Michael In Writing (& Voice)...
On the creative process, his songs and God's work

"No one can quite say what the creative process is.  Because I have nothing to do with it of course.  It's created in space.  It's God's work, not mine."
Ebony/Jet 2007 interview

I wrote "Will You Be There?" at my house, "Never Land" in California....I didn't think about it hard. Thats why its hard to take credit for the songs that I write, because I just always feel that it's done from above. I feel fortunate for being that instrument through which music flows. I'm just the source through which it comes. I can't take credit for it because it's Gods work. He's just using me as the messenger....
Ebony/Jet 2002 interview

On his family being close despite what the tabloids say:

"Family is everything to us.  It's love.  It's what we were taught, and values.  We're friends at the end of the day, which is important.  Other than what the public or press people say, we're friends.  We love each other very much."
Geraldo interview before the 2005 trial

On all of the tabloid sensationalism:

"It's not true.  It's like looking at a fictitious movie because it's fiction.  It's science fiction.  It's not true.  I know myself and it's sad when other people have to read those things and they believe it.  I know eventually the truth will prevail and I'm about truth.

Does it affect me?  Yes.  But I've become immune in a way too.  I'm very strong.  I have rhinoserous skin.  But at the same time, I'm human, so anything can hurt like that.  But I'm very strong.  I just dont like people hearing about such false information.

People come at celebrity.  We're targets.  But the truth always prevails.  I believe in that.  I believe in God.  (when asked if that faith sustains him....)  "Of course it does."
Geraldo interview before the 2005 trial

More On Tabloid sensationalism:

"Don't judge a person by what you hear or read....there is so much tabloid sensationalism.  Don't fall prey to it.  It's ugly.  I'd like to take all of the tabloids and burn them.....Some of them try to disguise themselves, but they are still tabloids."

"It's a complete lie, why do people buy these papers? It's not the truth I'm here to say. You know, don't judge a person, do not pass judgement, unless you have talked to them one on one. I don't care what the story is, do not judge them because it is a lie."

"Just because it's in print doesn't mean it's the gospel."

“I am bewildered at the length to which people will go to portray me so negatively.”

"The press has made up so much...God...awful, horrifying stories...it has made me realize the more often you hear a lie, I mean, you begin to believe it."

"People write negative things because they feel that's what sells.  Good news to them, doesn't sell."

A British tabloid media incident:

"...The last time I was here (in Britain), I flew Mickey and Minnie Mouse from Euro Disney to a hospital in London for the sick kids and took them a load of toys and things to cheer them up. The next day’s papers said: "Wacko Jacko Snubs Sick Children". That really hurt me - I tried to help those children.... It was cruel and unnecessary."

1999 The Daily Mirror Magazine

"I want to continue to grow.  To me, the biggest sin of all sins, is to be given a gift, a talent, because it's actually a gift from God, to take that and not cultivate it and make it grow, that's the biggest sin in the world."

Oct. 1981 Ebony Magazine

The Loss of Princess Diana and feeling "hunted"

"I had a concert on the day the news broke and my doctor woke me up to tell me Diana was dead. I literally collapsed, I fainted....I canceled my show because I simply could not perform. I just broke down. I wept and wept for weeks afterwards."

"Diana was a wonderful person with such a good heart. She went round the world as a philantropist just like Mother Theresa. She proved that she really, really cared about people, and children, especially. The way that I do....She felt hunted in the way I’ve felt hunted. Trapped, if you like....Diana’s death was the saddest I’ve ever felt. It reminded me of when Kennedy died. It broke my heart so much, I just cried and cried...."

1999 The Daily Mirror Magazine interview

Talking with Steve Harvey about sensationalism

In reference to Steve Harvey thanking Michael for all that he does:

"Well, God Bless you.  That's so beautiful.  I appreciate it.  But it's not easy being in my position because it creates so much sensationalism and tabloid.  People lie.  They create rumors and stories and none of it's true and it's very, very diffiicult, you know?  It's not easy, it's very hard, and you end up, you hurt sometimes and you try to be as resilient as possible but it's very, very difficult because there's tabloids who, they hate, they're jealous.  When you read this, know it's a lie.  Don't believe it.  Burn it.  We should have a tabloid burning.  Make a mountain out of them and just destroy them....What can I do but bring forth the talent that God gave me?  That's all I wanted to do.  To share the love and gift of entertainment.  That's all I want to do.  I don't want to hurt anybody."

On the Name Calling:

On His Love for children:

"I truly care about children, and about the future for our children. I'm a little frightened about what the future is going to bring. I truly, truly love them and care about them. I will always help them. When I go on tour, I visit hospitals, terminally ill children. At my ranch at Neverland, we have many terminally ill children as our guests. We do this every few weeks. You do it because you truly love them and you care."
Answer to a question on the Heal the World website Q & A

"When I see children, I see the face of God. That's why I love them so much. That's what I see."

"Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts and only asks to be lived."

"I think God outdid Himself when He created children."

"In everything I do, everything from the performance to the songwriting, to the choreography to the directing, everything I do is inspired by little children."

"I’m crazy about them. It is the innocence they have; they are the way I wish the world really was, because they are not phoney and they don’t know prejudice. Prejudice is taught. If the world were full of only children, it would be a much better place......"I’ve always been totally crazy about children. I feel that they are more than just children; that they are all little geniuses and that they have a secret all of their own. A secret that they cannot always express....I studied child psychology because of my love for children – all over the world.....If a kid doesn’t like you, he’ll tell you. But adults pretend and put on phoney ways. I wish the world could be full of children!" 

From a 1979 "Blues and Soul" Magazine interview

"One of my favourite pastimes is being with children – talking to them , playing with them, wattlin’ in the grass. They’re one of the main reasons why I do what I do. Children are more than adults. They know everything that people are trying to find out – they know so many secrets – but it’s hard for them to get it out. I can recognize that and learn from it. They (the children) say some things that’ll astound you. They go through brilliant, genius stages, but when they become a certain age, they lose it. So many people think certain things are childlike, but grown-ups are really nothing but children who have lost all that real magic by not noticing and digging and finding out. I believe in that deeply."

1980 Melody Maker music newspaper

On if a "normal childhood" would have changed how much he related to children:

"I probably would (still relate to them), but not as much. That's why I wouldn't change a thing. Because I am happy with the way things are and my caring for young people and everything."

1993 TV Interview with Oprah

On the source of his affinity for children:

"....I never had a childhood. When they’re in pain, I feel their pain. And when they’re in despair, I feel their despair. I have such concern about the plight and the state of our children today. If there was one day where kids could get with parents and bond, this would make such a difference...."

2001 online audio chat

On the World's children:

"That consciousness of purity....children have that. I see God in the face of children.....It’s time for the children now. It’s time for us to give them a chance. Like the Bible says, 'A child shall be leader of them all.'"

2003 Living with Michael Jackson documentary

On reports about abducted and murdered children:

"That just kills me, that kind of stuff. So I try not to watch the news. I feel that pain. I feel that. I feel it."

2003 Living with Michael Jackson documentary

On the family bond:

"People don't even eat with their fathers anymore, or their mothers. The family bond has been broken, it's an outcry for attention." (Michael gets emotional here and breaks down)

"Why are kids going to school with guns? They want to be touched, they want to be held, but they [the parents] are busy off on their day job and they leave them at home on the computer and they're just doing all kinds of crazy stuff. And that's destroying our bond. We need to bond again, that's very important."

"I'm just very sensitive to their pain and I am very sensitive to the family, the human condition, you know? On that subject, it means a lot to me and I want to help. Whatever I can to help that..... Everything, in my heart, is for them."

2003 Living with Michael Jackson documentary

Children, Animals and Creativity (and his interaction with the audience):

"Well, there's a certain sense that animals and children have that gives me a certain creative juice, a certain force that later on in adulthood is kind of lost because of the conditioning that happens in the world.

A great poet said once. "When I see children, I see that God has not yet given up on man." An Indian poet from India said that, and his name is Tagore.

The innocence of children represents to me the source of infinite creativity. That is the potential of every human being. But by the time you are an adult, you're conditioned; you're so conditioned by the things about you--and it goes.

Love. Children are loving, they don't gossip, they don't complain, they're just open-hearted. They're ready for you. They don't judge. They don't see things by way of color. They're very child-like. Thats the problem with adults: they lose that child-like quality. And thats the level of inspiration that's so needed and is so important for creating and writing songs and for a sculptor, a poet or a novelist. It's that same Idnd of innocence, that same level of consciousness, that you create from. And kids have it. I feel it right away from animals and children and nature. Of course.

And when I'm on stage. I can't perform if I don't have that kind of ping pong with the crowd. You know the kind of cause and effect action, reaction. Because I play off of them. They're really feeding me and I'm just acting from their energy."

Ebony/Jet 2002 interview

"I find in animals the same thing I find so wonderful in children. That purity, that honesty, where they don't judge you, they just want to be your friend. I think that is so sweet."

1993 TV Interview with Oprah

His Animals:

"God created animals. And they’re loving; they’re beautiful. I feel the way (anthropologist) Jane Goodall does or any of those naturalists. I don’t find my interest in animals weird or strange at all."

1999 TV Guide Magazine

On animal hunting and his animals:

"I hate it. I hate taxidermy shops and all that crap."

"I have two baby deer, one’s a boy and one’s a girl. They’re so sweet. They’re gorgeous. I have a llama. I have a sheep – he looks just like a ram with the horns. Louie is from the circus. He’s the llama. The ram is called Mr. Tibbs and the fawns are Prince and Princess."

1982 Interview Magazine

Nature and Animals:

"...I enjoy nature too much.... I know the tree feels it when the wind blows through it. It probably goes, "Ohhhh, this is wonderful." And that’s how I feel when I’m singing some songs. It’s wonderful."

"Plus, I’m crazy for birds and animals and puppies. And I love exotic things. I’ve had llamas, peacocks, a rhea, which is the second largest bird in the world, a macaw, which is the largest parrot from South America, pheasants, racoons, chickens….everything. Now, I’m gonna get a faun. And a flamingo.... I want a chimpanzee – they’re so sweet. Oh, I have such a good time with the animals. I have a wonderful relationship with animals, they really understand me.... I’d like to get into the whole veterinarian thing and learn the behaviour of animals. Dogs may see in black and white. Dogs might even see the wind. And what about the king cobra – what makes him come up when they play that pipe?"

"And the whales. From the top of my brother’s beach house, we look out and see them spouting."

1980 Melody Maker music newspaper

On Helping Children:

"My fondest memory here was one night (when) we had a houseful of bald-headed children. They all had cancer. And one little boy turned to me and said, "This is the best day of my life." You had to just hold back the tears."

1993 Who Weekly Magazine

"Every three weeks we have terminally ill children that come to…[the house, from charitable organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation, Dream Street, Starlight etc]...., and these are sick children, children with cancer. And I entertain them. And they come here to enjoy themselves. ... It brings out the child that lives in everybody.... I love rides and things like that and I share it with the children."

"....I love to do things for children and I try to imitate Jesus. And no, I am not saying I am Jesus, I'm not saying that.... I'm trying to imitate Jesus in the fact that he said to be like children, to love children, to be as pure as children, and to make yourself as innocent and to see the world through eyes of wonderment and the whole magical quality of it all and I love that. And we'll have like a hundred bald headed children, they all have cancer, and they're all running around. And they are enjoying themselves and it makes me cry happy tears that I was able to do this for them, you know. (It) makes me so pleased inside."

"... We have children that come who are fed intravenously...they are very sick, bedridden. They can't sit up and these beds, they are hospital beds, you push a button, you go up or you go down and they are able to watch. We have a magic show, we show the current films, there's cartoons, anything so that they can escape to that world of magic that they don't have a chance to experience, the world I was deprived of when I was little."

1993 TV Interview with Oprah

On Bela Farkas, a 4 year-old patient in need of a liver transplant that Michael and his foundation helped find a liver for and saved his life:

"I saw this little kid (at a hospital in Budapest, Hungary), his name was Farkas. He was very sick. He was green in the face. But he had this glow, this sparkle in his eye. I asked his nurse, "What’s wrong with this kid?" She said that he needs a liver. So I said, "Does that mean he’s gonna die?" She said, "Yes, he’s gonna die unless he gets a liver". I said, I’m not gonna let him die. This sweet, sweet angel. No matter what it takes, I’m gonna find a liver for him. So I sent my ("Heal The World") organization around the world. We went all over the place and it took a long time. And I said, I’m not giving up. I’m not going to have the child die. I was so happy when I got a phone call. They told me, "We’ve found a liver!" And he has his life. I’m so proud that I could help him. God bless him. I love you, Farkas."

2003 Private Home Movies TV Special

Why Helping Children is so important to him:

"I didn’t have a childhood. But, when you don’t have a childhood like people like myself and other child stars, you try to compensate for the loss, for, later on, you try to catch up. That’s why you see, like you may see a theme park or amusement rides, that type of environment at my home. But what I like to do is help other children who are less fortunate than I am. You know, kids who are terminally ill, kids who have diseases, poor children from the inner cities, the ghettos, to let them see the mountains, or to let see or go on the rides, or to watch a movie or to have some ice cream or something."

2005 Keep Hope Alive radio interview with Jesse Jackson

Disadvantaged children and his benefit missions towards them:

"I get frightened and hurt easily and the news frightens me very much, even if I’m not involved in somebody else’s problem. At Big Bear Lake I heard on the news that this little boy had his Christmas a month ahead of time, and Santa Claus was at his house, because he only had a week to live. Sure enough, in that week, he died – and that just got me so bad."

"I meet children like that all the time when we visit the hospitals. The doctors and nurse ask them, "You can go anywhere you want or do or see anything – what do you want?" And these kids request to meet the Jacksons. They say "You’ve got to meet this girl, she’s going to die tomorrow and ever since she’s been out of surgery she’s been calling your name." And, God, I just feel so wonderful to be a part of somebody’s ultimate dream. All my lifetime of work is rewarded."

"I tell the kids "I’ll see you next year", and sometimes the thought that I’ll be back next year makes them hang on. That’s happened several times. People told me this girl was about to die, but I kept running into her three years in a row – and the fourth year she died. The doctors couldn’t do anything, and for me to come in and help give her the gift of life really makes me feel good."

"Some people are chosen to do these things. These children will be drowsy, but Danny Kaye [a late American award-winning actor, singer and comedian] will come in and tell stories and make faces, and these kids will become so cheerful. Bill Cosby [an American comedian, actor and activist] is known for his ways with children, too. Nurses and doctors are totally amazed at the power of these people."

"I get a taste of poverty, too. When I go to a country – like in the Phillippines and in Trinidad and in Africa – I really get out and go to the poor sections and talk to the people. I sit in their little huts, their cardboard houses, and I make myself at home. I think it’s important to know how different people feel, especially in my field of endeavor."

"The head of the section will call all the poor people out and tell them who’s here to see them, and it feels good to know that they know who you are. I don’t think I’m better than other people, I think I’m different from other people, because I do different things. I shake all their hands, and they follow me wherever I go. Then they see my camera around my neck and they’ll start touching it and begging me to take their picture. When we first went to Africa, we took the kind of camera that has instant pictures, and they’d never seen anything like that. They were jumping up and down and screaming."

1980 Melody Maker music newspaper

On his charity work:

"What I usually do on my off days…I do as many hospitals as I do concerts. I do as many orphanages as I do concerts. But, because it’s good news, the press don’t cover it. They want bad news. But I do it from the heart. I don’t do it to wave a flag and say, look at me! We bring bags of toys and posters and albums, and you should see how it transforms these kids. They jump up and down and they’re so happy."

2003 Private Home Videos TV Special

We are the World:

"'We Are The World' was a great project.....Quincy Jones called me on the phone and he asked me to write a song, for the devastation that was going on in Africa, and Ethiopia was hit very badly, and he knew my love for the people over there, because I would go to Africa all the time. I loved the culture, I love the people, I love what they represent.... It ["We Are The World"] became the biggest selling song single in history and it raised a lot of money. It was called 'USA For Africa', and it heightened public awareness on the subject. It was relief for Africa, it was a beautiful thing. We gave a certain percentage to America and the majority share went to Africa. It was a great, great thing."

2005 Keep Hope Alive radio interview with Jesse Jackson

On His "Heal the World" Foundation:

"With "Heal the World" we have helped millions; and, as we speak, we are looking at a hospital in New Jersey. That would be the first Michael Jackson hospital and we would like to make these, throughout the world. That is our goal and our mission. And I hate the word 'orphanage', but pretty much a housing for a unity of people that are in need, you know. This is, pretty much, where my heart is and I would love to continue doing it."

1996 TV Interview with children in Tunisia

On World Poverty:

"I love to travel, and, so far, I’ve been lucky enough to see a great deal of the world. In certain parts of the Globe, I’ve seen hungry children walking the streets with no shoes on. I’m very concerned about the hungry children of the world and I hope I can do something positive to help alleviate this problem."

From a 1976 "Black Stars" Magazine interview

"I get a taste of poverty, too. When I go to a country – like in the Phillippines and in Trinidad and in Africa – I really get out and go to the poor sections and talk to the people. I sit in their little huts, their cardboard houses, and I make myself at home. I think it’s important to know how different people feel, especially in my field of endeavor."

Michael Jackson
1980 Melody Maker Music Newspaper

On Giving Back & Being Happier Because of It:

"Being able to give back, you know, and to help other people. "Heal the World Foundation", which I've formed, which helps children in healing in the world. We're doing Heal L.A.... we have three primary goals in mind: immunization of children; mentoring, a Big Sisters, Big Brothers program, and education on drug abuse. And (former President) Jimmy Carter has teamed up with us to do "Heal Atlanta", and we're going to go from state to state healing. We've gone to Sarajevo, we've gone lots of places."

1993 TV Interview with Oprah

On the charity song "What More Can I Give" and the benefit show he did with a host of stars in memory of the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City:

"...You give of yourself. You give of your talent, of your ability…The talent that was given to you by the Heavens. That’s why we’re here, to bring a sense of escapism in time of need. And, if you’re a painter, you paint; if you’re a sculptor, you sculpt; if you’re a writer, you write; if you’re a songwriter, you give songs..... You give people some love and some bliss and some escapism, and to show that you truly care from the heart and be there for them. Not just from a distance, but show you really care. You know, take the long mile and be there for them. And that’s what I did, and many others who cared and helped. And it’s an important thing.......It’s a very important song for the world. To give some feeling and some loving and some caring to those people who were thrust into orphanage, or, just within a matter of seconds, they lost their parents and their loved ones, you know?"

2001 online audio chat

On the Environment and his concern for our Earthly Home:

"I’m very concerned about the plight of the international global warming phenomenon. I knew it was coming, but I wish they would have gotten people’s interest sooner. But it’s never too late. It’s been described as a runaway train; if we don’t stop it, we’ll never get it back. So we have to fix it now. That’s what I was trying to do with "Earth Song", "Heal The World", "We Are The World", writing those songs to open up people’s consciousness. I wish people would listen to every word."

"I just wish they (including the authorities) would do more for the babies and children, help them more. That would be great, wouldn’t it?"

2007 Ebony Magazine

The Motivation for his relief efforts:

"Caring. And reading the Bible, learning about God, Jesus, love. He said, 'Bring on the children', 'Imitate the children', 'Be like the children' and 'Take care of others.' Take care of old people. And we were raised with those values. Those are very important values and my family and I we were raised with those values and they continue strong in us today."

2005 At Large with Geraldo Rivera TV Interview

The projects he wanted to do in the future, and his love for Africa:

" … things in society that I want to do in the future. You know, in Africa. I have some great plans, that I’ve been preparing to do there. […] Probably, the tsunami song that we want to do to raise money for..... Somalia and Madagascar were hit very hard, and they never talk about that, the way they talk about the other countries. My heart is going out for everybody, but at least, when they distribute the truth, distribute it right, and they never talk about the devastation down in Africa, so I wanna do something for that. And of course, I’ve been working on planning a resort that I’m building down in Africa. Beautiful hotels, just a beautiful setting for people and families and something beautiful down there. There are a lot of beautiful places down there. So I want to do something that is more international."

".... Because, Jessie, in my heart, deepest of heart, I really love Africa and I love the people of Africa. That’s why, whenever I get the chance, the children and I, we jump on the plane and fly to Africa and we vacation there. I spend more of my vacation in Africa than in any other country. And we love the people and we love the environment. Topographically, one of the most beautiful places on the surface of the Earth. They never show the sandy white sugar beaches, and it’s there! And they never show the beautiful landscaping, never show the buildings, the metropolis and urban – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya, the Ivory Coast, you know, Rwanda, how beautiful the place is! And it’s really stunningly beautiful! And I want to heighten that awareness with what I’m doing and it’s been my dream for many, many years. And everybody around me knows that, because I go there very much.... And it is the dawn of civilization. The history, a lot of our Bible history is right there in Africa. And King Tut, all those great civilizations – that is right there in Africa. Egypt is in Africa!

2005 Keep Hope Alive radio interview with Jesse Jackson

On his love of Brazilian people and his feeling like he doesn't do enough:

"I love the Brazilian people, I feel for them in the same way that I feel for the Indians and Africans. There’s a lot of poverty in Brazil, and I remember going there for the first time kind of left my heart…- you know, there’s bits of my heart in different countries around the world in which I travel - and I have a lot of heart for those people. Have you ever been to Brazil? It’s amazing. The people are so sweet […] and I was happy to be there for them. I wish I could do more – I just feel so bad that I don’t do enough, I really do."

1995 Making "HIStory" Photo Book interview

1993 Grammy Speech on children, his childhood and healing the world:

"I must confess.  It feels good to be thought of as a person, not as a personality, because....I don't read all the things written about me.  I wasn't aware that the world thought I was so weird and bizarre.  But when you grow up, like I did, in front of 100 million people since the age of 5, you're automatically different.

The last few weeks I have been cleansing myself and it's been a rebirth for myself.  It's like a cleansing spirit.

My childhood was completely taken away from me.  There was no Christmas, there was no birthdays.  It was not a normal childhood.  No normal pleasures of childhood.  Those were exchanged for hard work, struggle and pain, and eventual material and professional success.  But as an awful price, I cannot recreate that part of my life, nor would I change any part of my life.

However, today when I create my music, I feel like an instrument of nature.  I wonder what delight nature must feel when we open our hearts and express our God-given talents.  The sound of approval rolls across the universe and the whole world abounds in magic.  Wonder fills our hearts, for we have glimpsed, for an instant, the playfulness of life and that's why I love children and learn so much from being around them.  I realize that many of our world's problems today from the inner city crime to large scale wars and terrorism and our overcrowded prisons are a result of the fact that children have had their childhoods stolen from them.

The magic, the wonder, the mystery and the innocence of a child's heart are the seeds of creativity that will heal the world.  I really believe that.

What we need to learn from children isn't childish.  Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life, which is everpresent and only asks to be lived.  They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognized within our own hearts.

Today, I would like to thank all of the children of the world, including the sick and deprived.  I am so sensitive to your pain."

Grammy Legend Award speech, 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 1993

On his need for privacy and personal space:

"There's a time when I give a concert....I like to have as many people who would like to come and enjoy the show.  And there's a time when you like to be in private...when you cut the light.  That's your private space"

On the benefits of fasting:

"I fast every Sunday. I don’t eat anything. Just juices....It flushes out the system, cleans out the colon. I think that’s great. To really make it work, you have to do it properly. That’s the sewer valve of the system. You have to keep that clean like you clean the outside of your body. All these impurities come out of your system because you’re not clean inside. It comes out in pimples or disease or through big pores. Toxins trying to get out of your system. People should try to keep themselves clean."

1982 "Interview" Magazine

On His Destiny & Mission, and God choosing people to do certain things:

"I really believe that God chooses people to do certain things, the way Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci or Mozart or Muhammad Ali or Martin Luther King is chosen. And that is their mission to do that thing. And I think that I haven't scratched the surface yet of what my real purpose is for being here.

I'm committed to my art. I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. And I believe that that is the very reason for the existence of art and what I do. And I feel fortunate in being that instrument through which music flows .... Deep inside I feel that this world we live in is really a big, huge, monumental symphonic orchestra. I believe that in its primordial form all of creation is sound and that it's not just random sound, that its music. You've heard the expression, music of the spheres? Well, thats a very literal phrase. In the Gospels, we read, "And the Lord God made man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul." That breath of life to me is the music of life and it permeates every fiber of creation.

In one of the pieces of the Dangerous album, I say:  "Life songs of ages, throbbing in my blood, have danced the rhythm of the tide and flood." This is a very literal statement, because the same new miracle intervals and biological rhythms that sound out the architecture of my DNA also governs the movement of the stars. The same music governs the rhythm of the seasons, the pulse of our heartbeats, the migration of birds, the ebb and flow of ocean tides, the cycles of growth, evolution and dissolution. It's music, its rhythm. And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance. Its like, my purpose, its what I'm here for."

Ebony/Jet 2002 interview

"What can I do but bring forth the talent that God gave me?  That's all I wanted to do.  To share the love and gift of entertainment.  That's all I want to do.  I don't want to hurt anybody."

Michael Jackson
2002 Radio interview with Steve Harvey

Michael As A Father

On his children:

"There is no miracle in life that compares with watching your child come into the world.  I love family life....everything about it.  I want them to grow up being surrounded by love and by family."

"I love and adore my children. They mean everything to me. When they’re in public though, I conceal their faces, cause I want my children protected. At home, they have a normal life, they play with other kids and they have a good time, they’re laughing a lot. They run around, they even go to school. It’s a normal life for them. But in public, I must protect them. I love my children very much, and I’m proud to be their dad."

2003 Private Home Movies TV Special

"Well, I enjoy taking care of my children myself.  It's fun.  It's why I had them.  So I could take care of them.  It's great relief for me.  It's pleasure.  It keeps me happy and laughing.  They're wonderful, sweet, innocent children.  They really are.

It's hard to put in words, because they mean everything.  They're the world for me.  I wake up and I'm ready for the day because of them.  I get them breakfast, I change diapers, if they want to read, we do a lot of reading, we play hide and seek, we play blind fold, and I have a wonderful time with them.

Interview with Geraldo Rivera 2005

On Creating Normalcy For His Kids:

"I do my best.  Sure.  I want to be the best father in the world of course.

Interview with Geraldo Rivera 2005

What his children have taught him:

"A lot. (Parenthood) reminds you to do what the Bible has always taught us. When the apostles were arguing among themselves over who was the greatest in Jesus’ eyes, he said, "None of you", and called over a little boy and said, "Until you humble yourself like this child." It reminds you to be kind and humble and to see things through the eyes of children with a childlike wonderment. I still have that. I’m still fascinated by the clouds and the sunset. I was making wishes on the rainbow yesterday. I saw the meteor shower. I made a wish every time I saw a shooting star."

2001 USA Today Magazine

Life as a single parent:

"I never had so much fun in my life. That’s the truth. Because I’m this big kid, and now I get to see the world through the eyes of the really young ones. I learn more from them than they learn from me. I’m constantly trying things and testing things on them to see what works and what doesn’t. Children are always the best judges to monitor something....That’s why "Harry Potter" is so successful – it’s a family-oriented movie. ....We want a wide demographic, and that’s why I try not to say things that offend parents. I don’t want to be like that. We weren’t raised to be like that...."

2002 Vibe Magazine

On his children and their upbringing:

"They love music…they are very much into the arts. But I don’t push them. I am letting them enjoy their childhood as much as possible. I really do. I let them go to the arcade and get out and go to the movies and do things. I think that comes naturally. You know, I want them to get to do the kind of things I didn't get to do. So I fill them with a lot of enjoyment that way – a lot of amusement. You know? I get pretty emotional when I see them having a wonderful time; when they are on a ride and they are screaming and they are happy and they are running. It makes me emotional, cause I see they are having a real good time."

2008 Good Morning America Radio interview

Neverland Ranch:

"Everything that I love is behind those gates. We have elephants, and giraffes, and crocodiles, and every kind of tigers and lions. And - and we have bus loads of kids, who don't get to see those things. They come up sick children, and enjoy it."

"I wanted to have a place that I could create everything that I never had as a child. So, you see rides. You see animals. There's a movie theater."

"I wanted to have a place that I could create everything that I never had as a child. So, you see rides. You see animals. There's a movie theater. I was always on tour, traveling. You know? And I never got a chance to do those things. So, I compensated for the loss..... I can't go into a park. I can't go to Disneyland, as myself. I can't go out and walk down the street. There's crowds, and bumper to bumper cars. And so, I create my world behind my gates. Everything that I love is behind those gates. We have elephants, and giraffes, and crocodiles, and every kind of tigers and lions. And we have bus loads of kids, who don't get to see those things. They come up sick children, and enjoy it. They enjoy it in a pure, loving, fun way. […]"

"So my heart go out to those children; I feel their pain."

2003 60 Minutes TV Interview with Ed Bradley

"I don't (get to have fun outside of his own property).  I go off property sometimes, but not all the time.  I create my own world behind the gates because I can't go to the local movie theatre down the street or the local park down the street or go pick up ice cream at the market down at the corner store.  So you want to create that world behind the gates.  That's what I like to do.  It's not just for me.  I can share with my family or friends or whoever I do."

Interview with Geraldo Rivera 2005

More insight into Neverland and Charity from the Heart:

"It's just a serene and tranquil place to just relax and enjoy yourself and leave your troubled mind and things that iritate you in your heart, behind.  Once you enter the gates,, you're just in a very wonderful, quiet, loving place.  There's lakes, rolling hills and grass and trees and rides and trains and a movie theatre.  It's 3,000 acres.

I get to compensate for the loss in my childhood that I never got to enjoy childlike things, but it's for everybody and we have handicapped, kids with cancer, leukemia kids, Make A Wish Foundation, Dream Street...We've been doing this for, 9, 10, 11 years.  I did it before at my Mother's house in Encino.  We never wave a flag, we never try to get press for it.  I do it quietly.  By the busloads they come.  We don't allow cameras or video.  I do it quietly because real charity is from the heart, you know?  Not to say, 'look at me, look what I'm doing.'  I do it quietly.  I do it from the heart.  I've done this for many, many, many years."

Radio interview with Steve Harvey 2002

"It is just a serene and tranquil place to just relax and enjoy yourself and leave your troubled mind, and things that irritate you in your heart and in your soul, behind. Once you enter the gates, it’s just a very wonderful, quiet, loving place; and where there is lakes and rolling hills and grass and trees, and rides and trains. […] I get to compensate for the loss in my childhood that I never got to enjoy and childlike things, but it’s for everybody. And we have handicapped kids, kids with cancer, terminally ill children, leukemia kids, (children invited through) "Make A Wish Foundation", "Dream Street"; we’ve been doing this for 11 years. And I did it before in my mother’s house in Encino. We never wave a flag, we never try to get press for it; I do it quietly. […] Real charity is from the heart, you know? Not to say 'Look at me, look what I’m doing'. […] And I’ve done this for years, many, many years."

2001 Steve Harvey Morning Show radio interview

His reasons for inviting inner-city children to Neverland and winning God's smile of approval:

"I’ve traveled the world over 8 times. I do as many hospitals and orphanages as I do concerts. But, of course, it’s not covered (by the press). That’s not why I do it, for coverage. I do it because it’s from my heart. And there are so many children in the city who haven’t seen the mountains, who haven’t been on a carousel, who haven’t pet a horse or a llama, never seen them, so if I can open my gates and see that bliss, an explosion of screaming laughter from the children and they run on the rides, I say "Thank you, God." I feel I’ve won God’s smile of approval, because I’m doing something that brings joy and happiness to other people."

2005 At Large with Geraldo Rivera TV Interview

Man in the Mirror:

"It is my philosophy, too: "If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change". People don’t look at themselves honestly. They don’t look at themselves and point the finger, it’s always the other guy’s fault. You should change yourself. Look at yourself, make better of yourself....I’m never totally satisfied, I always wish the world could be a better place. No, not at all!...Hopefully, that’s what I do with my music, and bring happiness to people...and to bring joy and some peace in their lives."

1987 Ebony/JET TV interview

Slave to the rhythm:

"I used to dance to the rhythm of the washing machine.  My mom went to the corner store to wash clothes and people would crowd around and watch me."

"Once the music plays it creates me.  The instruments move me, they control me.  Sometimes I'm uncontrollable and it just happens...boom, boom, boom...once it gets inside you."

"I'm a slave to the rhythm.  Sometimes I look back at the footage of myself dancing and I go, 'Did I do that?'  If I'm doing a movement and I go 'bam' and I grab myself, it's the music that compels me to do it."

On the state of the world & the then presidential race:

"To tell you the truth, I don’t follow that stuff. We were raised to not…we don’t look to man to fix the problems of the world, we don’t. They can’t do it. That’s how I see it. It’s beyond us. Look, we don’t have control over the grounds, they can shake. We don’t have control over the seas, they can have tsunamis. We don’t have control over the skies, there are storms. We’re all in God’s hands. I think that man has to take that into consideration. I just wish they would do more for the babies and children, help them more. That would be great, wouldn’t it?"

Michael Jackson in his 2007 Ebony Magazine interview

Racism and Prejudice:

"The people told us 'Just deal with it' (racism), because that’s how the South is. That’s ignorance and it’s taught, because it’s not genetic at all. The little children in those (countries) aren’t prejudiced. I would like for you to put this in quotes, too. I’m really not a prejudiced person at all. I believe that people should think about God more and creation. Look at the many wonders inside the human bodies — the different colors of organs, colors of blood — and all these colors do different things in the human body. It’s the most incredible system in the world; it makes an incredible building, the human being. And if this can happen with the human body, why can’t we do it as people? And that’s how I feel. And that’s why I wish the world could do more. That (racism) is the only thing I hate. I really do. And that’s why I try to write, put it in songs, put it in dance, put it in my art – to teach the world. If politicians can’t do it, poets should put it in poetry and writers should put it in novels. That’s what we have to do and I think it’s so important to save the world."

Michael Jackson in his 1979 JET Interview

Racism and Loving All People

"It is cruelty, it´s ugly and I hate it. You are my brother (points out to the children). They are my brothers. If you are black, white, Arab....we are all the same. I love all races equally.... I love all people of the world."

1996 TV Interview with children in Tunisia

"They Don't Care About Us"

"It’s a public awareness song. It’s a protest kind of song – it’s not a racist song, it’s an anti-racist song...."

1995 "Making HIStory" Photo Book interview

A Beautiful Letter:

This was a letter Michael wrote to one of his cameramen, William Pecci from the Bad Tour:

Read the letter HERE

A 1994 Open Letter from Michael Jackson to his critics:

The version I have seen was featured in People's tribute magazine to Michael and shows the letter in his own handwriting.   You can view the original under the In His Own Words tab.

"Like the old Indian proverb says, do not judge a man until you've walked 2 moons in his mocassins.

Most people don't know me, that is why they write such things in which most is not true.

I cry very often because it hurts and I worry about the children, all my children all over the world.  I live for them.

If a man could say nothing against a character but what he can prove, his story could not be written.

Animals strike, not from malice, but because they want to live.  It is the same with those who criticize.  They desire our blood, not our pain. 

But still I must achieve.  I must seek truth in all things.  I must endure for the power I was sent forth.  For the world.  For the children.

But have mercy, for I've been bleeding a long time now.

View Michael's "Childhood" video.  A song that he mentioned being one of the most personal and autobiographical, that he has ever written.
"Music was always natural for me.  When I was little, any music would start, they couldn't tie me down.  It's just a natural instinct.  I have always loved show business and always enjoyed making people happy, and I would do it all again.  But I have also had to live my whole life in a fishbowl.  I have every disguise I can think of.  My dream is to just go anyplace, like Morph from X-Men, so nobody would know who I am.  There have been many lies written about me and I want people to know that unless they hear it from me, don't believe it.  I'm just a person who wants to be honest and do good, make people happy through the talent that God has given me.  To my fans in every corner of the Earth, every nationality, every race, every language:  I love you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for your love and support."

Michael Jackson
Q & A With Michael....he answers questions about tabloid rumors, his music career and love of music and much more!

Michael's quotes & poems

Michael's poetry
Reflections On The Dance
Michael Joseph Jackson Remembered
“And my A celebration of love, spirit, truth & faith.  Celebrating his life, his legacy, and his humanityive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my
"But I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to."
"Yeah, Wacko Jacko, where did that come from? Some English tabloid. I have a heart and I have feelings. I feel that when you do that to me, It's not nice."

"My name is Jackson, not Jacko!"

"I'm trying to imitate Jesus in the fact that he said to be like children, to love children, to be as pure as children and to make yourself as innocent and to see the world through eyes of wonderment and the whole magical quality of it all."

Michael Jackson
Oprah Winfrey interview 1993.
"...But I will never stop helping and loving people
the way Jesus said to."

Michael Jackson

"...Look, we don’t have control over the grounds, they can shake. We don’t have control over the seas, they can have tsunamis. We don’t have control over the skies, there are storms. We’re all in God’s hands. I think that man has to take that into consideration."

Michael Jackson in his 2007 Ebony Magazine interview
"I believe in God.....I gain strength from God. I believe in Jehovah, God, very much.....I believe in God and love God."

Michael Jackson
I've been in the entertainment industry since I was six-years-old... As Charles Dickens says, "It's been the best of times, the worst of times." But I would not change my career... While some have made deliberate attempts to hurt me, I take it in stride because I have a loving family, a strong faith and wonderful friends and fans who have, and continue, to support me.

—Michael Jackson
Associated Press 2007
"I gain strength from God. I believe in Jehovah, God, very much. And I gain strength from the fact that I know that I am innocent.  None of these stories are true. They are totally fabricated.  It's very sad and it's very, very painful.  I pray a lot and that's how I deal with it.  I'm a strong person.   I'm a warrior, and I know what is inside of me. I'm a fighter, but it's very painful and at the end of the day, I'm still human, you know? I'm still a human being, so it does hurt very, very, very much."

Michael Jackson in his interview with the Rev. Jesse Jackson during the 2005 child molestation trial

On the Accusations, the Trial & His Faith in God:
"There have been many lies written about me and I want people to know that unless they hear it from me, don't believe it.  I'm just a person who wants to be honest and do good, make people happy through the talent that God has given me."

Michael Jackson
"Know, in the end, I'll be vindicated, I pray, because I know the truth.  I am an innocent person and I believe in God and love God."

"My level of trust will change.  There's a lot of conspiracy going on, I'll say that much.  A lot of it.  All around me....It's a very, very serious thing......It's a delicate area.  It's very delicate where we are now."

Michael Jackson speaking to Rev. Jesse Jackson during his 2005 child molestation trial on what he wants his fans to know.
"Everyone who knows me will know the truth, which is that my children come first in my life and that I would never harm any child."

Michael Jackson
"I will say again that I have never, and would never, harm a child. It sickens me that people have written untrue things about me."

Michael Jackson
"Before I would hurt a child, I would slit my wrists."

Michael Jackson

"The bigger the star, the bigger the target, and the more popular I became, the more rumors were created, none of which were true.  The moment I started breaking the all-time records of the biggest selling albums of all time, they called me weird overnight, strange, whako.  They said I'm a girl, homosexual, 'he wants to buy the elephant man's bones, he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber.'  None of that stuff is true.  They just really go too far.  They simply go too far. 

Does it hurt?  I'm human.  I am human.
"One little boy slipped through the crowd and said to me 'Michael Jackson, is it true that you take female hormone pills to make your voice higher?' and he was no more than 11!  I said 'No!"  Where did you get that from?'  He said 'My friends talked about it.'  I go,  'I'm a Tenor.  I'm a natural Tenor.  My grandfather is a Tenor, my oldest brother's a Tenor and most successful singers are Tenors.  I said,  'I do not take female hormone pills.  I've never seen one.  I wouldn't know what it looks like."

Michael speaks of a meeting with a young fan who questioned his singing voice
Martin Bashir Outtakes video
"Like the Bible says.  A child should be leader of them all, and to be led by that kind of innocence.  Didn't Jesus say 'bring on the children?'  Be like the children.  Not childish, but child-like.  That kind of innocence."

Michael Jackson in the Martin Bashir outtakes
"With just a little love and a little caring, I have seen kids totally turn around.  Where you can't find any cancer at all anymore in their body.  I've done it a lot of times.  I'm not trying to say I'm Jesus Christ.  We should just give a little more attention to the power of love and caring and faith and prayer."

Michael Jackson in the Martin Bashir outtakes
“I’ve seen the very rich and the very poor, but I’m mainly interested in the poor. I want to appreciate what I have, and try to help others. When I go to other countries, I wish to see the ‘poorer’ parts. I want to see what it’s really like to starve. I don’t want to hear it, or read it. I want to see it." --MJ

"I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to. He said "Continue to love. Always love. Remember children. Imitate the children." Not childish, but childlike."

2003 60 Minutes TV interview with Ed Bradley
The Source of his compassionate nature:

"I truly think it comes from my mother and God. The way we were raised. The values my mother instilled in us in youth. She was always with the Bible teaching us - we’d go to service all the time. Four times a week, and I’m so glad we did that because those values are very important. I don’t know if I could have done as well without them."

How he views himself:

"I try to be kind and generous and to give to people and to do what I think God wants me to do. Sometimes I pray and say "where do you want me to go next, God? What do you want me to do from here?" I’ve always been very spiritual in that way. It’s nothing new."

2005 At Large with Geraldo Rivera TV Interview

"I wasn't aware that the world thought I was so weird and bizarre.  But when you grow up, like I did, in front of 100 million people  since the age of 5, you're automatically different."

Michael Jackson's Grammy Legend Award speech at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards in 1993