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"The expressions of Michael throughout this site are consistent to the man I knew"....

jbwills Tuesday, 6/28/11, 11:49 PM
I first of all I would like show my appreciation for the time and effort put forth in compiling this website. The world has been exposed to many images of Michael often being harsh and unfair. I personally have had a chance to know Michael over a two year period and I have seen an image of an individual that I wish more people had known. Most have a defined view of such an iconic figure as his media image can't be escaped. When I met him I was facing serious life challenges and transitions, way insecure. It truely was not a time I felt confident to meet such a notable public figure. In my personal struggle I found a graceous,compassionate,and honoring man. He is a gentle person that loves people. He loves to laugh and his joy, his big huge smile can light up a room. My moments with him over this period of time are filled with life as he beleived in living life to its fullest. He forever has touched my heart in deep ways that have impacted my life. The expressions of Michael throughout this site are consistent to the man I knew. His faith is true and he was a humble expression of Christ's love. As he walks in heaven this day his life can give testament to many things, but i know he'd like most of all to underscore his faith in Jesus Christ. It opens ones eyes to see the impact we have on others, to truely make a difference this is the greatest part of his legacy. He would encourage everyone to reach out and make a difference to make the most of the short years God graceously grants. The world is a bit sadder without his presence but his life still speaks.~

   Reflections On The Dance  
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Remembering the man.  A celebration of his life, his legacy, his humanitarianism and the truth...finally

Dear Debbie:

Although I have said this to you on many occasions, I wish to thank you, again, for the wonderful website “Reflections on the Dance.” You have devoted numerous hours to ensuring that Michael Jackson’s legacy of kindness, decency and compassion for others are preserved. You have made repeated attempts to remind the world that this special person cared deeply about others and did all he could to foster love, non-violence and tolerance around the globe. Additionally, you constantly remind us that Michael was one of the greatest artists in history.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Tom Mesereau 
Lead Defense Attorney, 
Michael Jackson 2005 trial

"We love your website. I think Lori emailed you that we were very impressed with your website. It's a tremendous thing you're doing.  I'm in favor of anything that remembers Michael.  I thank you and respect you for putting this website together.  I think it's a wonderful thing you're doing."  ~
 David Nordahl, World-renowned painter and close friend of Michael Jackson's for 20 years
This website is all about truth ~ 
Taymoor Marmarchi
Worked on humanitarian projects with Michael Jackson and friend of Michael's for 10 years
Patrick Treacy
Medical Director + Owner Ailesbury Clinics Ltd
Doctor who treated Michael Jackson in Ireland and also a friend of Michael's

  " Deborah has single handedly commenced on a type of latter-day mission, which has provided to the world a passionate objective website on what she considers are the true facts surrounding the life and death of Michael Jackson. Her well researched articles often stand alone as a shining beacon amidst a total barrage of negative media publicity."

Richard Rossi, Actor, Writer, Director, Musician, Minister. Knew Michael Jackson and ministered to him.

Your site (Reflections on the Dance) is amazing and thank you for your passion and time to make it so good, it reflects my perspective on MJ completely. I think you did an amazing job!

Jim Baumann
Assistant Vice President/Managing Editor - Daily Herald Newspaper, one of Chicago's leading newspapers

Deborah worked for me many years ago in an entry level position, and she impressed me as someone whose work was thorough and accurate. But I've worked with many, many people like that. Some of whom I can no longer remember. I recall Deborah after all these years because she aspired to grow and do new things and worked very hard at that. Plus she had a dynamite attitude.
Richard Rossi
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" Utterly amazing. Very comprehensive. Now I see why it took so much time. You should be proud of your efforts. You are to be commended. I continue to view and learn things I never knew. I can't wait to get back to finish reading all the information. Awesome job Deb. Michael would have been proud of you and your work. It's too bad you were never able to meet him. I can tell from your work you are loyal, sincere as well as passionate about your views of Michael. If more genuine people would have been in his life such as you Deb, he would have had so many more happier days.
~ Kerry Anderson, Michael Jackson's former bodyguard who attended the trial with him every single day of the trial and who also lived with him on premises during the couple of years he worked for Michael.

Thank you for your brilliant, insightful piece on Michael. I worked with Michael on several projects as a prospective project concept designer.

I met Michael first in Hawaii, back stage as his personal guest. His secretary, Effie, had first class tickets sent to my Hollywood house,we flew to Honolulu, were met by one of his handlers and were personal guests at his HIS STORY tour performance. We were brought back stage while he was getting makeup on, met his three young nephews who were getting ready for their Europe tour, watched his amazing performance and then were part of the motorcade back to the Hilton Tower in Honolulu. I had a 4:OO am meeting with Michael in his top floor suite regarding a planned theme emplacement in Indonesia, I submitted several designs for the plot following Michael's direction and met him a second time at his (then) dance studio in Hollywood.

The next time I met him was in Bahrain. He had been 'hired' by His Excellency Abdul Kalifa to be the entertainment and content director for the Prince's project. Michael recommended me as the concept designer for that project. After four meetings with Michael and the Prince I returned to L.A.

My next meeting (and the last before his death) was at the Bel Aire hotel regarding a project planned for the Middle East. None of the planned projects actually happened, but i've been involved as concept designer for several billion dollar projects that never happened either. The larger the financial landscape on any project, the more fragile is the actual 'go.'

Michael was quietly gracious and I am very proud to have met him and be treated as a confident.

I am currently writing my autobiography and will devote a double page spread on my admiration and memory of a brilliant individual.

Syd Mead 
(Tron, Aliens, Blade Runner, Disney's "Tomorrowland")
endorses the Reflections on the Dance website!
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Kerry Anderson, Michael Jackson's 
Former Head of Security
Endorses Reflections on the Dance!