This is a portion of the recorded phone conversation between Evan Chandler and Jordie's step father.  It contains some really thought-provoking information on the extortion scheme that can be corroborated with the essays/articles on the left.
In Regards To The Allegations & The Trial
The 1993 Allegations
Heartfelt video of Michael after the 1993 allegations were brought against him.  This was broadcast worldwide
A rare video of Michael in 1996 answering allegations of the 1993 accusation of child molestation  To watch the video CLICK HERE
Michael talks about the police brutality he endured when he was brought in after allegations of child molestation
Aphrodite Jones talks about her book "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" and Michael's innocence with Bill O'Reilly
New York Times best-selling author Aphrodite Jones talks about her book "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" and about Michael's innocence.  She covered his 2005 trial for Fox News.
Living With Michael Jackson Take Two...
The rebuttal to Martin Bashir's damaging and  false representation of Michael Jackson, "Living with Michael Jackson. "

"Living with Michael Jackson" is the  documentary that aired in early 2003 that seemed to start the wheels in motion on the 2003 allegations.  No accusations were made by the accuser or his mother or family before this time and for quite a while after, they had nothing but positive things to say about Michael.

From the research I've done, there are quite a few discrepencies in what Martin Bashir said in these interview sessions (which were edited out of his own documentary, but Michael Jackson's cameras, also rolling at the same time, caught all of this footage that many have not previously seen). 

What Bashir says during the interviews does not match and is strikingly different from the comments he made when the cameras were rolling (watch these videos to see for yourself).   One example:  In the unedited version, Bashir tells Jackson that it makes him weep when he sees him with his children.  In the documentary, he speaks negatively about Jackson's parenting.   The narration he added to the documentary and the way it was edited was, seemingly done to paint a very negative picture of Michael Jackson.  In truth, it was a train wreck.

Then, in what seems like a cruel attempt at an apology and possibly a sense of guilt over what he did, on the day that Michael Jackson passed, Bashir appears on television stating that though Jackson's lifestyle was unorthodox, there was certainly nothing criminal about it.

Compare that to these quotes that Bashir said to the public in his damaging documentary:

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Very Important Interview to Listen To:  A wonderful Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson during Michael's 2005 trial
Video courtesy of Brizzy11 on YouTube
Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith.  Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanity
Azja Pryor, Chris Tucker's former girlfriend, speaks out about the Arvizo family (you can also click on the navigation at the top of the page to view the letter she wrote to Gavin Arvizo and his family
Videos with Attorney Tom Mesereau

Attorney Tom Mesereau talks about the Michael Jackson 2005 trial, witnesses he had that would testify to Jordan Chandler telling them that Michael had never done anything to him and other facts about the case:
You can view more video interviews with Attorney Tom Mesereau on his YouTube Channel HERE
2005 Trial Videos
The BBC interviews Thomas Mesereau on his career and his defense of Michael Jackson prior to the 2005 trial
Jay Leno interviews Tom Mesereau after he successfully defended Michael Jackson
An interview with Tom Mesereau that shows how passionate he is about injustice
Larry King interviews Tom Mesereau after the he got the case, details about the case, etc.
"He said the words, 'Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.'  His first reaction was gratitude.  Gratitude to God, gratitude to his defense team, gratitude to his family and friends."

Thomas Mesereau on Larry King Live speaking of Michael Jackson's reaction after all of the "Not Guilty" verdicts were read.
Aphrodite Jones Interviews
Barbara Walters interviews Tom Mesereau, one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005
Please excuse Ms. Walters' media slant of once again trying to fit in something negative about Michael in how she claims that he came across "odd" even during the trial.  Bad habits are hard to break. :-(
And God bless this woman as she just had to ask Mr. Mesereau about why he wears his hear longer ;-)