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This site is dedicated to God, Jesus Christ my Savior, Michael Jackson and Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson.

This site would not have been possible without the effort of so many others.

Many thanks go out to those who have done the research before me, those who share in the goal of getting the truth out there.  Those who have first-hand accounts of the trial and shared them with me.  To everybody who helped in any way to help make this vision and project, a reality.

Thank you Father God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for your wisdom, grace and leading in this project.  I am very grateful to be able to do something of this magnitude for someone whom I have admired most of my life in a project that will bring truth about one of your own, and will honor You.

Thank you to my husband Michael, who has had to endure a wife who was working all of the time (for months) on a project that was emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually challenging and exhausting.  I appreciate so much your love and support.  You have been my number one supporter.  You have always believed in my ability and my dreams, and given me wings to make them possible. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful, supportive husband.  I Love You!

To my Mom and Dad....Frank and Carole....thank you so much for all of the support you have given me throughout the years to follow my dream and for believing in me.   Your continuing support and love has meant so much to me.  I am so grateful to have grown up in a very loving home and raised with good values and a sustaining faith and parents who believed that hard work, faith, dedication and discipline were the keys to success and who allowed us to dream big and chase our dreams.  Mom, your perseverence and confidence has driven me to pursue what I feel strongly about.  Dad, your creativity is something I share and gave me the courage to share my own creativity with others.  Your filling our home with music and being a musician, inspired my own love of music.   I love you both very much!

To my nieces Erika, Katie and Jamie....thank you for having such an interest in this project and for your encouragement.  We love you!

To my mother and father in law, Joel and Harriett, thank you both so much for giving me such a wonderful man as a husband and for your love and support throughout the years.  I love you both.

To Frank Cascio, I truly appreciate the conversations and the advice.  Thank you.

Special Thanks also to Pat Peterson, Judy & Ralph Hyde, Eliza Lo, Linda Higgins, Jenny Lovern, Kerry Anderson, Maria Gloria Perez Recio & Brandy Burgan for your friendship, inspiration, your feedback, being my extra eyes, ears and hands, and your inspirational posts, supportive messages and prayers. This website upgrade would not have been possible without you. God Bless You. Thanks to everybody else who has shown constant support and shown love and encouragement along the way including all of my dear friends,my parents, family and others who have stood behind me and this project ~ Debbie 

To all of my Facebook friends who have been a continuing support throughout this journey. Your uplifting messages and prayers have been a lifeline for me.  I love you and appreciate you.  Jared Evans, Ester Joldea, Sandy Corbin, Liss Silverwing, Wendy Dalgetty, Barb and Rachel McKibben, Ann-Christin Haave, Star Aitana Lopez, Jenny Lovern, MteeHall, Ernice Alvarado, Richard Rossi, Petra Schroeder, Ginger Gosney Eldridge, Sandy Hicks, Craig James Baxter, Marcy Saylor, Shalini George, Lynn Carey Saylor, Morgan Raimondi, Ray O'Hara, Keaston White, Andre Giles, Linda Minutella, Nan Foster, Lisa Blanton, Kelly LeFleur, MJ Brookins, Michael's Susie, and everybody else who has been supportive throughout.  Thank you so much.  Your support and kindness means more to me than you know..

To Joshua Longhurst, thank you so much for the beautiful video you made to let people know about this website.  You are a very talented young man.  Thank you for helping to spread the truth and for making a difference at such a young age.

My thanks to Katie Burrell for sharing the essay she wrote for her college English class depicting her experience in the 2005 court room of Michael Jackson.  Your insight and help is much appreciated.

Thank you Tom Mesereau for sharing about the Michael you knew, and about your first-hand account of the trial and representing Michael.  You saw first-hand what Michael went through and you know the truth about Michael, and about the case, because you lived it.  I feel honored and blessed to be able to pass that information along so that more people can know the truth.  Thank you for your kindness and for your time.  I can very much see why Michael trusted you to represent him.  Thank you for your hard work in vindicating Michael.  

Much thanks to Larry Nimmer, Geraldine Hughes and Aphrodite Jones for your time and sharing your experiences as well as your creative projects and books.  Those experiences and what you all have shared will give great insight to those who spend time on this website and will help them to get to know the real Michael Jackson as well as the truth behind the allegations and the trials.  It's so important for the public to know what really happened.  Even now.

Much thanks to Taymoor Marmarchi for your very personal accounts and insight into Michael's life and for sharing your stories.  I know that the truth is going to bless a lot of people.  Thank you also for your spot on recommendations.  They have made the site even better and your thoughts on that gave me the courage to make some additional improvements that will only enhance what others experience when they visit this site.  Thank you.   I can very much see why Michael trusted you as a friend.  Thank you for trusting me.  Many blessings to you.

Special thanks to Mark Lester for sharing about the kind of person, friend and father that Michael was, and for sharing your thoughts and stories on your long-time friendship with Michael.  Thank you for trusting me.  Many blessings to you.  (I know that many have mixed feelings about Mark and some of the things he came out and said after Michael's passing.  He and I had a phone conversation where he shared with me some things that were from the heart and despite that I do not agree with some of the behaviors I saw after Michael's death in regards to Mark, I am still grateful for the conversation and insight that did corroborate with other trusted sources).

Special thanks to those who uploaded videos to YouTube of interviews and information on the allegations so that others could know the truth, and special thanks to those who shared their specially created videos with me and allowed me to use them on this site.

Special thanks to EmilyLovesOrangeSoda for allowing me to use the beautiful tribute video you made for Michael.

Special thanks to my Sisters of the Faith friends for your support, research and passion for the truth.  Thank you to Rebecca, Cherry, Truth to Power, Jess, Sara, Tena, Kathryn, Juliette, Rene T, Lolita, Noelyne, Latoia, Karen, Marie, Dee, Manuela, Xing, Keak and everyone else who has been so supportive and informative.  God Bless you all!

Cherry St. Natis...thank you so much for your words of encouragement, your support and your prayers.  I feel so blessed to have met you.  You have been the wind beneath my spiritual wings.  Your words of encouragement have meant more to me than you can imagine, as well as you advice.  Not to forget your awesome research skills and your gift of encouragement!  So much appreciated!  Thank you for the use of your beautiful video.  You are an amazing person!  We have a kindred spirit and it's as if I've known you my entire life.  Love you!

Juliette Plimmer....Thank you so much for the beautiful artwork of Michael in Jesus' arms.  I cried the first time I saw that picture.  It gave me so much comfort.  I feel blessed to have met you.  Love you!

Karen Godfrey, thank you so much for all of your help and prayers.  Your support has been wonderful!  God definitely had a hand in our meeting.  You have been such a great support and your prayers have meant so much to me!  Your poem in honor of Michael is beautiful.  I am very glad that we have met.  Love you!

Dee Pfeiffer, I am so glad that we met.  Thank you for sharing your amazing story with me.  It has been inspirational.  Your support and encouragement have meant more to me than you know.  We have so much in common and are much alike in many ways.  Love you!

Ursula Taylor...you are a blessing and so full of the wisdom of God.  I am so happy that our paths have crossed.  You have made me laugh and your encouragement has meant so much.  Love you!

Noelyne Nazareth...It has been a blessing to have met you.  So far apart geographically, and yet, God brought us together.  I love your insight and your support has meant so much to me.  Love you!

Navona Robinson....I am so glad that we met.  Continue to go after your dreams.  You can make your dreams a reality.  You just have to believe in them and move on them, and believe in yourself and the abilities that God has given you.  Love you!

Sara Dos Santos Florencio....I am so glad that we met Sara.  You are a sweetheart.  Your upbeat spirit and encouragement have meant the world to me.  Love you!

Manuela.Seehofer...you have such a heart for God and a gift of being able to share your faith and encourage.  I love how despite your feeling that there was a language barrier, that God has seen to it that you have been able to easily share what is in your heart, and so beautifully.  Love you!

Rachel Freeman....I am so happy we met.  God has blessed my life with meeting so many wonderful people as I've approached this project and you are definitely one of them.  I look forward to getting to know you even more.  Love you!

Sheila Claussner and Susan Campise....thank you both so much for your interest and support.  It has meant a lot to me.  Love you both!

Special thanks to my brother, Joe Campise...thank you so much for your help in helping me locate some of the information I needed for research.  Much appreciated.  Love you!

Special thanks to my brother, Frank Campise, for introducing me to the computer and internet and showing me the ropes way back when.  Without that, I would never have been able to be at this point today, having created this website.  Thank you.  Love You!

To my sister, Chris Claussner, I thank God for giving you to me as a sister.  Love You!

Mel....thank you so much for your beautiful videos and your upcoming editorial content.  I appreciate that so much.

ncardigan, thank you so much for your beautiful, touching video tribute to Michael.  It have touched my heart and I am sure will touch the hearts of so many others.

Thank you Nikki for the very interesting article and your help!

Thank you for all of the great support, help and encouragement to those on the Michael Jackson Fan Club Forum.  It is obvious your love for and defense of Michael and I appreciate that so much.  I am hoping you will find the results of this project something that you had been hoping for.

Uncle Matt....thank you so much for all of the encouragement you have continually shown me throughout the years on my writing.  It has meant more to me than you know.  Love You!

Ellen Thompson....we are cousins by marriage, but I have loved so much that we have gotten to know one another on a more personal level and I have appreciated  more than you know, all of the love and support on so many different things and your encouragement to use my writing skills.  Your encouragement allowed me to reach greater heights, to believe in myself and the abilities God has given me, and believe that something like this was possible.

Silvia Martinez....thank you so much for your friendship and for listening to me talk non-stop about my projects and experiences.  Your friendship and the great food (thanks also on the food to Raul and John) have been so much appreciated!

Kate Minder/Himsworth:  Kate, when we met, I knew that I had a true friend in you.  You have always been kind, encouraging and inspirational.  Thank you so much for all of the encouragement in daily life and especially in my writing.  The people who have believed in and encouraged me have a big hand in my being able to move forward with a project of this magnitude, and you are one of them.

To all of my immediate and extended family....Chris and Mark, Frank and Sue, Joe and Marci, Chris and Lynn, Joel and Terri; Erika, Katie, Jamie, Tyler, Ashley, Jordan, Caden, Avery, Stephanie, Joel, Jen, Jim, Kayla and Scott; all of my cousins, aunts and uncles (too many to mention by name)....I appreciate and love all of you.

A special thanks to Cathy Howat for the great tips, additional research and your thoughtfulness.  It is much appreciated.

Yvette Quiambao....many thanks to you for your amazing support, for your help and for getting the word out about the site in the Phillipines.  I am so grateful for all of your selfless help!  God Bless You!  

Indra Kullenberg....so much thanks to you for spreading the word about the site on the forums and being an additional voice for me.  I appreciate that more than you know.  God Bless You!

Thank you Michael Jackson for being a true, honest, humble, kind and caring person whose goal was to help change and improve the world and who not only spoke about making change, but lived it.  You showed us all that by being true, showing love, believing in peace, and having a strong faith in God and using your God-given talents and abilities, that you truly can make a positive impact on this world.  I am sorry that I was never able to meet you in person in this lifetime, but I do look very forward to meeting you one day and personally saying "thank you."  Much love to you.

Thank you to the Jackson family....for sharing your son, brother and father with all of us.  His gifts, his kindness and generosity, his talent and his beautiful soul, have forever changed this world for the better.  God Bless You all.

Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith.  Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanity

Another Part of the Story
Video by my dear friend Cherry St. Natis
When I started my research for this website, I came across tons of information.  I had to sort through a lot to get to the truth.

In that search, I came to a place where I started to research what Michael Jackson believed.  During one of these times of intense research, I was searching for the source of a specific quote by Michael, and came upon a website where people were discussing Michael Jackson's salvation or lack thereof.

I met a group of women from all over the world.  All searching for the same thing....to either be reassured of Michael's salvation, or to defend Michael's good name and what he believed (one of the women personallly knew Michael).  We came against a lot of attack as some wanted to condemn Michael for his dance moves or for not doing "enough" good works.

Several of us were kicked off of different forums because the attitudes there were very legalistic and judgemental.  In this process, myself and another woman nearly lost touch with one another, until she too ended up on this same thread where the original group of us met.  We would have completely lost touch because the owner of the blog we were posting on, deleted our posts and we had no way of getting back in touch.  We didn't even know one another's last names.

It was at this time that I started to realize just how much God has His hand in this project and He has continued to.

We are women from all over the world...the US, Austria, India, the UK, New Zealand, Brazil....and yet, we all still keep in touch on nearly a daily basis.

We were all brought together in our quest to know the truth about Michael and to defend his good name and we all still remain together. 

These ladies were a pivotal support system for me during the process of creating the website and they got a "sneak peek" right before it went live to the rest of you.  They have been a shelter in the storm for me, a lighthouse beacon and a sense of comfort.

This video was made by one of these very special and dear friends of mine, Cherry St. Natis. and it features a beautiful song "I Am Not Forgotten", along with images of all of us, and Michael, because, God does not forget us and He did not forget Michael.

God Bless You All my Dear Sisters and Friends and God Bless All of You who view this site in search of and support of the truth about Michael Joseph Jackson.
Thank you Cherry for this 
beautiful video