Stacy Brown and Bob Jones...the backstory on why you see Stacy Brown constantly breaking "dirt stories" on Michael Jackson and his family

What many don't realize is that Stacy Brown was let go from his job working for Michael Jackson as his publicist, and went forward with writing a very questionable book about Michael, which much of it was debunked during the 2005 Michael Jackson trial.  

So Mr. Brown makes a living off of lying about a man who fired him. Money and revenge, as we know, are both strong motivators.  In fact, if you take notice, it's almost always the same people breaking these filth stories, because they make their living off of doing so.  Stacy Brown, Diane Dimond, others...

Some of the claims made in Brown and Jones' book are that Michael was "licking the top of boys heads" and other nonsense.  Once you look at the FACTS, the stories Brown continues to put out to this day, can easily be seen as fabricated.

Brown and Jones had to admit, during testimony in the 2005 trial, that there was an on purpose goal of adding sensationalized stories, to their book.

WHY then do people buy these stories out there?  Simple...most of the public simply doesn't KNOW!

A Quick Background


When he was still on the Jackson’s side he even attempted to contact people around Jordan Chandler, which included Josephine Zohny, a student who attended NYU with Jordan and had heard first hand that Jordan had said Jackson was innocent and was on Jackson’s witness list should he have testified and claimed otherwise (of course Jordan instead just threatened the prosecution with legal action if they were to force him to testify). She had this to say after he would sell his book in 2005:

   "I take issue with Stacy Brown, especially, as he called me constantly during early 2004 – trying to get in touch with Jordan Chandler (now that Michael Jackson’s trial is over, I have no problem saying I went to school with him at NYU). Stacy was under the impression that I was Jordan’s girlfriend (*gag* *vomit*) because somebody who shall remain nameless thought she could get in with MJ’s “camp” by indirectly leading them to Jordan. I told Stacy that I wasn’t his girlfriend, merely an acquaintance who went to school, had classes with him and heard him say certain things…although he pushed me to say more. Stacy was nothing but effusive in his praise of Michael Jackson at the time. Of course, he was also trying to get a story and he wasn’t going to get anything out of me by bashing Michael, but everything he said then is a far cry from everything he’s spewing now. That smacks of a lack of integrity. Feel free to tell him so if you feel the same way – his email is"

Testifying in Jackson’s 2005 trial, Stacy Brown and Bob Jones had been prepared to claim to witness Jackson had behaved inappropriately with a child for a book deal, an event to which Jones would admit he’d be “lying” if he claimed had actually happened, and which Brown admitted Jones had only been prepared to say when he was “broke” - Brown would go on to change his stance in 2004 and would begin to collaborate on an anti-Jackson book with fired and admittedly “broke” and bitter employee Bob Jones.

Bob Jones was in charge of public relations of Michael Jackson between 1987 and 2004. He started to work on a book about Jackson entitled The Man Behind The Mask with Brown as a co-writer in January, 2004, about two months after Jackson’s arrest for the Arvizo case. When Jackson’s brother Randy got wind of it, he fired him on June 9, 2004. Though Jones would admit on the witness stand he “seldom” spent time with Jackson on a personal basis, the book was of course filled with salacious innuendo about Jackson and about any number of negative things, most of which he claimed he’d only heard third hand.

According to Stacy Brown’s testimony when they started to write the book Jones told him that he was broke and he needed money. Both Jones and Brown admitted that the more sensationalized a book is the easier it is to promote and sell it. In 2004, while Jackson was preparing for his trial, the hot topic about him was, of course, the allegations of child molestation. Under these circumstances Jones and Brown included innuendo in their book in that direction, even though, as he admitted on the stand in 2005, that Jones had never witnessed Jackson molest anyone. Neither did Brown.

At the time, the Arvizo allegations were all over the press, and one of their claims was that Jackson had licked Gavin Arvizo’s head on a plane full of people. The only witnesses to this supposed event were conveniently his mother Janet and brother Star, who both gave contradictory and odd statements about this incident to the police, grand jury and then the jury in 2005, with descriptions which included the fact that Michael Jackson apparently had a “long white tongue”.

At the time of the trial the book was not published yet, but the manuscript contained an allegation which conveniently also consisted of a claim that Jackson had licked the side of Jordan Chandler’s head while on a flight full of people, though this had not even been a claim Jordan Chandler or June or any other witness would ever make. In his testimony Jones admitted that on the plane Jordan’s mother June Chandler was seated so that she could see Jordan and Jackson.

The prosecution wanted to try to establish a “pattern” with the head licking story, and by bringing in Jones’ story the prosecutors apparently tried to suggest that Jackson had a habit of licking children’s head in airplanes full of other people with even the children’s parents being present, and that this was some kind of grooming method he had with children (I wish I were joking). After he had been subpoenaed Jones would suddenly claim he had never actually seen Jackson act improper with anyone (funny how a subpoena does that to people); Stacy Brown was then brought on to impeach Jones, and claim that he had heard Jones claim this event had happened.

This allegation of the head licking were first made by Jones in an e-mail he wrote to Brown on October 30, 2004 and they included it in the manuscript of their book, but when testifying under oath Jones admitted that even though he’d been willing to claim this, he actually did not remember ever witnessing such an incident and did not remember Jackson ever licking Jordan’s head: “I don’t recall ever seeing any head licking, and I made that as adamant as I could”, said Jones on the stand.

On cross-examination Jackson’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau showed that in an interview Jones had with the prosecutors on April 7, 2005 (four days before his court testimony) Jones was asked: “Um, did you see Mr Jackson engage in any head licking in the World Music Awards?”, and Jones’ reaction was: “No, no, no”. And then he was asked: “Um, did you see Mr. Jackson engage in any head licking of anybody?” and he answered: “Never”. About the alleged head licking on the plane Jones said: “I just don’t remember and I would be lying to say that I did”.

Bob Jones would admit on the witness stand that Stacy Brown had been urging him to include sensationalized stories, and even stories which Jones had not stated himself.~

You can read more about this at the source link above.  The information about the continued affair between Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson mentioned in the above article is up for question, as personally I have heard several different stories on that.  But the rest of the article seems to be well documented and researched.

The Trial Testimony of Stacy Brown and Bob Jones
Go to April 11th to read the official full transcript of the testimony of Stacy Brown and Bob Jones

Summary and Analysis of the Testimonies of Stacy Brown and Bob Jones, the Authors of “Michael Jackson: The Man Behind The Mask”

Bob Jones would admit on the witness stand that Stacy Brown had been urging him to include sensationalized stories, and even stories which Jones had not stated himself.~