Michael....In His Own Words....On Video
An early interview done with Michael in the 80's after Thriller's success.

These videos show a young, joyful Michael.  You can't really hear the interviewer's questions and the sounds of the fountains drown out some of the answers, but this interview really gives you an idea of Michael's essence & his humbleness.
Amazing video series that really gives you a look into who Michael really was.  The show was titled "Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies," and originally appeared on Fox.
Food fight with John Landis
Ebony/Jet magazine interview, part 1
Ebony/Jet interview part 2
In an interview done with 60 minutes, Michael mentioned that most people don't really know him and if you wanted to get to know him, to listen to the song "Childhood", which he said was the most personal and autobiographical song he ever wrote.  Watch the video of "Childhood" below
This is an amazing video (courtesy of KingD500 on You Tube) that features Michael really speaking from his heart.  Listen and get to know the real Michael.  Features footage from the Grammy Legend Award Speech (35th Annual Grammy Awards) 1993
Very Important Speech to listen to:
Michael's Oxford University Speech in March 2001
(Courtesy of begodsglow on YouTube)
Excellent speech about society today and the void we all feel.  Also wonderful insight about parents and children and our world today, as well as his own upbringing.  Very on-target thinking about love and forgiveness.
CLICK HERE for an amazing interview well worth listening to.  Michael speaks with Rev. Jesse Jackson during his 2005 child molestation trial.  Very eye-opening interview that really gives a glimpse into Michael's true person.

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Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith. Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanity
Clips of Michael Laughing
Video from AthenaPallas on You Tube
A video showing Michael as a Father
Michael laughing at someone imitating his moves
Video from MichaelJacksonsTube on YouTube
To read about what went on before this speech was given and about the phone call Michael made forgiving his father and telling him he loved him, read this article
Cute and funny MJ moments
Video by Etoile37 on YouTube
Michael speaks about creating his music in the "Dangerous" court case deposition 1994
Amazing to hear how he crafted his songs and to hear him singing and to hear his beat box....amazing!  Also gives a glimpse in to some of the crazy things Michael had to go through, and shows how he always handled himself like a gentleman and remained humble, kind and polite even under pressure.  I don't think we will ever see this degree of talent again in our lifetimes, it just flowed from him, nor will we see that level of talent combined with such a beautiful, kind and giving spirit & soul.  Michael was a rare gem.
Video uploaded by MJJDangerousfan on YouTube
An emotional moment on stage on the History World Tour in Seoul in 1996
Video by ramss70 on YouTube
Michael and Emanuel Lewis dancing
Video by butornic on YouTube
Rare Photos of Michael
Video by xRockxYourxWorldx on YouTube
More Rare Photos of Michael
Video by US5RichieGirly on YouTube
Photos of Michael with Emanuel Lewis at Disneyland
Video by US5RichieGirly on YouTube
Rare speech from Michael regarding his dealing with Sony and Tommy Mottola
Video uploaded by MJEurope on YouTube
Michael addressing his Black and White Magazine fans
Michael speaking out on racism
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Michael as he truly was, just having fun