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The Interviews...

Interviews with those who were in the court room

Attorney Tom Mesereau

Widely recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in the country, Mr. Mesereau has been selected by his peers as one of "The Best Lawyers in America" and has been listed as one of the "One Hundred Most Influential Attorneys in California" by the Los Angeles Daily Journal.  These are just a couple of his accolades.

Mr. Mesereau represented Michael Jackson in his 2005 child molestation trial and has very poignant insight on Michael, and the trial.

The Interview

Aphrodite Jones

Aphrodite is a correspondent with Fox News who covered the 2005 child molestation trial of Michael Jackson.  She is also a New York Times best-selling author as well as author of "Michael Jackson Conspiracy."  Ms. Jones, after covering the trial and originally thinking Michael was guilty, along with the rest of the media, felt she needed to explore further, securing court documents and evidence from the judge and doing her own research to come to the conclusion that she had been wrong all along and that Michael was indeed, innocent of these charges.

The Interview

Filmmaker Larry Nimmer

Filming Neverland...

Larry is an Emmy Award-nominated filmmaker who was hired by Michael Jackson's defense team to shoot video of Neverland Ranch for the jury.  Larry has produced music videos for MTV, documentaries for PBS as well as a large range of additional work.  During the time of filming, he had unprecedented access to the Neverland estate.  Larry also testified during the 2005 trial of Michael Jackson.

The Interview

Author Geraldine Hughes

Witness To Extortion...
Geraldine Hughes was working as a legal secretary to attorney Barry Rothman back in 1993 when she saw a document come across her desk that had Michael Jackson's name on it.  She had no idea what was to come after that fateful day.  She was about to become witness to an extortion scheme that would end up catapulting Michael Jackson into the public eye as a suspected pedophile and catapulting Geraldine herself, into the role of a witness and eventually, author of a book, "Redemption" which tells the story about her first-hand witness experience.

Click Here to read this exclusive, in-depth interview that tells the truth behind the 1993 child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson

Some Excerpts:

"Did you know that the child molestation allegation against Michael Jackson was launched on the same day that the Judge ordered Evan Chandler to return Jordy Chandler back to his mother?   He went to a custody hearing and at that hearing he did not mention anything about his son being molested. As a result, the judge ordered Evan to return custody to June Chandler. That was the same day that the child molestation allegation was launched."

"God gave Michael Jackson something he didn't give his accuser.  A witness."

Geraldine Hughes