6 Years:

Remembering Michael
Six years ago today, June 25th, the world would go into mourning for a man who touched so many lives with his artistry, his music, his generosity and his humanitarianism. What I didn't know at the time, is that that day would ultimately alter the course of my life. People I would come to know and befriend and talk to at length (many of you here on this page) as well as speaking with quite a few of the people who knew Michael well, some for a few years, some for as many as 30 years. Through all of that, now, looking back, I have come to know something so very different from the information that was out there.

The biggest change to my life came just a few weeks after this day, 6 years ago, when I felt a definite calling. A "you have to do something" moment. That is how the Reflections on the Dance website was conceived. 3 1/2 months later, on the late evening of October 13th, the website went live and within just minutes, it was being seen around the globe, in every country and continent and soon I was hearing stories of how lives were being changed and how through Michael and some due to the site and learning the truth about Michael, how many were coming to faith in God, or from some who had walked away and were coming back. People were buying Bibles for the first time ever and reading them. People were writing me from all over the world about how learning the truth about Michael was eye opening and life changing for them. It was miraculous and powerful and surreal.

I chose this photo because it is the photo that changed the course of the website. I've shared that story before and may do so again, but looking at this photo one night, I had a very surreal experience, a spiritual experience that allowed me to feel, in a short period of time, the intensity of the emotions that Michael had experienced. It was confirmation from above. It's one of the reasons that so many who visit the site (even those who knew the man personally) tell me that the site is an accurate representation of who he was here on earth.

God was always the stronghold and the conductor, for ROTD. That's why so many people go on the site and tell me that they can feel God's presence there or that they feel peace.

Just last year, more confirmation arrived about Michael's faith. God had shown me that Michael was a man of deep faith, even amidst some of the harassment I received for saying so.

Last year I was fortunate to be introduced to Kerry Anderson, MJ's former Head of Security and former decorated LAPD, through Dana Gedrick (thank you Dana). Through a conversation we had, Kerry shared with me about Michael's faith in God and in his acceptance of Jesus as his Savior. God has always continued to confirm the truth over and over again, whether it be about Michael's faith, about his innocence or about any of the other stories out there.

Michael's story is one of perseverance, strength, fortitude, giftedness and using the immense talent that God gave to him, to effect global, world-wide change. God came knocking and Michael answered. It's why he was attacked so viciously at times. That same faith, even during immense trials (though it wavered at times and though he struggled at times like we all do) is the reason that though we miss him, though what happened to him was extremely unfair, and though it's painful at times, we can take hold of the positive, of the joy, of not only what he left us here with and the change that has effected and continues to, but with the knowledge and comfort in knowing, without doubt, that Michael is now with God and has been for the last 6 years, and is no longer suffering. He is with his Father in Heaven. So even on a day like today where we all remember, reminisce and shed some tears, we can feel certain that though some sadness still remains here, that he is okay, and that where he is, there is no sadness or tears. He has the unconditional love he was seeking his entire life now.

~ Debbie Kunesh 
"Soon and Very Soon"
Andrae Crouch

This is the song that Michael requested to hear just days before his passing.