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Remembering Michael 2 Years Later...
This beautiful video created by Dhez Rueda
You to me Michael are.......


You were hurt
But you gave love

You were mocked
But you spoke of love

You were betrayed
But you showed love

You were crucified
But you believed in love

You were lonely
But you taught us love

You were lost
But you brought us love

You are not gone
You are L.O.V.E



Michael - You leaving was speechless and my heart will never completely heal. However, I don't begrudge you your happiness now. A wonderful angel, who is before God, his beloved son and our Savior, children that you love some much and Elizabeth.

You talent, ability, acheivements, kindness of spirit, no non sense business tycoon, human...itarian and philotrophic acheivements and more importantly your heart, that touched so many and your capacity to love in spite of what you endured shall never be forgotten.

I know you are at peace, happiness and joy beyond words of description. I love you so much, I always will! I'm sure that I along with others thank God for the blessing that was and always will be you! I'll see you one day!

Joycelyn Adams

Good morning my friends. In a few hours it will be a two years since the world got the news that Michael Jackson had died. My health has been poor lately and I have not been at my page but each of you who have touched my life through Michael are always with me. There is no way I would be absent from the community today. His star is shining brightly around the world. The incredible number of healing movements that fans have started and continue to start sings the truth of Michael Jackson's impact on our world. There are more fans and more healing missions for children and the environment today than last year at this time. His impact on our world is not dimming but growing geometrically in the hearts of individuals...and of course change only truly happens by individuals (the face each one of us sees in the mirror). "You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back / Where there is love, I'll be there / I'll reach out my hand to you.." sang Michael... and as I stand outside with the warming June winds in my face I can feel those words are true. When MJ first died all I could do was cry...then all I could do was try in vain to figure out how he died... and fight the battles waged against his good name. Do not misunderstand, I still cry, I still avidly care about the events surrounding his death but I felt a real awakening when it came to me that were I asking Michael how he'd like me to spend my time I felt like all of nature was singing back at me in his voice: "live for the healing: heal the world" And so today my grief is still as deep as the roots of a mighty oak tree but I want my sorrow to not created a withered, bitter Meg who has no soul life left to carry on Michael's work. Let my tears and the tears of all those in the fan base that I have come to so deeply care for over these last 2 years create a new ocean of cleansing love. Michael's Healing Ocean. Let our tears create an ocean of compassion, an ocean of informed caring for our earth -- let our tears create an ocean that cleans away the debris of lies and allows Michael's star to shine more brightly each day -- each year. Michael, I want to be your Sunflower!

by Meghan Collins via Facebook

When I had seen the Munickshow the 2nd of July 2009 I felt like "hit by a train". The days and months that followed the only thing I could do was cry,cry,cry (and still..) and I did not understad it because I never in my entire life I had seen Michael. Of course I knew his name but I even didn't know his music. I was looking on the internet to find out why I felt so desperate, why I felt so totally out of control and found the HTWF; there I met a lot of people who seemed to have the same 'problem' and we started to share our feelings. I found there sooooo much love and inspiration and I found out the person Michael really was. Here in the Netherlands the papers and the news only spoke about the very weard Michael (to say so) and now I discovered the lies, and what the tabloids have done to him; I started to look at the short films of Michael and I heard and saw his brilliance and it changed my life completely. I ordered the OPUSbook and could not believe what my eyes saw. I f  eel so much more love in my soul, feel so much more compassion and am trying to make a change, to make the world a better place. In my personal life relationships changed for the better even in the most complicated situation. And I have to say: the conversations of Jan with Michael helped a lot too! I am always looking forward for the next one.

I am very grateful that I met all the people on facebook, worldwide, all over he globe with whom I can share my feelings for Michael and with whom I can try to give justice for Michael and his family through petitions. The truth needs to be told to the world! It's all about L-O-V-E

the Netherlands

2 years today, I cannot express the sadness I feel today, the world has lost a wonderful human being, music has never be the same to me since you left us, the world seems so much different, I miss your presence on earth, I will never forget your message to us all and that is one of LOVE, YOU ARE FOREVER IN MY HEART.

Judy Rowe
South Australia

Michael touched and inpacted my life in a huge way. he inspired me to dream big and never give up on them. He is missed and I will never ever forget what he did and how amazing he was.. There will never be another like him again and he was one of a kind.. I loved him dearly as well as everyone else, and always will, and He certainly left a mark on this world.. Michael, I love you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us and never giving up on your dreams... I know you are with God now and you are safe.. :) I love and miss you very much...

Love, star... <3

star lopez
New York
United States

I just want to thank You everyting what you gave me and for the world.I still cnt belive You gone.U were the brightes star in this universe.There is no word to discribe You how big God u were for many of us in this planet.In every sens.The most beautiful human being I ever seen with endless love.I just cant belive I never had the chance to meet You personally,I will always regret this.But I hope we meet in heaven.U are there singing for angels with your angel voice,and your beautiful pure smile.Hope you happy wherever You are now,thats matters for me nobody disturb You anymore.My love is Endless for you, I will always love YOU no matter what.Untill my soul is living in this universe in any kind of form I will always Love You bec,You are the Love.xxxxxxKatalin hungarian fan

Katalin Bene):

- 2 Years -
2  years without you, Michael, means to much. More than a lot of people could imagine. Your magic, your energy, your music, your dance, your incomparable talent. Your kindness  and compassion. Your greatness of spirit.  The world misses all this immensely.

When we were about the same age and I listened your sweet voice singing, I felt so touched always...and I didn't understand why. I just knew that  it was wonderful what you made me feel. My teenage years had your music  as a soundtrack. Unforgettable.

And this feeling stayed inside me all my life! No it grew each time even more. Because I started to see you like an awesome person, besides the incomparable artist.  To follow you through the years was so amazing.  And how many things I've only knew after you were gone  Your music is eternal, so your presence too. Your messages of love are in our hearts.  We will be  making a little space to make a better place and healing this world.  For the children , for our children s children. This was your mission, you said. Now , it s ours.

Thank you for everything you did to our world!
Thank you for all the emotion you still put in my life!

Anna Leticia
Sco Paulo

He was the most gentle and sweet human being of the world


2 Years later.
I have to say that even though I've admired Michael since I was a kid, I've really grown to realize just how much he had my heart these past two years. I was gutted when he passed. I mean, it felt like I'd lost my brother, best friend, and love of my life in one. :( And so soon after losing my own father the previous May. Anyway, Michael inspired me to make that change. :) So, in his Memory I and a friend donated some money to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. It just moved me that he was always doing for others and had a place in his heart for children, especially those that were seriously ill and dying.

Anyway, 2 years later, I am still falling more in love with his beautiful heart every day. He faced things with such courage that is so unfound today. I mean, I honestly don't know of anyone that could deal with what he did without "loosing it". He's the epitome of living out your faith, and making a difference.

If there's one thing I wish I could tell him, it would be simply, "Thank you and I love you."
I know I will never forget him. :)


"2 Years": I am preparing to make my first trip to Gary, Indiana for a memorial celebration at Michael's childhood home tommorow and I have so many emotions flowing right now. I am happy and excited to celebrate his life and see his boyhood home yet I am still just as sad as the day he left this Earth. I have been a fan of Michael's since I was about 5 yrs. old and even more so now that I am older and understand his life more. Michael has taught me so much about life and mostly about unconditional love. His music has walked me through some of the most trying times in my life giving me such peace each time I hear his voice. I believe that Michael was an angel treading this world and he had a mission that I believe he truely carried out during his short time here. I hurt so deeply for all the pain he had to suffer while he was here and I would give anything to take that back for him and to tell him how much i appreciate and love him for all he was and still is. I thank God ever  y day for sending Michael to us and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. To me, there will never be another soul as loving and as special as he was. I pray that his family and his children are doing well. I hope that Prince, Paris, and Blanket will continue their father's legacy and always remember how much he loved and cherished them. I hope the family knows that their are so many of us who share their pain of losing Michael and who will also continue to love and support them through out their lives. When I go to Gary tommorow, my heart will be with the family and with Michael. I miss you and love you with all my heart and soul Michael Jackson. I know heaven is smiling because you are there. I'll do my best to smile with it as I celebrate your life and legacy. Love you more,
Amanda Toler
Mammoth Cave, KY

Michael Jackson I thank you SO much for the love and compassion you showed SO many people in the world. You are a true Humanitarian, in every sense of the word. Now we all need to take Action. Make that change, and celebrate this great mans contributions to Planet Earth. I love you Michael Jackson, thank you.

Truth and Love Page - Linda

His smile could brighten the bleakest day..His eyes could light up the midnight sky...His gentleness could calm the turbulent sea..
His warm heart could melt the winter snow...
His laugh could warm the coldest heart...
His joy could bring the world to tears...
His spirit could soar with doves and eagles...
His charm could chase the clouds away...
His shyness could make a white rose blush...
His words could make the waters ripple..
His L.O.V.E could start to HEAL THE WORLD...
We miss you are my angel...

buenos aires

2 years and still empty in a place in my heart and soul. A place that has been filled with God's love, light and Life. A place that still pangs when a mention of Michael appears to me, tears flowing as the breath recently drawn in me has been rushed out with a mournful, adoring yet abandon exhale. I have learned to love this world God created and given to us with more compassion and empathy when Michael brought awareness to it's current and continuing destruction. This is after all the Word and path that God has told us about. I learned to love the world, it's people, flora and fauna so much more since Michael went Home to be with the Lord. This is after all a few of His commands of us. Loosing my mom at 13 years old left a hole in my existence that couldn't be filled, God bless my father whom stepped up to cover both roles, I learned to appreciate my dad more. My heart and prayers constantly go out to Michael's beloved childr  en, that God protects them and hopes their love for the Lord will grow and shine like their father's did. Prince, Paris and Blanket... your father was a beacon in this world, not of it. A man that battled everyday with the prince of the air. A man that, even in the last days, never gave up the shine Jesus abides within. Your father is deeply missed, knowing that one sweet day we'll all meet once again on that golden shore! Much L.O.V.E. and blessing from the Free family!

Bristol, TN

Once upon a time, in Heaven, God was  watching the Earth. He thought that to be fair with humans, his/her angels must live for a while among them. So he called his closest angel, and sent him to Earth, as an example for others. The idea was to see if his/her angels were in their place.

God said "If he's a real angel, his memories of Heaven will be erased but he will still do the good."

The man did the best he could, and when God knew his mission was over , he called him back to him.

Only love is weightless enough to fly until God's seat. So each thought of love to this man add him a white feather.

That's why now Michael Jackson wears white wings.

Michael, you kept my heart beating and my mind alive. Without you, I wouldn't have lived anymore. When I see you dancing, when I hear your voice, the world is just alright.

Thank you for giving me strength, thank you for making me believe in love, thank you for being the soundtrack of my life, thank you for waking me up to beauty and grace.

I love you from the abyss of my soul, Michael Jackson.


He 'SHOWED' us what Love not only meant
but also how Love felt,

He 'TAUGHT' us the meaning of Life & to withdraw from trouble and strife, He 'SPOKE' to us with conviction and passion, that feeling hatred was not the fashion, He 'FELT' our worries, stresses and fears, and mopped up our flowing tears.

He hasn't left us as he told us 'You are not alone', He 'DID' what was asked of him, then God called him home.

For someone to have been taken away so soon God definately has a bigger plan for Michael. He will never be forgotten he is too big a character to 'blend' into the History Books, generations yet to be born will have Michael born into their innocent hearts & minds as Michael will always be an Angel amongst us.

He is a credit to his Family, Mankind and to our World xxxxxx


My dad bought me the Thriller album when it came out, I was 10.  I fell in love with him, as only a 10 year old can.  My best friend and I would spend hours in front of the TV watching MTV waiting for Thriller to come on.  To make a really long story short, my dad (who's name was Michael James) died in January, 2000 suddenly, which of course was devistating to me and my family. When Michael died 2 years ago, my life stood still.  Apart from his beautiful voice and  incredible dancing which has inspired me in so many ways in my life, I lost a huge connection to my dad.  Dad introduced me to Michael, and now they are both gone :(  As the 2nd anniversay approaches, I am very sad as this world lost 2 of the most wonderful loving men I know.

Laura Peterson
Santa Barbara, CA

For me Michael Jackson is more than a singer, dancer or performer. He is a member of my family and I miss him and love him. Now rather 2 years after his death, he is every day a part of my life.

Name Withheld

In addition to being the most gifted, artistic and visionary Greatest Entertainer Ever Bar None! God also gifted us with a very special human being who, thanks to his faith and humility and following God's will in his life, was able to bring us all a wonderful message of Love, Peace and Caring! We can be united all over the world through his music and message!

Thank you to a man who has brought me many smiles, memories, happiness and a worldwide family! Thank you, Michael! Yes we do miss you so much but can smile because we were blessed by God so greatly with fifty wonderful years!

Love you more, Michael!  Sue xx

Sue Adams
Reading, Berkshire

Your kindness and generosity ,your talent and your heart will be missed. I can still feel the love in your music. You were and are a blessing. rest in peace.

Cindy Crislip
Wadsworth, Ohio

Sitting on the steps of wembley stadium all night and day to get front row at micheals history concert, when we got in we ran down the pitch to the front what an amazing night we had micheal dangling his feet above me on the cherry picker in earth song.

Steven Cole
Stoke on Trent

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You were some of my earliest memories with your purple hat cocked to the side and your smooth vocal style, mature beyond your years.  You were one of my first crushes and one of my first inspirations.  I respect the example that you were/are for others.  I believe in the message you so desperately wanted to carry across the planet: love and healing.  I will do what I can to live up to your example and carry on the work you started albeit in my own, small way.  I love you and miss you everyday.  Your music and the memory of your smile will keep me strong today and all the days of my life until I can see you and give you a hug on the other side.

I love you more....



In memoriam of the music maestro known as the King of Pop and ditto as the Greatest Humanitarian that ever lived, I am sharing an excerpt from a book that could be attributed to the MAN. 

This passage is something that I have safely tucked in the innermost recesses of my memory for its beautiful narrative. It all came back as it occurred to me that it may well have been written for the greatest artist who had walked the earth, Michael Jackson. Here goes. . . ~&#8496;

"There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its life, more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth. From the moment it leaves the nest it searches for a thorn tree, and does not rest until it has found one. Then, singing among the savage branches, it impales itself upon the longest, sharpest spine. And, dying, it rises above its own agony to out-carol the lark and the nightingale. One superlative song, existence the price. But the whole world stills to listen, and God in His heaven smiles. For the best is only bought at the price of great pain... or so says the legend..." THE THORN BIRDS by Colleen McCullough


I listen to the music. Michael's voice fills my hearing.  I live my life.  Michael's heart fills my being.  There are more things to say than can be said.  This, I feel, is most important.  It has been said that Michael was blessed with a gift.  That is true.  This is more true: Michael IS our gift. 

Rosalynn Smith
Zellwood, Florida

I remember his heart & the love gave.  God gave us an Angel.


I Remember about Michael is Thriller.And how exciting it was too see it.For the first time.Too see a video like that for the first time.And I LOVE how he gets up on his toes.Like in the video.And the incredible dance moves in the video.And we saw it at a friends house.For the first time . It was soooooo EXCITING too see that.It was All knew too us.It STILL is a favorite of ares.I also Rember BillyJean the moonwalk for the first time.On theMotown  25th Anniversary special. Michael performed with his brothers. And than he performed BillyJean for the first time. With the fedora sequin glove glitter jacket. And he did the moonwalk for the first time. Which no one could perform it like him.With such PERFECTION like he did.He was an Incredible Genious. And the Best performer that Ever Lived.

Dawn M
DeLand Fl
United States

I can't believe it's been 2 year's. I miss Michael so much! I have loved him for as long as I can remember & will continue to love him always. I have a tribute to him on my back so I will always have him with me. Peace, Love, & Michael Jackson! <3

Tia Beth Young

Can't stop loving him. You were the best loving person someone could have ever experience before and even after death. You will alway live in my heart. Miss you deeply!!!!

Jenny Hernandez
Trujillo Alto
Puerto Rico

Two years ago today I had no idea where this new found relationship with Michael Jackson the artist, humanitarian, performer, would take me. I was always inspired by the artistry (dance) that came through him. When I discovered all of you Michael I dropped down on the ground in awe.  Truly he is the man in the mirror reflecting back to us what we can do and experience as we live and love unconditionally.  Michael Jackson thank you for coming with us on this life journey, you are missed but your message grows in the hearts of those who can feel it. Perhaps - perhaps in the next few years we can all visualize and bring about that beautiful world you were visioning for us.     


Dear Michael, I miss you so dearly-you have been so much in my thoughts and prayers.

You have taught me so much. You taught me how to interpret a song, how to connect to it. Like all my mentors, you taught me the importance of surrendering yourself completely to the music, of giving up your entire self so that when you sing or perform you are able to make the audience believe. You taught me that, to perform at your best, you must let the music flow unhindered, let it carry you into a new sense of being- that, when singing, the thoughts expressed should not be those of your subjective self, but those of the music.

You taught me to perceive the world with child-like awe and wonder. To never feel satisfied in my pursuit of knowledge-to always be driven to learn, discover and understand new ideas.

You taught me to always extend a hand or words of friendship, compassion and understanding to those in need.

You taught me to always carry myself with dignity, grace and poise no matter how difficult and demeaning the situation.

You taught me to never be afraid of being different, of standing out from the crowd-To never be content with being just another "can in the assembly line." You taught me to always be myself, to meet the mockery and ignorance of others with gentle defiance and never turn away from the yearnings of my own heart.

Though I wish more than anything we still had you, that you were still here to enjoy all the ordinary qualities of life you so yearned for-to see your children mature, to enjoy celebrations in a peaceful family home, I know through your divine art your soul will live forever. Years from now when I have long departed the planet, and cultures, customs and ideas have shifted beyond all familiar recognition, people will still speak your name with love and respect for what you wrote.

For all these reasons whenever I see your name slandered, abused, mocked or vilified I will be there to correct it-to shine the blinding light of truth into the darkness. I will not let them wantonly taint your beautiful character and good name.

You once said that you didn't want to be everything to everybody, just something to someone. For all these reasons, you will always be something dear to me, something to be treasured, as rare an occurrence as when the moon blots out the sun. I always carry you dear and close in my heart. Bless you now and always, one of my musical mentors and my humble, gentle friend. I love you. x

Tori Tompkins

Michael was without a doubt, one of the most beautiful human beings to ever walk the Earth. On a daily basis, he inspires me to be a better person, love every living thing, and to give back with L.O.V.E. He inspired me to write poetry, and be my own individual person. I adore Michael in every way that I possibly can. I'll never forget where I was, or what I was doing when I heard the devastatingly sad news, 2 years ago. I was in the middle of writing a "thank you" letter that I was going to send him, about how much he changed my life for the better. I took a break from writing, turned on the tv, and my heart stopped beating, along with the rest of the world. I think that his loss is unfair to not only his family, but to his supportive fans everywhere. We just have to remember that he's in a better place, and he's happy where he is, without any type of pain or suffering.

This man will forever be my hero, inspiration, role model, reason to help others, and what I believe to be my "other half".

I love you forever, Michael <3
Prayers to his family & fans.

Kyana Picciotti
Colonia, New Jersey

The first MJ (Jackson 5) song I listened to properly, properly because im sure i'd heard thriller or billie jean, i first watched J5 peform I want you back on the Gary Indiana Tour and searched him all day long after i watched that now im in love. Love you much <3 'I want you back' man <3

Rebecca Inglis

Photo above was taken by Emmy nominated filmmaker Larry Nimmer on his visit to Michael's Neverland dance studio June 2011.  Here's what Larry had to say about it:

"I took this shot of Michael's dance studio at Neverland from my visit with Sebastien last Friday. There is a spotlight on the center of the dance floor, with a velvet rope around it. On the wall is a monitor that plays Michael's dance videos. I think it was very respectful and Mike-like."~ Larry Nimmer, Facebook
Michael Jackson Fans of New York City Candelight Vigil at the Apollo Theater June 25th, 2011
Film by Pascal Himmelsbach featuring the London Symphony Orchestra Tribute to MJ, along with stunning fan artwork
Flash Mob performs "Thriller" at County Fair in Del Mar on June 25th, 2011
Article Excerpt:

"We are here because we love Michael Jackson," said Lisa Iaria of Solana Beach.

"It's a lot of work," said Bob Stevens of Mission Hills, who also danced last year, as he brushed back the royal blue satin ribbons cascading from his top hat. "But we gain the camaraderie of reconnecting with now good friends and the pleasure of surprising the crowd."

The group started out with the "fan dance" from the Phantom of the Opera, then busted into the classic "Thriller" routine from 1983.

Immediately after the two numbers the sweat-streaked ghoulish faces were all grinning ear to ear as they gathered to take photos and answer questions from curious onlookers before freshening up to await the 8 p.m. dance in the paddock area, where closer to the full 500-strong roster of trained dancers are expected.

"We are here because we love Michael Jackson," said Lisa Iaria of Solana Beach.

A desire to pay tribute to the "King of Pop" on the two-year anniversary of his death was the most common reason cited for participating.

Read more:

"Michael Jackson continues to inspire people in every corner of the world as someone who chose to use the extraordinary gifts and talents he was blessed with to deliver messages of hope, love and peace. Michael's legacy is more than his remarkable artistic accomplishments. It also includes an indescribably unique spirit that still connects Michael today with countless fans in a way that knows no borders, no cultural barriers and which speaks a common language of unity and compassion. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with his children as we fondly remember the Michael Jackson whose friendship, humor and kindness joyously touched so many lives."