The Strip Search:

I remember seeing the original broadcast from Neverland of Michael speaking of the humiliating strip search in 1993.  I have also seen it again in my research and have included it on The Accusations portion of this website.

My heart always went out to Michael when I saw that testimony because it would be a humiliating experience for anyone.  Imagine having to stand up on a platform in front of strangers, completely naked, having photographs taken of all of the private areas of your body.

I felt another layer of deeper understanding on this subject when I heard some of the "tapes" by the rabbi where Michael speaks of his father's rough discipline and how his father would make him strip down naked first before whipping him.  Suddenly, when I heard that, I felt even more pain for Michael and a deeper level of understanding about how difficult this strip search must have been for him.

When I had read about the strip search originally, I remember reading how emotional Michael was, and that was very understandable to me on a very basic level.  Having to feel so exposed and helpless would make anyone emotional.   

After hearing about the rough discipline he endured, I came to feel that not only was this humiliating from a basic human perspective, but it occurred to me that maybe on another level, in addition to the basic humiliation and anger of being accused for something you didn't do and having to be naked in front of strangers and be photographed, that maybe this also was even more difficult for Michael due to the reminder of having to strip down naked for discipline.  As a child, he said in the tapes he felt helpless and gave up, feeling there was nothing he could do.  He was being hurt and humiliated and felt helpless.  Then, for the strip search, he was on a platform, again naked, humiliated and hurt and being judged unfairly for something he didn't do.  This, of course, is my own feeling on this and I can only surmise, but it was something that really hit me after getting a fuller picture of Michael's life experiences.
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