then, you are loved now and will continue to be forever loved. 

To us you are more than an icon, you are more than family, you are more than an entertainer, YOU ARE ANOTHER PART OF US, we made you ours to love and protect, that can never be taken away from us, WE WILL NEVER LET GO.

You will still be here with us in our minds and hearts, YOU ARE UNBREAKABLE.....

To Michael's Children Prince, Paris and  Blanket 

For those of us that love your Daddy he is the most amazing person to walk this earth, he is undoubtedly the best father that could ever be. You must know that we truly love him with all our might from the bottom of our hearts and we love you all unconditionally.

We will look over you, guide you, protect you and keep you safe close to our hearts.

Your Daddy will keep smiling to the world through you, Prince, Paris and  Blanket  and we will cherish your loving father's memory forever. WE LOVE YOU MORE.....

To Michael's Parents, Katherine and Joe, and his Family

What can one say to those that have lost their precious son, their brother, their uncle, their nephew? No words can express enough our gratitude for sharing your gift from God with the world. We will be your strength and will continue to hold Michael in our hearts, we will keep him on the throne where he belongs, he will forever be our only KING. We will not let anyone take him away, we will not let anyone smear his name anymore, we will not let anymore negative things be said about him. We are his ARMY, HIS SOLDIERS OF LOVE that will forever continue to spread his legacy and his love and KEEP HIS DREAM ALIVE....

To Michael's Friends and Fans

I do appreciate those that were real in his life, those that were there for him for his friendship, those that offered and provided support, those that loved him for HIM and made sure that he knew he was loved. You know who you are, I Thank You.

May we all as a family continue on our journey, spread his legacy, give love and disperse the evil, that it may never reach him again. We must not tolerate anyone hurting him anymore, we have embraced him in our hearts, that is where he will stay forever and we will protect him, MAY WE NEVER SLEEP, MAY WE NEVER FORGET...

To the World

What is it about this human being, this man, that has brought so much attention on him?

His qualities, sensitive, caring, loving, giving, empathetic, innocent, magical, charming, honest, adorable, lovable, inspirational, a musical genius. He has shown himself in humbleness and humility and has used the fruits of his God given talent to touch, communicate and contribute to the world.

And what is he guilty of? Of being like a child, enjoying life and having fun? What is life without fun in it but like a broken down and empty playground that children can no longer enjoy.

Michael Jackson gave more of himself than most people in this world, he gave so much and he was hurt, he was made fun of and ridiculed, just like Jesus Christ came to this world and gave his all and was then crucified by this human race. He showed us the reality of the world we live in full of evil, distrust, sin, jealousy, envy and greed. He showed us how to love and heal the world, he taught us that we need to be like children full of innocence and love for all, never judging for that is only God's duty to do. 

We have lost so much more that Michael had yet to give, I beg you please, we must show gratitude, show him the love and respect. HEAL THE WORLD, MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE....


We must not question why he was taken away from us so soon, so please help us understand and heal our broken hearts.

We pray that you embrace him and heal his tortured soul, let there be no more pain, no more suffering, no more tears. Comfort him and assure him that we will be alright, united in love we will be strong and we will always remember.

We pray for Michael's children, we beg you please to protect them from all adversity, may you also heal their broken hearts and comfort them. We pray for Katherine and his family, to give them strength and many more years ahead to hold and support his children, to guide them down the right path and do as Michael would have done with them.


Karla Jorge
Bakersfield, CA 

I remembering growning up with Michael Jackson /The Jackson 5 songs. Being born in 1967 his music was there throughout my childhood, teenage years and carried on into adulthood. Everytime I hear his music I think back to rolling on chair's in my bestfriends kitchen jamin to the music, laughing and having fun! Then it was Thriller Time, sitting in front of the TV just waiting for MTV to show the video again! I even taught myself the awesome dance ~ like most kids did! It's sad his name was put through many bad things but his true fans know....there will never be another like him. Thank you for giving us The King of Pop...RIP!
You will never be forgotten~  

Dee Whiteman

I was lucky enough to see Michael live in concert during the "Bad" tour here in France. There was no-one else like him. He was truly touched by the Divine.
Thank you for all the incredible work on the site--some wonderful never-seen-before-seen text and footage. 
The world is the poorer for his passing, but his music is eternal. M

Paris, France

Michael, I know you are watching us from Heaven, you are so loved by all. No one will ever take your place in our hearts. Until we meet again, All my love, nikki

Nikki Johnson

Michael was a Pure Heart.  During his short time on our Planet he tried so hard to make others listen,to help us understand how this world and Her People are hurting this World,that he tried so hard to Heal.

He gave His Love,unconditionally to all.

More need to know the real Michael Joseph Jackson. He was Truly a gift from God.  I am so Thankful I was here at the same time.  I Love you More....

His Memory will be Forever in Our Hearts,Always.
God Bless his Children and Family,and His Extended Family,His Faithful Fans,who are all in pain,as I am.  Please Lord,care for our Brother.  May you rest in the arms of Angels  Sweet Michael...
Thank-You Michael for loving us all,and for Giving your All, without Question.


Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer in the world.  His music genuis and his talent  will never be again.  He was a global humanitarian,  a loving and caring man who loved children, world peace,  helping the sick children, loved the planet,  a loving father, son, and brother.  There will never be another equal to MJ  

Adelaide, Australia

I love Michael since I was 20 years old, Now I am 46.  I'm Michael's admirer , I love him so much.  I'm very sad for his death, I don't believed about this. I like his movie This is it.  It's incredible, wonderful beautiful.  I'll love Michael for ever.

Villa Maria
Cordoba, Argentina

It hurts so bad.  I miss him.  His music has been part of my life since his first song.  I still can't come to terms with his loss.  I never doubted his kindness and humbleness.  I cried tears of joy when he was found innocent of all charges.  HE WAS INNOCENT!  I came to know the special man that he was through every interview.  He was only a man trying to be loved and sharing love with the World.  He was a fantastic human being.  My dream was someday seeing him in person.  Now that dream can't come true, but I have him in my computer, and see him everyday.  
Michael, in my heart you are the King.  I will always love you and cherish your memory.  You live on in your music.  My favorite song:  Ben.  Love it.  Wherever you are, feel the love.  I ask everyone to keep his memory clean.  Forget all the wrong things that were said about him and remember him for his excellent music.  To his children and family, I can only say that I am sorry for the tremendous loss.  I can't imagine how you feel.  Everytime you feel said, remember the precious moments that you had with him and that will bring you comfort.  Hear one of his songs, and that will bring you peace.  Love one another because I am sure that's what he wants.  

Michael, you will never be forgotten.  God bless you and your family.  Love always, Iris

Puerto Rico



I grew up listening to his music through out the 80's and 90's.and used to watch videos of him at the time.when I think what happend to him was panned. It was not his time to go. The person who did this will be judged by the almighty.  All my love to the Jackson family.  You all are very strong.  

Loads of love.
marie from London,uk.

London, UK

Dear Michael, you were my world and the soundtrack to my life. I saw you in concert 7 times over the years, even travelling to other Australian cities 3 times.

Thank-you my darling, for the memories, your compassion, your beauty, and the music I now treasure so much.

You are still my world and I love you more than words can say.

Sydney, Australia

Michael was the first ever pop star i was introduced to. I was brought with his music, my first cassette tape was HIStory and i still have it to this very day. God bless you Michael, i'm not very good with words when it comes to expressing my feelings all i can say is i miss you every single day!!! you have been an insperation to me and i will still look up to you for the rest of my life. I never got to see you in concert or in person but i know we will see each other very soon but untill then rip Michael i will never let you part for your always in my heart


Michael is the true King of Pop.  So much talent, so well liked and loved by all ages around the world.  His life cut short unnecessarily. I remember watching him on TV sitting in the audience with Brook Shields the night he won award after award for his Thriller album songs.  Every song he sang, had a message.  I never get tired of listening to any of his songs through out the years. No one can ever replace Michael, but many can try to be like him in bringing love, understanding, acceptance and peace everywhere.  I hope his children follow in his footsteps in that regard.  Michael, the tender man, the loving father, who had a great God given gift that he shared unselfishly with the world, will never be forgotten.

Wilmington, VT

A Beautiful Poem by Seven Bowie
Beautiful tribute song by Harvey Lee

i can remember being real little dancing to thriller when it was first release, and my brother doing the moonwalk


I loved listening to the soft & tender voice - still do. I have read about his big & warm heart - few on earth can match it. 
Michael is one person i really wished i could meet. It hasn't happened here on earth but I know its going to happen in heaven.  4 months now gone, at times i grieve after the realisation that "he's gone" hits me harder than the previous time, but i know i have eternity to acquaint myself with him. I can only thank GOD for being GOD - GOD IS LOVE. He desires that no one perishes but that everyone receives eternal life. Michael sought & i believe he found. Im persuaded within my heart of hearts that Michael accepted Jesus as his personal Lord & Saviour. 



First, please know that you are NOT ALONE in your GRIEF AND PAIN in losing our BELOVED Michael. I miss him alot too and he's always on my mind and heart EVERYDAY! MJ's Untimely Death has had a HUGE IMPACT on my LIFE. WE, MJ FANS WORLDWIDE, are STILL in DEEP PAIN, SORROW AND GRIEF since MJ's Tragic and Untimely Death!!
Second, I've come to see and understand more thru time, since Michael's passing, that WE FANS LOVED MICHAEL, MICHAEL LOVED US MORE, BUT GOD LOVED MICHAEL MOST!! I believe that ONLY GOD knows why he called our BELOVED Michael home to HEAVEN in which to us Michael was GONE WAY TOOO SOON TO HEAVEN. BUT, I know that MJ went to GOD's LOVING and WAITING ARMS!! I truly BELIEVE that Michael FULFILLED GOD's PLAN FOR HIS LIFE on EARTH. You can look back OVER Michael's AMAZING LIFE OF EXTREME HIGHS AND LOWS (I"m ll years younger than MJ) and you can see GOD"s SPECIAL ANOINTING on Michael's Life.
Third, To me, Michael wasn't just a GENIUS, GIFTED ENTERTAINER, BUT rather A VERY SPECIAL, LOVING HUMAN BEING and GIFT FROM GOD to spread a VERY IMPORTANT Message of LOVE, PEACE, FORGIVENESS and HARMONY across the GLOBE, WORLDWIDE through his BEAUTIFUL MUSIC and LIFE!! Do you know that the name MICHAEL means "A Special Heavenly Angel close to GOD". Of All of Katherine and Joseph Jackson's 9 children, their 7th Child was named MICHAEL!!! That wasn't by mistake BUT rather by GOD"s DIVINE' PLAN from the beginning!! Just like GOD has a DIVINE PLAN for ALL OF OUR LIVES TO TOUCH AND IMPACT THIS WORLD IN OUR OWN SMALL and UNIQUE WAY!!
Fourth, ONLY GOD knows what was to come ahead for our BELOVED Michael and he said it was TIME to call his BELOVED SON, MICHAEL, HOME from Earth, thus leaving his FAMILY, CHILDREN and FANS WORLDWIDE HEARTBROKEN!! I'm just so GRATEFUL TO GOD that Michael WAS DOING WHAT HE LOVED TO DO MOST, and that's was ENTERTAINING and PEFORMING on Stage where Michael felt most HAPPY and LOVED!! I believe the THIS IS IT Concert Movie is a BEAUTIFUL TESTIMONY of MJ's LIFE, HEART and SOUL left behind for MJ's Family, Children and Fans to ENJOY FOREVER!! Death is Never Easy and It's SO FINAL, COLD and PAINFUL. Also, the Loved Ones are left behind to bear the PAIN, GRIEF and SORROW!!. But you have to know that GOD is here for US too to help with the GRIEVING process by giving us his AMAZING and ABUNDANCE OF LOVE, PEACE, GRACE and MERCY!!!
I LOVE YOU MICHAEL and I THANK GOD FOR BLESSING US WITH THE AMAZING GIFT CALLED Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. There will NEVER be another Michael Joseph Jackson EVER!! Michael will FOREVER BE the GREATEST, GOD-GIFTED, GORGEOUS, GENEROUS, GENIUS ENTERTAINER THAT EVER LIVED PERIOD. I'm so Blessed that I LOVED, ADMIRED and RESPECTED you and was a HUGE FAN and got to ENJOY You while you were alive and Touched our lives over your 40 years Career!!!
RIP MJ - WE LOVE YOU MORE TOO BUT GOD LOVED YOU MOST!!! Listen to MJ's BEAUTIFUL SONG "FOR ALL TIMES" (Thriller 25th Anniversary). FOR ALL TIMES is very Healing and Loving!!
Bloomfield, NJ

Always thinking of him,wish his time here on earth still existed,his heart was true..look into his eyes when he smiled!But I feel his hurt in those eyes when he did'nt smile. I blame the families that charged him wrongly because it broke his soul,although he was hurting he still cared to help others in pain. This man was an angel! My heart goes out to his beautiful children,"Look at his smile and try to smile too...!"

Alberta, Canada

One of my favorite Bible scriptures is Matthew 5:3-12. Every time I read this scripture I can't help but think about Michael Jackson.  It is to encourage and to give us hope.

Matthew 5:3-12

Blessed are the poor in spirit,For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,for they shall be conforted.... See More
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,for they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted for rightousness sake,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in Heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Rest in peace
Michael Joseph Jackson
Beautiful sweet Angel

Fatima Qawwee

Tell me how am i supposed to breathe without you one secound
Tell me how am i supposed to proceed on knowing that i will wake up to my nightmare of not finding you on earth
Tell me michael why did you go and leave me so desolate, you know that im another part of you.
im numb, not being able to move, walk, eat and sleep properly after the devious 25 june.  i feel so sad that this magnificent man has been taken away like a glimpse of an eye

I adore Michael.  He means the world to me.  
My soul aches and my hands tremble at the thought of life without michael
The pain strucks my being so much 
My sentiments bleed and my expressions are all of no value without michael igniting them
Michael, you are in my DNA 

Elissar Hage
Dubai, Lebanon

I was just arriving from my home country to live in the US.  In the summer of 1991, the city of choice, Los Angeles, and one afternoon a neighbor of mine, a young dancer from Cuba, knocked at my door and asked me for a ride.  (She said) that her car wasn't working and she had to be in Burbank for an audition in 2 hours time.  She begged me so much that I finally agreed, 

We went all the way to Burbank-Ventura County. She knew where to go. I didn't even ask for directions.  At that time there wer no GPS'S.  We had to rely on The Thomas Guide,whatever, to make a long story short. 

We arrived in this huge place where today is The Universal Studios and there were many trucks and people everywhere.  She had her number to be inside of a building and I went to look for parking. After a long time I found parking and walk towards that same building. I got there, there were security and I told them that I was with a freind that had come for an audition. The man loked at me and said: M'am, what is your friend's name
I said she is a dancer! He said if you don't know her name I can't find her in the list. I said she is from Cuba.  He looked at me and laugh.  After a while he said ok go to that door and look for the people from the concert at the stage door. I walk inside I didn't have a clue. It was Michael Jackson's Dangerous Tour Reharsal.  I almost fainted right there and I was at the back stage, so I could see my neighbor whom I didn't know the name, but whom I was realy looking for was Michael at that point. 

Can you imagine the Glory. I was a Fan for years, had never had the chance to go to a concert and was at the stage of Michael's reharsal? I could hear them dancing and there was Ortega's voice that today to me is like a Deja Vu. And there was the songs to me all new and to the World. Smooth Criminal and most dancers were males, they need two or three females.And there was Michael.  I would never forget as long as I live. If time could stop it had to be right there. He was just gorgeous,  perfect. Dancing and singing and talking to the musicians, really in charge of everything. I stood there and admire the whole show.  I was in heaven. After like eternity to me they started to call people's numbers and that was it. I run to try to find my neihbor and had a chance to say hello to Michael and he was very sweet.  I was young and start to shake and he asked me. Where are you from? I said Brazil. He said to me with those beautiful eyes. Ah! We are planning something in your country. and what a beautiful country that is. I love nature do you know? I thought it was so sweet. He was walking.  I just remember his voice and those eyes.  Then I must have said something.  I really don't remember exactly what I said anymore after so many years, but I just walk to him and hug him. He hug me and smile and said thank you for coming. Bye. 

This is my story about Michael and me in LA 1991.We were both 33 years old.  And today I am a very sad fan looking for Justice for Michael Jackson. After all this time I still can see him the way he was, a beautiful Human Being. Thank you for the opportunity to share this. Recently I made a book in photos and poems in Tribute for Michael.  My book it's called: Michael Jackson* L.O.V.E. It was published on Blurb.com

obs: My Neighbor's name is Carmen.  She didn't get the part, but I got a dream come true once in a lifetime wish.L.O.V.E


I've Listen To Michael Jackson Since About 1985, I Was Five, I Think That Is Around The First Time I Heard Michael Jackson.  His Music Has Made Me Feel Better When I Am Down, It Brings Out The Inner Dancer In Me (I Break It Down In My Living Room),It Brings Out The Feelings I Used To Get When I Was A Child (That Inner Excitement That Doesn't Feel The Same Now That Im An Adult, It Doesn't Come Around That Often, But I Still Feel The Excitement From Time To Time), His Music Has Inspired My Own Creative Musical Capabilites, I Can Rember When I Was A Kid Walking Down The Steet In My Little Town With My Boom Box On My Shoulder Listening And Dancing To Michael Jackson, While The NeighborHood Kids Danced Behind Me, 

May YAHWEH (GOD) Bless You All And Your Familys.  I Only Pray That Michael Was Saved By The Blood Of The LORD YAHSHUA HA MOSHIACH (JESUS THE MESSIAH)!   

Ninja a.k.a John Bess
Pacific, Missouri

1 Corinthians 13:4-13. Love Is Patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not pround. it is not rude, it not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. it always protects, always truths, always hopes always persevers. Love Never Fails. But where there are prophecies, they will crease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfertion comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish way behind me. Now we see a poor reflection as in a mirror; then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully . And now these three remain: Faith,Hope&Love. But The Greatest of these is Love!!!!!

1 Corinthians 13 is one of my favorite scriptures. It talks about Love. because God is Love!!!! and Michael was all about love!!!!

Fatima Qawwee

Michael...I have grown up with you my entire life. I started listening to you when I was 7 years of age, and would lie with a transistor radio in my ear at night in bed, just waiting to hear your voice, and your music...it soothed me, and comforted me all my life, even when I was going through very hard times emotionally, and physically. 

I have loved you since day one my friend, and I will never forget that as long as I live. You have always had a special place within my heart,reserved for only YOU, and I would never change that for the world, or all the gold in it.  You have touched many with your smile, the tribulations you were forced to go through, your sorrows you have endured, the lonliness you have lived, and suffered, and with your wonderful talent, of dancing, and singing, and last but not least your beautiful heart for children. You will always be our Peter Pan from Neverland sweetie. At least you will always be mine. No matter what you may have been going through during your life here, you always took the time to let us all know you loved us all. Thank you for that my sweet Prince. You were one of Gods Angels on Earth..a blessing to this world, and to us, and I will always hold onto that. I am so blessed to have experienced your love, and your being here with me on this earth. 

I miss you so deeply, the world misses you, and we will always remember you through all time. You will always be right here in our heart...forever and a day. Some days I cry, and others I just reflect on what you wanted the world to do. 

And as for your children, all three of them are beautiful inside, and out, as they had you as their daddy, and that is what they are...a part of you..the best part of you. God bless my sweet friend, and please know this....I will always love you more.

Was hoping to meet you someday..that would've been a dream come true for me..the ultimate moment. BIG HUGS my friend...from the world, and especially from me..we miss you. I have the same dream as you my friend, and I pray that someday we can all unite, with Gods grace, and HEAL THE WORLD. Love you more! I will never forget you as long as I live!

Author: Debra L Looney Copyright 06/29/2009 Burton Michigan Country: U.S.A.

Debbie Looney
Burton Michigan

By Your Side

I have been by your side since I was a child And through your tribulations.. walked with you every mile

I've seen the unkind things, this world did to you And I vowed way back then, to you..to always be true

I could not believe, what my eyes did see When they treated you badly, and would not let you be

I will never forget, your smile, and your love It was Heaven, sent to this world, from above

I have loved you forever, you will never part You are always with me right here in my heart.

You words in your song, shed light in my life And brought me through rough times, and many a strife

Your smile would light, the darkest of places And bring sunshine with it to so many faces

Your hug would melt, any bad feelings from sight And calm a sad spirit, all through the night 

You are an Angel from God, sent to bring love to all You were brought here to love us, when we did fall

I will never let go, and I never will
You were there in my childhood, and you are there still.

This is dedicated to Michael..my Angel..Love you More!

Written by (Debra L Looney) 12/7/2009 Copyright Burton Michigan...USA

My Testimony Of Becoming A Michael Jackson Fan

Before Michael's death I was never a fan of his. Infact. I thought he was a bit strange. But once I heard of his death. All those things didn't matter to me anymore. More than anything I was worried about his salvation and where he would spend eternity. I came across this very judgmental and hateful video of Michael from a Preacher of the Church in Texas. I never watched the whole video. Just bits and pieces of it. I was worried and asked myself. What if this Preacher is right? Then I asked myself. How can someone that sounds hateful be right? After that I kept doing my research and was not gonna give up on finding out weather Michael was saved or not. Then God lead me to many things that showed me that Michael is most defiantly with him. Deborah's website wonderful website was just one of the many things that made me certain of this. I used to think his relationship with children was a bit odd. But now I totally understand him. His love for children was inspired by the one a  nd only Jesus Christ. I realized that God created Michael for his purpose. To show people what children really mean to Jesus and that we should love and welcome children and imitate them. Now Michael can be that child he always wanted to be without being judged. I absolutely adore Michael and thank God for giving him to us. And I thank God for bringing us together as a family. I feel so privileged to have met Dee and heard her story of meeting Michael. And of course Deborah and everyone else that God has brought together.

Lana Kellett
Summerville, Georgia

Michael, I never met you in person, but somehow I feel we know each other very deeply.  We are connected at the heart.  You are a member of my family, now and forever.  I love and miss you so very much, my Sweet Angel.  No one can harm you now, you are safe in the arms of The Lord.  Thank you Michael!  I'll hold you in my heart forever.  Rest now, Sweet Angel.

Michael is a one of a kind spirit, and heart.

I feel like i have known him forever even though i never had the chance to meet him in person. we are connected at the heart.  He has always had a way of making people and the world a better place just by being in it.

No one can harm you now my sweet angel.  Rest in the glorious gates in heaven as you dance with the angels. you're not just MICHAEL JACKSON or MJ to me you are Michael. a special place in my heart is reserved just for you.there will never be another. 

Thank you for giving my heart a melody to dance to . I have read the poetry book and in that book there is a poem that describes my every being.   A wise little girl that talks about a little girl confined to a wheel chair who is unable to walk.   I myself am like the little girl.  I am confined to a chair and i will not get any worse, but i wont get any better either.  You have helped me to see the positive side of life when i could very easily see nothing by negative. 

Despite the difficulties we both have harbored in our life we have never be knocked down for the count nor will we ever be.  I have a deep love for you that will remain constant and true. A golden heart to match a golden personality and soul an innocence that is always pure and undoubting. 

Your musical note to the world is your heart michael. You always wanted the world to know how deeply you loved them. Now from the bottom of my heart i want you to know that i love you more. Now micheal you are truely free. You will never be forgotten for you are always within the walls of my heart. Michael my world will never be the same since you are now  physically gone, but you are still in my heart.  There are not enough words in the world to explain how much i still love you .You took away all my fears and showed me that i can do anything i put my mind to. I will never walk away.  I will always cherish your memory i feel as if you know me and i know you.  You are not only a friend you are part of me . You have given children hope and joy including myself . You are not just a man in a mirror you are a angel in many hearts. Though many days will be without you physically but not spirtually.  You are forever here michael.  I know that i will never be alone with you by my side and in my heart.  love you more always and forever 


Cristall Graham
Quincy, Il.

I used to be a hater of sir michael jackson  as i only listened to what the press said about him.  For me he was just a self-hating and guilty man and i laughed at him many times 

Then the fateful day of 25 June came... the morning when i heard about his passing meant nothing and the extensive media coverage even annoyed me.  Then several days later i caught the tribute in mtv. Out of  curiosity i watched...that's when i heard most of his songs for the first time and to my surprise i was enjoying it.  Then they played smooth criminal i was so overjoyed by  it because i loved the version of alien ant farm when it was sir mike who should have gotten the credits i gave them.

It was when they played man in the mirror when i broke down.  It's the first time i heard it and i cried while listening to it. I regret that i missed out not just on his musical genius but also i missed out on his kindness.

It is sad that it took his death for me to realize how wonderful person he was. I am so glad that i had a change of heart... i learned a lot from this experience...i learned a lot from the man.

I miss you so much sir mike and please forgive me.


Thank you for making this website, it is truly what Michael would of wanted !!  This website touches every emotion that there is. I grew up with Michael much like the author of this site. I truly believe in everything said here ! I came here and found peace finally, since his passing, thank you!!  Michael I miss you I love you, thank you!!!


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