In order to get a real feel for what Michael Jackson was really like, I think we need to look at Michael through his own words and not what the media prints.  After all, that's how any of us get to know  another human being .  By really getting to know them and not letting others tell us how the person is.  We need to experience that person's character ourselves.

A person's true character comes out in the words they speak, the words they write and the actions they take.  We also have to remember that we are all human and we have all failed at times. 

I think it's most important to look at the whole.  What a person is like most of the time.   The words they use.  How they share with us and what they share with us.  The good they do.  What they accomplish.   What we see in front of us on a consistent basis.   It is there, that you can truly see a person's heart.

By what a person says, what they tell us and what they do, we can gauge their personality.  If we look into their eyes and their heart and really listen and try to know them through their heart and soul, we can see the true person.  That, most times, gives us a much more honest and accurate account of who a person really is, over what we hear from someone else.

Anyone who has had to endure hearing rumors and lies being spread  about themself  knows how that feels and how inaccurate a picture that can give to others.  It can be painful.

The second most reliable way to tell a person's character is by talking with people who really know the person.  This is secondary though because opinions and perspectives can vary.  We will be doing that as well, but I think, first and foremost, it's important to get an idea of who Michael was, through his own words.

I invite you to read and watch and get to know the real Michael Jackson.  I think many will be surprised.

Below I've included an open letter from 1994 from Michael Jackson, to his critics.  You will find more of Michael speaking for himself in the top navigation menu.
Michael... in his own words
A 1994 Open Letter from Michael Jackson to his critics:

The version I have seen was featured in People's tribute magazine to Michael and shows the letter in his own handwriting (see below).

"Like the old Indian proverb says, do not judge a man until you've walked 2 moons in his mocassins.

Most people don't know me, that is why they write such things in which most is not true.

I cry very often because it hurts and I worry about the children, all my children all over the world.  I live for them.

If a man could say nothing against a character but what he can prove, his story could not be written.

Animals strike, not from malice, but because they want to live.  It is the same with those who criticize.  They desire our blood, not our pain. 

But still I must achieve.  I must seek truth in all things.  I must endure for the power I was sent forth.  For the world.  For the children.

But have mercy, for I've been bleeding a long time now.


Michael In Writing...
View Michael's "Childhood" video.  A song that he mentioned being one of the most personal and autobiographical, that he has ever written.
"(During my research)... I found out so much more and have an even deeper appreciation for this man than even I imagined I would.  The more I found out, the more I saw how incredibly beautiful this man's soul was and how much he brought to the world"  Debbie
This is about allowing Michael to speak for himself, in writing, in print and by way of video.  The best way to get to know who someone really is, is to really listen when they speak from their heart.
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Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith. Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanity
"...But I will never stop helping and loving people
the way Jesus said to."

Michael Jackson

"I wasn't aware that the world thought I was so weird and bizarre.  But when you grow up, like I did, in front of 100 million people  since the age of 5, you're automatically different."

Michael Jackson's Grammy Legend Award speech at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards in 1993
"I must confess.  It feels good to be thought of as a person, not as a personality."

Michael Jackson's Grammy Legend Award speech at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards in 1993
"You can see it in their eyes. You're being judged. People are looking through you -- not even at you, but through you. They're thinking about all that crap. It's so far from the truth. That hurts." -Michael Jackson