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Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
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My Thoughts On Michael
I had always been a fan of Michael Jackson.  I always saw him as a very talented, gifted individual and I admired him for his dancing and his musical talent.  As a young woman when he hit the height of his popularity with "Thriller", I remember having a desire to talk with him and find out what was underneath all of that talent.  Who the real person was.  It was a desire that ultimately led to my deciding to become an entertainment journalist.

Though I knew he seemed a nice person, I know now that I didn't know much about him.  I knew little of Neverland (other than the media's making it out to be a strange place), nor of his generosity and humanitarianism.  That wasn't something that was broadcast nightly across the news.  I, like so many others, thought of Michael Jackson and thought about the Moonwalk, hit songs and musical genius.  I wish then, I had known what I know now, and I wish I had had the opportunity and ability back then, to interview Michael and tell his story.  But that was not to be.

I feel that Michael was an easy target, not only because he was a celebrity, and admittingly the biggest and most famous celebrity, but also because he seemed to have a light eminating from his very soul.  A light that was evident in the way he treated people, in the way he continually helped others, in the way he graciously handled himself in every awkward, hurtful situation, in his humbleness,  in how he strived to make the world a better place and to bring all of us together, in how he sought peace.

This light shown every time he talked about God, his faith and his love for God.  It shines brightly in his poetry and essays in "Dancing the Dream," and in his autobiography "Moonwalk."  It shines during almost every interview I've read or seen of him.  It shines in the tears that fall from his eyes when he speaks of his own personal pain as well as the pain of, and his love for, children and people all around the world.  It is evident when you hear those who knew him and love him, speak about him.  It is evident in how much he loved his own children and how much they love him.

I believe that Michael was doing God's work here on earth.  Christians speak of "fruits of the spirit", external signs that express a person's heart and love for God.  Michael exhibited those fruits....kindness, reaching out and helping others, helping those less fortunate, remaining humble, putting an importance on trying to become more Christ-like, just as all Christians are called to do.

The light is a very far cry from what the media said about him.  It is a far cry from the accusations that were brought against him.

Light shines on darkness and when someone is filled with light, it illimunates and points out the very darkness that is so evident in the human condition.  Greed, anger, jealousy, a desire to hurt others.  Light can't help but shine brightly and illuminate the darkness, but the darkness doesn't want to be seen and fights the light much like a vampire whom, if light is shed upon him, he is rendered useless and vanishes.  Michael, because of the light that shone from him, was continually attacked and ridiculed.  Darkness wants to snuff out the light, but light will always outshine and overcome any darkness.

I very much believe that Michael was given this immense talent so that he could share the light that was inside of him, with millions of people around the world.  That is why he affected so many people, so deeply.  That is why he was loved so much in every corner of this earth.

That is also why, unfortunately, the darkness sought him out and tried to bring him down.

For those who read this and just know of his music, it may seem strange my talking about Michael in this way.  But if you will look deeper, and read what Michael wrote, listen to and read the interviews he gave, really listen to the lyrics of his songs, listen to the Oxford University speech as well as his interview with Jesse Jackson during the 2005 trial (all available on this website), you will begin to see how little you know about Michael and how much you missed, and you will begin to appreciate this man and his beautiful soul.  There are so many resources on this website and if you will take the time to read, listen and watch, you will begin to see who Michael really was and what his purpose on this earth was.

It wasn't simply to entertain us, it was to teach us and to make us more aware.  It was to remind us to stop being cruel to one another, stop criticizing, stop being apathetic, and to love.  To find the good in life and in others.  To simply strive to love ourselves, and to love one another.  To learn to forgive and in Michael's very own words "I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to." 

I hope that we can all learn from Michael's example, take something beautiful away from the dance that was Michael Jackson, and make some changes to the man in our very own mirrors so that we can continue that mission and help to make this world a brighter, better place, showing God's love in our actions like Michael did.  It is up to each and every one of us.

Much love to you Michael for the beautiful dance that was you, and your life, that you shared with all of us.  You will always be loved for who you are by those of us who were able to see your light shine.  May this project be a blessing and help others to see who you really are and learn to love themselves and others in the process and, in turn, realize the beauty in your very soul and the beauty that was so evident in your life if we would just have really looked and loved with our souls.  A beauty and a life that you so wanted to share with the world.  God bless and rest in peace dear brother.  We will meet again one day.

Every now and then God sends someone special down to us to try and teach the world how to love and be united.  Michael was such a person.

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"Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation."

Michael Jackson

"I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to."

Michael Jackson

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

Michael Jackson