Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
“And my A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith.  Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanityive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my
The Dance...
This is a poem I wrote on Sunday, April 17th.  I woke up with this poem written in my head and had to get up to write it down before it was gone
By Deborah L. Kunesh
Copyright 2010 by Deborah L. Kunesh

I mourned you as if I knew you, because, somehow, you were able to get deep inside my soul and touch me with the essence of who you were, forging a connection that I’ve felt for as long as I can remember.

I watched you dance, and it was as if I was watching the very music itself, dancing across the stage, the very emotions we all feel, coming alive as pure physical and visual energy.

Your dance was spiritual and yet, you were able, somehow, to marry the essence of spirituality, with the sensual and physical. To express with physical movement, the intensely spiritual. Raw emotion. Organic movement. God-given natural ability to emote pure energy and emotion that just came spilling out of you with such precision and beauty. So natural and powerful it could not be contained.

It wouldn’t be until later years that I would discover so much more about your soul, your poetry, your philanthropy and your faith, but all along, they were there, and though I did not know of them in physical form at that time, they were evident in your actions, in your essence, in your dance.

Your music was not only the soundtrack of my life and everyone else’s who was privileged enough to share this planet with you at the same time, but it was also the soundtrack of our conscience, of our planet. The soundtrack of the divine. The soundtrack of the collective human experience.

You touched us with every fiber of your being and you gave us everything you had, holding back nothing. We felt that embrace and it has never left us and never will.

You endured deep physical and emotional pain, more than many of us could bear. You came through many trials of fire and though scarred, your bright light and the faith that illuminated it, was still there. Your kindness, humbleness and desire to care for and love others and heal the planet, never waned.

The physical loafers you had become so well-known for wearing until they wore out, were symbolic in so many ways. By giving us all you had and enduring so much, the dancing shoes that not only adorned your feet, but the dance you held in your soul, had become frayed. Your physical dance did not suffer, but the hurt and despair you held inside, matched the tattered soles of your beloved loafers. You had given your all and it was time for a new pair of shoes.

Michael, thank you for all that you gave us. Thank you for reminding us to love, to take care of one another, to care. Thank you for sharing with us your incredible talent as well as your incredible soul. The world has never seen the likes of one such as you, and I am sad to say, I’m not sure we ever will again. Michael, thank you, for the dance.

See you on the other side in loafers that will never wear out.